We had such a nice weekend!  No crazy adventures or shenanigans, but really fun and fabulous in it’s simplicity.  It started out a little rocky, but rebounded quickly.

We were up early on Saturday, excited to head to brunch at Portage Bay Café.  I was in the mood for pancakes, and their toppings bar sounded like just the right thing.  Sadly, for the second time in a row we had horrific service and were ultimately forgotten on the waitlist.  We stood in the crowded entry way patiently waiting for our table for AN HOUR (we were promised 20 minutes).  We checked in a few times, just asking if they thought we’d be seated soon.  Each time we were assured we were up next.  As we watched every single group around us (that came in after us!) get seated, we finally let them know we were leaving and headed elsewhere.

It was 11:00 at this point and we were starving, so we headed over to our old neighborhood – Fremont – and went to an old favorite, Homegrown sandwiches.  They have a new roasted portabella sandwich right now that is so unbelievably good!

IMG_1612 (427x640)

Casey and I also got a big bowl of curried lentil soup to share.

IMG_1614 (640x427)

Cullen has turned into a total sandwich muncher.  We took a few pouches for him and bought him a separate kids’ oatmeal, but he ended up just wanting to eat our sandwiches!  Next time we’ll get him his own small one – I couldn’t believe how much he ate!

IMG_1616 (640x427)

Our original plan for the weekend was to do a big hike on Saturday.  The forecast was supposed to be in the 50’s and sunny, so we packed up the car with the hiking backpack and set off for breakfast first!  After the breakfast setback, we didn’t have as much time as we’d initially planned, and it was probably for the best since the sky looked like this.

IMG_1619 (640x418)

We ended up doing a city hike instead!  Well not really a hike, more like a walk, but we got out and got some activity, which is what we were really looking for.  We walked our old favorite trail down to Gas Works Park – one of my favorite spots in the city!

IMG_1621 (640x427)

It was so much colder than I expected, and I was glad I had extra stuff in the car to bundle around Cullen!

IMG_1627 (640x426)

Urban hiking, indeed.

IMG_1639 (640x427)

Looking cold at the top of the hill!  We have had all this weird fog in Seattle lately, and it just hangs over the city like you see here. 

IMG_1648 (640x426)

I had a friend asking me the other day if it really is just GREY here this time of year, and I tried to describe it as looking like a muted Instagram filter of the rest of the world. :)

IMG_1649 (427x640)

Our sky is grey, but our grass is still green and bright!

IMG_1651 (640x423)

Cullen ended up falling asleep in the backpack, so we walked for a while – checking out the boats and houseboats, and just walking and talking.  I always find being in our old neighborhood so comforting. 

IMG_1655 (640x421)

Back at home, we spent most of the rest of the day hanging at home.  I attempted some finger painting with Cullen, but most of it ended up in his mouth. 

IMG_1667 (640x427)

Dinner was our version of delicious homemade Thai food.  Even better because Casey made it for me!  He made this incredible Thai chili sauce, which we poured over jasmine rice, browned tofu, and cooked eggplant.  YUM!

IMG_1673 (640x427)

Sunday morning meant pancake redemption.  I made a gigantic stack of homemade blueberry pancakes for the three of us.

IMG_1676 (640x427)

Since my sugar-free month is over (which I will write about this week), I added a (reasonable) amount of maple syrup.  Tasted sooooooo sweet and fabulous after not having any for a while!

IMG_1678 (640x427)

Cullen approved. He could not stop eating pancakes.  Two weeks ago he wouldn’t eat ANYthing (teething), and now he is bottomless. 

IMG_1683 (640x427)

We had a low key family day on the agenda.  First stop – Ballard market!  Cullen’s new thing is walking next to us, instead of being carried.  Means everything takes a lot longer, but I love his independence.

IMG_1688 (427x640)

A cold day at the market, but still lots of people and families out bustling around and picking up beautiful veggies. 

IMG_1690 (640x427)

We just got our CSA delivery so I didn’t need much fresh produce, but I couldn’t resist stopping for some mushroom delicacies.  I had never seen these Lion’s Mane ‘shrooms before, so I grabbed a pint. 

IMG_1693 (640x427)

I also picked up a big pint of mini shiitakes for $6 – a steal compared to the other fancy mushroom places around here.  We eat SO many mushrooms in our house, so I never worry they will go to waste.

IMG_1695 (640x427)

Market baby. 

IMG_1698 (426x640)

Last summer we went to the Patty Pan Grill tent at our local Juanita Beach market almost every week.  I was excited to see them at Ballard this week, and with a new delicious menu item!  Caramelized onion, goat cheese, and potato tamale with grilled vegetables.  Out of this WORLD!

IMG_1700 (640x427)

I sat on the sidewalk and shared every other bite with the mini mooch. 

IMG_1702 (640x427)

Sitting there, I had a total cheesy mom moment.  The summer that we first moved to Seattle, we went to Ballard almost every Sunday, and I’d plop myself down in that exact same sidewalk spot each week, enjoying the food and the sunshine. 

IMG_1510 (427x640)

I can remember sitting there gigantically pregnant (1 day overdue in this picture), thinking about what it would be like when we finally had our little guy and brought him with us. 

IMG_2855 (427x640)

And there I was, same exact spot, 15 months later – sharing a delicious market lunch with a little guy that totally rocks my world.  Full circle. 

IMG_1704 (640x427)

Such a fun family day!  We all did a 3 mile loop around Greenlake before heading home for the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_1708 (425x640)

Just as the Super Bowl kicked off, I headed to my favorite Barre3 class to get my butt kicked.  And kicked it was!  It was the hardest class I’ve been to yet, and I was shaking and struggling the entire 60 minutes.  Hurts so good.  Got home just in time to catch the half time show and a few snuggles from my cuddle monster. 

IMG_1716 (427x640)

Dinner was delicious home-cooked pasta and mushrooms.  We used the Lion’s Mane mushrooms we picked up at the market, along with a handful of shiitakes and tossed them with Jovial pasta and swiss chard.  Enjoyed in front of the fireplace, and the very first episode of Downton Abbey (giving it a try!). 

IMG_1719 (427x640)

A fabulous weekend, that was over way too quickly.

IMG_1721 (640x427)

Exciting things ahead for this week!