Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun.  That’s what this weekend was about.  We had such a beautiful weekend here – the perfect welcome into March!  Saturday morning the whole family was up early, and we took advantage by heading to one of our favorite Seattle spots – Greenlake!  We walked all the way around the three mile loop.  Warm enough we didn’t even need coats – hello spring!

IMG_3228 (426x640)

Cullen made it almost the whole way around the loop, and then hopped out of the stroller so he could trot down the path for the last bit. 

IMG_3229 (640x426)

Clearly loving it.  And I was loving his casual Saturday outfit.  I kept calling him Rocky!  Don’t mind the Cheerio drool. 

IMG_3236 (423x640)

After mom and dad got to do their walk, Cullen got a well-earned trip to the playground. 

IMG_3243 (640x427)

Lots of climbing, sliding, swinging, and smiling ensued. 

IMG_3256 (427x640)

We headed out to eat afterward at Chaco Canyon – one of my favorite lunch spots on Seattle!  We don’t go out to dinner much these days, so weekend lunches are our treat.  What I wanted was a big stack of french toast, but for some reason I had total order panic at the counter and ended up getting this tex mex salad.  It was good, but it wasn’t french toast.  It was also loaded with red pepper, which was a major fail because Cullen is allergic and I had planned on sharing with him. 

IMG_3288 (640x427)

Casey got some sort of tofu scramble thing that looked delicious.  Luckily he could share his!  Cullen was all over the tempeh bacon. 

IMG_3291 (640x427)

And Cullen had his own side of coconut banana chia pudding.  I wasn’t sure what he’d think when I ordered it, but he wolfed down the whole bowl. 

IMG_3295 (640x426)

We went home for nap time, when it promptly started pouring rain – perfect timing!  We cozied up inside for a while, and then went out for coffee in the neighborhood in the evening.  We have discovered the key to keeping Cullen happy in a coffee shop…

IMG_3315 (640x427)

His own (empty) cup!  He is obsessed with tipping it back, taking a “drink,” and taking the lid on and off.  Such a Seattle boy. 

IMG_3311 (427x640)

Mom enjoyed one of her very favorite things in the whole wide world.  The Café Ladro vegan oat bar – totally made up for the lack of french toast at brunch.  Washed down with minty iced tea because I overdid it on coffee earlier in the day. 

IMG_3318 (427x640)

Back at home, we had a nice (rare) family meal in the formal dining room.  Cullen enjoyed field roast and leftover Indian food. 

IMG_3323 (640x427)

While mom and dad wolfed down gigantic Qdoba burritos.  Yum. 

IMG_3331 (640x427)

Saturday was nice, but Sunday was even better.  We headed over to Ballard to walk through our favorite market. 

IMG_3343 (428x640)

Cullen and I shared some delicious market goodies on the sidewalk.  We also ran into two sets of friends!  I love living in a big city that feels small. 

IMG_3335 (640x427)

Left one market and headed to another – this time in Fremont!  I love the big rainbow flags Seattle uses for all the official city markets. 

IMG_3346 (640x427)

Artsy entertainment everywhere you looked.  Check out the little dog curled up at the guitarists feet!

IMG_3347 (427x640)

Cullen has not been feeling his BOB stroller recently (read: crying, screaming, thrashing, torture), so we borrowed a different stroller from a friend to test out something that sits a bit more upright.  Verdict?  Success!  He did much, much better in a more upright seat.  Not sure what we’re planning to do just yet (new stroller = $$$), but good to know about other options!

IMG_3348 (427x640)

We strolled along the Burke-Gilman trail, winding around the sparkling water on the canal.

IMG_3350 (427x640)

When we lived in Fremont, this was my walking route every day.  I still miss it so much!

IMG_3351 (427x640)

IMG_3353 (640x427)

We made our way up to Gasworks Park, where Cullen had a wonderful time running around in the sunshine, and I had a wonderful time snapping a zillion pictures in one of Seattle’s most scenic spots. 

IMG_3367 (427x640)

Little boy, big city.

IMG_3378 (426x640)

IMG_3391 (640x422)


IMG_3405 (640x427)


IMG_3415 (426x640)

The cuteness!

IMG_3420 (640x427)

He was really into the gravel – picking it up and throwing it into the air.  It got me really excited to take him to the beach in a few weeks.  We have a really fun trip coming up in March where we’ll be gone for a while and get to see BOTH of our families!  The second half is a memorial trip (and family reunion!) to officially say goodbye to my grandparents, and it will be Cullen’s first time at a beach since he was just a newbie.  I can’t wait.

IMG_3433 (427x640)

At some point I handed my camera to Casey hoping for some nice shots of C with mom and – you know – the incredible city scape behind us.  Looked at my camera later and saw that I got this.  Sigh.  :)  

IMG_3434 (640x427)

We walked back through the Fremont market before heading home, and Casey and I each got a giant vegan plate from the Indian food vendor.  Total naan deliciousness – Cullen couldn’t get enough!

IMG_3438 (640x427)

Spent the rest of Sunday doing family stuff at home, and then cozied up watching episode after episode of Downtown Abbey.  We are starting season three tonight – wheeeeee!

I realized this morning that I didn’t cook anything but breakfast at home this weekend.  A major treat, and my barren dishwasher and clean sink are thanking me for it.  But now it’s time to get cooking again and jump into a new week.

Season three starts…now!