Pregnancy #2: Weeks 14 & 15.

During the first update, I told you guys I’d probably pop in monthly to talk about this pregnancy.  I was surprised by how many of you wanted more frequent updates!  I kind of thought it was overkill last time, but I’m happy to hear the posts have been so helpful to so many of you.

I still don’t plan to update on weekly basis, but I’ll probably do it every few just so I don’t lose track.  And this way I won’t forget anything!  I love reading the old updates too – fun to see what I was doing at this same point last time around. 

As of today, I’m 15 weeks along, but let’s back up to last week (where we left off).  Here is the growth at week 14 – last time vs this time. 

week 14 collage

I’m definitely much thicker through the middle than last time already, but luckily my clothes are still fitting well and I’m pretty comfortable.  I threw up once during week 14 and once again this week (15), but have felt mostly okay otherwise.   

IMG_5586 (427x640)

My appetite has continued to be much of the same, although the veggies are slowly creeping back in.  I still feel like I could live off of baked potatoes and soup.  This week I ate an alarming amount of strawberries.  Between me and Cullen, we are working at a rate of a pint per day – good thing I just bought four more!

IMG_5594 (426x640)

While last week felt pretty low key and uneventful, I feel like this week has brought a lot of changes.  I don’t think it’s as evident in the photos as it is in real life, but I woke up Wednesday morning and my stomach had literally popped out.  I walked in the door of my friend’s house on Wednesday and she immediately said, “woah baby bump!”

week 15 collage

There is no hiding it, although I’m happy that most of my clothes are still fitting well for now.  It’s interesting to read the updates from last time.  By this point last pregnancy, I was already itching to get into bigger, looser clothes because my expanding midsection felt really uncomfortable.  This time I’m holding out as long as I can because it still feels okay, and I know just how long I’ll have to wear them having been through it once before.  I also started this pregnancy at a lower weight than my last, which is probably making a difference.  So far I’m up about two pounds!

IMG_5760 (426x640)

I had a 15-week appointment on Monday that was very short and to the point – weighed in, gave blood work, heard the heartbeat, and then sent on my way!  Everything is still looking and sounding good.  Up next is scheduling our 20-week anatomy scan.  As it draws closer and closer, I’m starting to have second thoughts about finding about the gender.  Casey really wants to, but I’m on the fence.  I feel like it might be fun to be surprised!

Other exciting developments this week – my boobs are finally bigger.  Hallelujah!  I was starting to seriously think they had deflated past the point of return.  I think my hair is growing quickly too – time for a trim!

The biggest issue right now related to pregnancy is that I’m still experiencing what feels like crippling fatigue.  Last night I fell asleep at 8pm!  I’m still getting up at 5:30am in order to get some work done in the mornings, and so by the time Cullen goes to bed at 7:30pm, I have nothing left in me.  And it takes every ounce of energy I have to work during Cullen’s naps instead of napping myself.  I am so ready for this supposed burst of energy!

Despite being tired, my workouts are continuing to go well.  I feel so much more motivated and excited to work out this time, mostly because I’m not nervous or worried about any of the physical pregnancy stuff this time around.  My workout of choice continues to be Barre3 classes, and I’m averaging going to two each week.  I’d like to be going to more, but scheduling/childcare makes that difficult, and they are also not cheap – so two works for now. 

I think the class I went to this morning was the hardest one yet.  The instructor said her husband was there, so I think she was being extra tough.  I had to do a few pregnancy modifications during some twists and stretches, but otherwise I still feel like it’s a great option during pregnancy (and otherwise!) because it’s not very cardiovascular, but it’s an intense muscular workout.  I’m happy to have found something that feels like a good fit!

IMG_5772 (427x640)

While 15 weeks still isn’t all that far along, I already feel like the weeks are flying by.  Last time I felt like I counted each day, and this time I’m not even really aware of the passing week until Wednesday hits and a new one starts. 

At this point, I’m looking forward to feeling some kicks (so ready!) and having a real belly other than just a thick, round lump.  And even though it’s still very early, I feel like (and look like ) I’m carrying higher this time, which makes me wonder if this is possibly a little girl.  We’ll know soon enough.  Or maybe not!  Still have a few more weeks to decide.