The Next Chapter.

Finally, the end of our beach trip.  It was a vacation that we anticipated for a long time, and while we were of course sad to leave, we were also excited to get back to Seattle and start thinking about the future.  We have a really exciting year ahead.  Some big things, some small things, and I’m sure some unexpected things in between.  But another year of change, growth, and one that is sure to be marked with memories and moments.

This was one of our last big trips as a family of three, and we absolutely made the most of it.  And now that we are home, we are looking forward toward the next part of the journey that lies ahead…

IMG_5329 (640x427)

IMG_5358 (427x640)

IMG_5381 (640x427)

IMG_5365 (640x425)

 IMG_4949 (427x640)  IMG_4806 (427x640)

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IMG_5366 (427x640)

More to come!