Monday Musings.

No real weekend post here – just a few odds and ends and things we were up to.  Saturday started off with a yummy homemade breakfast.  While I was whisking batter and heating up my frying pan, Casey was giving Cullen his own cup of granola.  As you can see, he is not quite ready for such independent snacking. 

IMG_3770 (427x640)

He was pretty pumped about it, and his granola goatee was totally hilarious.  But ohhhhh the mess.  The dogs cleaned up the majority of it, but left just enough fine particles everywhere that extensive vacuuming was required.   

IMG_3778 (427x640)

While Cullen was busy flinging granola left and right, I was making a giant stack of fluffy blueberry pancakes.

IMG_3782 (640x427)

They are a Saturday morning tradition in our house, and I look forward to it all week long.  Every time I make pancakes I announce that I really, really want to get a waffle maker.  So I’m putting that on my list for this month – make homemade waffles!

IMG_3793 (427x640)

Cullen loved them and I’m pretty sure he ate more than I did.  It was alarming. 

IMG_3802 (427x640)

With our bellies full, we headed out for what turned out to be one of the most gorgeous days of the year so far.  Cullen and I go to the zoo during the week all the time, but it’s always a rare treat when dad is able to join us!  We checked out the monkeys, bears, and otters…


And Cullen took his first spin around the carousel!  He was really scared when the horses first started moving, but he warmed up after a minute or so and ended up loving it.


I’ve been making a point to unplug more these days – to enjoy family moments as they are happening, and to spend less time observing from behind my camera lens.  So even though the sun was shining and I knew we’d have a picture perfect day, I left my big camera at home.  But that didn’t stop me from whipping out the cell phone on the carousel, and cursing my lack of better photos.  At least I got one!

We headed home for Cullen’s nap, and I spent the rest of Saturday doing spring cleaning.  I vacuumed all the baseboards and scrubbed the kitchen cabinets.  I dealt with a frightening amount of backed up dishes.  I even took our car down to the gas station and got it all cleaned and vacuumed out.  And now I am absolutely determined to keep it that way.  From this point forward, it is a Cheerio-free zone. 

Sunday morning brought breakfast with friends, and a really blurry cell phone photo of my delicious challah French toast with fruit and other yummy toppings.  WIN.

2013-03-10 09.39.40 (640x480)

Sunday was actually pretty cold and drizzly, and Cullen had a bit of the sniffles, so we treated ourselves to an afternoon at home.  It was kind of nice to just veg out instead of run around like we usually do.  Cullen napped, Casey worked, and I did a bunch of cooking!

IMG_3831 (427x640)

I made some yummy things that I will share with you later this week!

IMG_3859 (411x640)

The rest of this week is all about travel-prep mode.  We have a big trip coming up – we’ll be gone for almost two weeks!  Casey has a work conference in Atlanta, where he’ll be earning his new degree (this is a big deal!).  Since we have a lot of family in Atlanta, we’ve turned it into a visit with them as well.  While I’m there, I’m also throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law – I’m so excited!

After we finish up in Atlanta, we’re hopping in the car for a week in Hilton Head with my side of the family.  Still with me?  We are finally having the long overdue memorial service for my Grandma, who passed last August, and my Grandpa (who passed many years ago).

I’m sure I’ll talk more about it as it approaches, but it’s a big gathering that we’ve been anticipating for years!  It will be a huge reunion of 45-ish people on my dad’s side of the family – many of whom haven’t seen each other in 15+ years!  Crazy that they will all remember me as a young (awkward) teenager, and I’ll be coming back as a married mom!

It will be weird to be away for so long, but I’m looking forward to spending lots of good, quality time with family, and feeling some warm southern sunshine on my skin.  Lots to look forward to this week!

Including – right NOW!  I’m walking out the door the minute I hit publish, and heading to my friend Katie’s house to watch the Bachelor finale and eat giant vegan chocolate chip cookies.  I’m rooting for Lindsay!

And I’m off!