We are having one of those weeks where things went from normal and calm, to frenzied and crazy in what felt like an instant.  Suddenly we have a million things all happening at once, and my head is spinning – so much to do!

Despite the chaos, I took a few extra minutes to hang and relax with Cullen this morning while he played with puzzles and looked out the window.  He loves playing in his room, which gives me great opportunities to wash/stuff his diapers, fold laundry, etc – while hanging out with him at the same time.  This black diaper is my absolute favorite!

Capture2 (610x613)

After a quick trip to the grocery store, he and I headed out to a rare weekday morning Barre3 class together.  He hung out in the childcare area while I worked my tail off.  We’ll be traveling for the next two weeks, so I wanted to squeeze in one last class before we go!  Although I might try to find one down in Atlanta while we’re there. 

Cullen definitely got his temperature regulation from his dad – he is such a HOT kid!  When he plays hard, he ends up drenched in sweat.  After playing hard in the play kitchen for an hour, he looked like he got a better workout than me!

Capture1 (613x611)

Before heading home, we made a quick stop into Whole Foods for a few necessities for our trip…

IMG_3936 (416x640)

And we grabbed a bunch of stuff for dad, who is sick at home with the dreaded stomach bug.  :(  It’s either that or food poisoning (we went out last night) – I hope it passes quickly!  He’s quarantined in our bedroom – I refuse to let me or Cullen get it right before we all jump on an airplane!

IMG_3929 (640x427)

He asked me to grab him the only thing that sounded good – Gatorade, coconut water, and lots and lots of (non-dairy) ice cream.  He asked, I delivered. 

IMG_3938 (427x640)

And now I’m trying to ignore the fact that there are four delicious pints of ice cream taunting me from the freezer.  Dangerous!!  Good thing I have more healthy things also begging to be eaten. 

Since we’re going to be gone a while, nothing in our fridge is going to keep.  I’m trying to cook up everything I can so nothing goes to waste.

IMG_3931 (640x427)

Lunch was a big bowl of zucchini and mixed mushrooms, topped with a whole avocado.  Yum!

IMG_3934 (640x427)

I’m still kind of hungry, so I’m going to go dig through our produce bins and see what needs to be eaten!  Tonight = packing, list-making, laundry, digging out spring/summer clothes, and trying to figure out exactly how to pack for a toddler for two weeks on the go.  I think we might be nuts!

This is my motivation – Seattle vs. Atlanta…


Are we there yet!?!  Another recipe coming tomorrow…