First Trimester Foods.

I am coming out of a three day long fog in which Cullen hasn’t taken a single nap, and all waking hours have revolved around a cranky, nap-less monster.  It has been ugly, and many tears were shed on both sides. 

Here we are on Friday afternoon, finally hitting the keyboard at 3pm – as Cullen battled today’s nap for two long hours.  But all is peaceful and quiet now, and I’m hoping he wakes up pleasant, rested, and human again. 

So I told you earlier this week that I wasn’t planning on writing as much about this pregnancy, and then here I am with all these parenting updates I want to share.  But I feel like it has been FOREVEEEER since I’ve written anything about food, which is kind of pathetic.  So today is a bit of a hybrid post – pregnancy meets food!

I’m 14 weeks along now, so just entering the second trimester.  I’ll do a real update for weeks 14 and 15 next week, but for now I thought I’d talk a bit about what I’ve been eating these last few months.  During my pregnancy with Cullen, I survived off of ginger cat cookies, bagels and cream cheese, lemonade, and root beer for many many months.  I was really sick, and any calories I could keep down were a victory. 

I’ve had an easier go of it this time, which has been really nice.  Food aversions are still definitely there, but nothing like last time.  Even though I’m not getting sick as often, it has still been really hard to convince myself to eat more than a handful or so of different things.  And many of the usual suspects from last time are back in full force for round two…

Anything Citrus

Oh, orange juice – how I love you.  I drink a glass every morning, and find myself swigging out of the carton more often than I care to admit.  Anything citrusy and tangy tastes fabulous.  I’m trying to be pretty mindful of my sugar intake this time, so I’m being careful to make sure I don’t overdo it, but man is it good. 

IMG_5557 (424x640)

Cold Cereal & Fresh Fruit

This was particularly critical in the first few weeks.  There were days when I would have been happy to eat cereal for every single meal.  And if I wasn’t having to prep healthy, balanced meals for Cullen, I probably would have.  Although there were definitely more than a few nights where Casey asked what we were having for dinner, and I responded with “I’m eating cereal.”  Most of the time my bowl was overflowing with ripe strawberries and blueberries too.  Can’t get enough.

IMG_5559 (640x427)

Soup, Soup, & More Soup

I am a huge soup person in general, but pregnancy really seems to ramp up the soup obsession.  Most of my lunches are soup, and I’ve been making a lot of dinner soups for us as well.  My lunch soups are almost all from Trader Joe’s.  On lighter days, I’ve been liking this creamy tomato boxed variety…

IMG_5555 (427x640)

But my new absolute favorite is the new TJ’s Minestrone.  I am hooked.  It’s a gigantic 28 ounce can, but I like to stuff myself to the brim and eat the whole thing in one sitting.  It’s really thick and hearty and full of veggies, potatoes, and pasta.  The whole can is about 360 calories and has 15 grams of protein – extra important for pregnant women. 

IMG_5558 (423x640)


Along with my soup, I’ve also been doing lots of toast and sandwiches.  I’m trying to keep the carb intake under control, but more often than not it’s the only thing that sounds appetizing.  I’ve also added a bit of dairy back into my diet – mostly just because it sounds good, and so little else does these days.  My current favorite combo is a toasted sourdough English muffin, topped with melted Beecher’s cheese (AMAZING!), and sliced apples.  It never disappoints. 

IMG_5553 (640x426)

The other favorite?  Bagels and cream cheese – a pregnant woman’s best friend.  I don’t know what it is about this combo that works so well for an unsettled stomach, but there have been days when it’s been the only thing I could handle.

IMG_5561 (417x640)

I’m really into the bread and bagels from Silver Hills Bakery.  It’s a Canadian company, so somewhat local to the Seattle area, and the nutrition stats are really impressive.  Bagels tend to get a bad rep because they are usually high in mostly empty calories.  These BIG bagels are 250 calories a piece, but boast an impressive 16 grams of protein!

IMG_5563 (425x640)

My other favorite sandwich is one I know I’ve mentioned here many times before – eggs and avocado.  This is so filling, and so healthy.  On this particular day, I was actually planning on putting eggs and avocado on a tortilla and topping it with salsa.  I got the eggs going on the stove and then opened the fridge to discover we were out of tortillas.  Heartbreak!

IMG_5583 (640x427)

The other favorite carb?  Baked potatoes.  I didn’t start the baked potato kick until much later into my pregnancy last time, but this time I can’t’ help myself.  Casey is a good sport and indulges me in these several times a week.  I top mine with Earth Balance, a heaping dollop of Greek yogurt, and a hefty dose of salt.  Perfection.

IMG_5573 (640x427)

Of course it’s not all just bread and other carbs.  I am trying really hard to choke down vegetables and other protein sources when I can.  Nothing sounds even remotely appetizing, but I know it’s important to maintain balance, so I’m doing my best. 

IMG_5569 (640x427)

I can’t believe I’m admitting this because I feel so cliché, but I’ve been really into dill pickles.  I think it’s because they are so tangy.  I can’t stop eating them!  Notice that the jar has one left, that I promptly ate after snapping this photo.

IMG_5574 (427x640)

Last but not least, pregnancy thirst is back in full swing.  I typically drink a TON of sparkling water from our SodaStream, but these days I just want regular filtered water.  Hold the bubbles, please.


So that’s what I’ve been eating lately!  Which probably gives you a good idea of why this space has been mostly food free for a few months.  I’m just starting to feel a bit better and more adventurous, so I’m hoping that carries over into new recipes sooner than later. 

In the meantime, I’m off to make potato soup for dinner!  Have a great weekend!