First Trimester, Second Pregnancy.

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind words about our news!  It has felt strange to keep it a secret this long (although I know many of you suspected), particularly because I spilled the beans much earlier last time.  I was surprised at how many of you asked/hoped that I would do the weekly pregnancy updates again this time around.  Honestly, I hadn’t planned to!  I’ve been taking weekly pictures (for myself, really) but I haven’t written or recorded anything up until now. 

I’m not sure that I’ll do weekly updates this time, since it feels a little redundant and I’m feeling a bit more private this time around.  But I see myself popping in with a pregnancy update once a month or so, and filling you in on all the weeks that have passed since then.  Of course, I can’t resist the weekly bump pictures, although I’ve already slacked and missed one this time!  Second pregnancies are a whole other ballgame.

IMG_5465 (640x422)

Here are the basic details, for those who have asked:

Were you trying?  When did you find out?

Yes, we were trying.  No, it did not take long.  Found out January 26th, right before I walked out the door to go to a friend’s 1st birthday party!

When are you due?

I am due October 9th, 2013, so Cullen and his sib will be almost exactly two years apart.  With Cullen, I was due the 15th (although he didn’t come until the 21st), so this pregnancy is just one week off from my last – crazy!

How are you feeling?

I find this question hard to answer.  With Cullen, I was violently ill for the first few weeks on end.  I threw up all day every day, and it didn’t slow down until late into the teen weeks.  This time has been very different.  I’ve only thrown up a handful of times, although the lingering all-day nausea and lack of appetite has not been pleasant.  But it’s such an improvement over last time that it’s hard to complain.  The biggest issues has been blinding fatigue, although that is finally starting to subside as well.  Between early pregnancy, and chasing a toddler all day, I could barely keep my eyes open for the first few weeks.  Even now, I’m still falling asleep at 8pm most nights.

Will you find out the gender?

Yes, probably in another month or so.  Before getting pregnant again, I said I wanted to be surprised the second time around.  But now that it’s actually here, I can’t imagine not knowing.  And nope, no preference.  I’d be totally happy with either.  It’s hard to imagine having a girl since I’m so used to having a boy, but we’ll see in a few more weeks!

Are you still working out?

Yes!  I actually did a Barre3 class the day I found out I was pregnant, and have continued to go to class regularly throughout this first trimester.  I hadn’t really been running that much before pregnancy, but I’m still hopeful I can squeak out some running this time around since I’m feeling a bit better.  Having not run in many weeks, I actually busted out a five miler with a group of my cousins on the beach in Hilton Head, which felt amazing.  (Thanks Sarah for the photo!)


I am planning to work out as long and as hard as I can.  I am much less worried and paranoid this time, and I feel more comfortable pushing myself a bit harder than I did the first time around.  Also, let’s be real — chasing this guy is pretty much an all-day workout.

IMG_4864 (426x640)

Anything else?  What am I forgetting?  (Feel free to ask in the comments if there is anything specific I’ve left out.)  When I was pregnant with Cullen, I remember reading things from people pregnant with their 2nd/3rd/4th kids and I’d be so annoyed when they’d claim to “forget” how many weeks along they were.  I couldn’t think about anything BUT being pregnant, so I didn’t see how this could ever be possible.  Now that I’m in it myself, I realize that it’s not meant to be smug or cheeky, it’s actually true.

This pregnancy has felt so different, mostly because I haven’t been thinking about it that much.  Not in a bad way – we’re very, very excited.  But with Cullen running around and life being busy, I don’t have time to sit around and obsess over my non-bump in the mirror, or Google every symptom, cramp, or twinge.  I have a lot of faith that my body knows what it’s doing, so I’m going to trust the process, relax, and enjoy it.

Onto the bump photos!  I’ve been sort of lazy about these so far, and I need to step it up and make sure I do them on time.  I started at nine weeks, just like last time.  2011 on the left, and 2013 on the right!

9 weeks collage

Definitely already looking a bit thicker through the middle this time, but I was also deep in the throws of morning sickness by week nine last time.  During week nine, I wrote this day in the life update and tried to cover up just how totally and completely drained I was.

10 weeks collage

At ten weeks last time, I will still really sick.  This time the big thing has been a really limited appetite.  Pretty much all I’ve wanted to eat has been baked potatoes, pasta, cereal, bagels, and orange juice.  Not exactly a well rounded diet!  I’ve done my best to keep things balanced, but more often than not I just end up pushing food around my plate.

11 weeks collage

At eleven weeks, we traveled to Atlanta for a week with Casey’s family.  We were able to tell everyone our news in person, which was really fun.  They were all very surprised!  I forgot to take a picture that week (oops!), but here’s a shot of me hanging streamers while setting up for Katie’s baby shower

12 weeks collage

We spent my twelfth week at the beach in Hilton Head with my dad’s side of the family.  We told all of my extended family there, which was also exciting.  Hard to imagine adding even more people to our already huge group!  It was nice to relax on vacation with my family, and overindulge on snacks and desserts all week. 

13 weeks collage

Thirteen weeks was a bit of a rough one this time around.  Last Monday I had my second ultrasound, but ended up having to go alone because Casey woke up really sick.  But the ultrasound was amazing, and for some reason I was completely shocked that this little guy/girl already looks like a legit baby!  It was awesome!  The next day, I got knocked down with the same thing Casey had, and headed to the doctor myself.  It turned out we both had strep throat, which I haven’t had since I was a kid.

We both spent a few days dragging around like the walking dead, while doing our best to simultaneously care for Cullen while not getting him sick (he somehow avoided it – thank god!).  I have never missed my mom so much.  Being pregnant, I was a bit more limited in my treatment options, which made it take longer to recover. 

Hard to believe that at 13 weeks last time, we found out Cullen was a boy!  No news either way this time, so we’ll wait to hopefully find out in a few more weeks.  And that brings us up to now!  I’ll be 14 weeks along tomorrow, and other than wondering where my fabulous pregnancy hair and big boobs are this time, life is good.

Thank you for continuing to support us and follow us through so many of life’s changes.  We can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family.