A Week of Barre3 for Free!

A few weeks ago I shared a post about my love affair with barre classes.  I think fitness is something that has to ebb and flow with life, circumstance, and age.  In my adult life, at various times I’ve been really into hot yoga, casual running, distance running, weight lifting, spinning, and now – barre!

Here in Seattle, I have mostly been going to the local Barre3 studios.  Aside from the great workout, the other major incentive that keeps me coming back to Barre3  specifically is the childcare!  It is so hard to find fitness centers with good childcare options, and having this has been such a big motivator for me.  Unfortunately, the only studio in our area without childcare is the one closest to my (current) house in Kirkland, so I drive to one that is about 25 minutes away.  This morning, I got an email that starting next week – the day after we move – the Kirkland studio will be offering childcare.  Of course, right?  Sad face for me, but happy that this studio will be even more accessible to other local moms now. 

But back to the studio – I’ve been lucky enough to connect with people there who have kept me motivated and encouraged, and I know they are always excited to read about how many of you are enjoying the workouts too. 


After my last post, they got in touch with me after reading your comments – so many of you are interested in trying barre workouts, but are deterred either by the price or by the lack of accessibility to classes where you live.  So my friends at Barre3 reached out with a special promo just for Daily Garnish readers.  Here’s the deal!

For you:  Access a week of online Barre3 workouts for FREE!


Here’s some info about the online workouts, and what you can expect:

  • Get long, lean muscles with barre3 online workouts.
  • For the price of one yoga class (regularly $15/month, but free for you this week!), you get access to over 80 online workout videos.
  • Stay balanced and fit at home. Perfect for nap time!
  • Workouts are easy to follow and range from 10 to 60 minutes.
  • Other benefits include: a toned upper body, strong core, lifted seat, and shapely legs.
  • No extra equipment needed.
  • Online workouts range from 10-60 minutes in duration and with over 80 workouts (and growing!), options are endless. We break our 30, 40 and 60 minute workouts into 10 minute segments, making it super doable and fun to create your own.



How Does It Work?

Click here to get started with your free week of workouts.  You can get started whenever you like – it doesn’t have to be today!  (But the code must be redeemed by June 1st!)

Promo Code:  7daysbarre3

This is just something fun I wanted to share with you guys, since I love to spread the word when I find something I personally use and value.  This isn’t an affiliate link, and there is no kickback for me.  I hope some of you find it useful, and enjoy the opportunity to try something new!

And for my local friends, heads up that there is a new Barre3 studio opening tomorrow in the Roosevelt area!  To celebrate their opening week, all studio classes are FREE from Wednesday – Monday.  Now that we are moving back into Seattle, this will probably be my new home base – I can’t wait to check it out. 

Happy barre-ing!