Moving To Magnolia.

The crazy thing about blogging is that you end up with this tangible archive of memories of things you’d otherwise likely never have documented.  Over the last ten years (since I graduated college), I have moved a zillion times.  And here in this space, I’ve documented quite a few of them:

So here is how the last week or so has played out.  Last Wednesday, we officially closed on our Magnolia home.  It was a wild day of last minute meetings, racing to signing appointments, and general chaos – but by the end of the day we had keys to our new place in hand and nothing else mattered. 

As is tradition for us when moving, we celebrated by having a picnic dinner (Vietnamese takeout this time, mmmm) on the floor of our empty house.

IMG_7060 (640x427)

After a year of hoping and waiting, it felt so surreal to finally be in there and have it be ours

IMG_7061 (640x424)

All three of us ran around like kids exploring the new space, opening every nook and cranny, and enjoying all the warm sunshine pouring in the windows.  It felt so right.


Celebratory photos at the door before we left!

IMG_7068 (419x640)

IMG_7074 (425x640)

Even though it was pushing bedtime and we still had to drive 40 minutes back to Kirkland, we decided celebratory cupcakes were definitely in order. 

IMG_7076 (427x640)

Cullen did not seem to mind.

IMG_7079 (640x427)

The next day was another busy one.  We were out the door immediately to drop Cullen at a friend’s house, run over to the new Magnolia house to meet carpet installers, and then head to the hospital for my 20-week ultrasound.  Even though it was hard to squeeze in, I am so glad we got the carpet replaced before we moved in so we didn’t have to move furniture and things around again post-move.  It is so soft and fabulous!

IMG_4203 (480x640)

Thursday night my mom arrived to help, and that’s when the real madness began.  On Friday we started working around 7am and basically never stopped.  I made one last messy pancake breakfast for all of us before we got to work, and then we got moving.


My mom’s job was to play with Cullen and keep him happy (and safe) while Casey and I tore the house apart.  He is totally in love with her, and was very happy to show her all his new skills and things.

IMG_7107 (427x640)

While they played, I boxed up most of the second floor. 

IMG_7102 (427x640)

IMG_7108 (640x427)

IMG_7110 (427x640)

The dogs just sat there looking at us like you have got to be kidding me.  We counted that night, and realized that this new house will be Huey’s 10th, and Indy’s 8th – they are pros by now.  If only they’d help pack some boxes!

IMG_7114 (427x640)

We worked pretty much nonstop until our bodies were totally drained.  Casey took a car load of breakables over to the new house, and ran around doing all the wall patching and touch up paint.  By dinner time, we were all ready for a break and some fresh air.

We headed down to our very last Friday night Juanita Beach market.  I’m sure we’ll go back at some point to visit with friends we made over there, but it felt a little emotional to go there for the last time as residents.

IMG_7116 (427x640)

Juanita Beach was probably my favorite thing in our old area, and Cullen loved going there to swing and dig in the sand.  The summer market was my favorite Friday night tradition!

IMG_7126 (426x640)

Good thing we will have lots of nearby playgrounds in our new neighborhood, just waiting for us to explore them. 

IMG_7127 (427x640)

Goodbye, Kirkland!  You are very pretty, but you were not right for us.

IMG_7137 (640x428)

IMG_7146 (427x640)

Saturday was moving day, and we were up and at ‘em around 5 to get started.  I’m planning to write a Babble post this week on tips for moving with toddlers, but let me just say – I do NOT know what we would have done without my mom.  Once our movers arrived, the house became total chaos, and he barely even noticed because he was so enamored by her (okay, and the iPad). 

IMG_7150 (640x427)

We also had the world’s BEST moving crew.  For this move, we used a local company – Adam’s Movers – and I have seriously never seen a crew work so hard.  They were literally running down the steps and up the ramp to the truck.  They pulled up at 8am and had our entire houses loaded and ready to go by 9:30 – it was nuts. 

IMG_7152 (640x427)

Cullen was into the giant truck.


And just like that, it was time to go!  I felt a bit emotional as we packed up and left our house.  Even though it wasn’t the right fit for us, we had a big year there and grew a lot as individuals and as a family.  No regrets.  (Okay, slight regret on the cargo shorts.  Hey, it was moving day.)

IMG_7155 (428x640)

IMG_7157 (640x415)

Our movers continued their amazing job and had us totally unloaded into our new place by noon.  I couldn’t believe it!  We even had time to take a break and go out for a sit down lunch.  We were all so tired and hungry – we needed it.

We spent the rest of Saturday settling in, unpacking boxes, and getting adjusted to the new space.  My mom is an animal and was determined that we were going to have all the major stuff done before she left.  The worst part is always the kitchen, right?

By Sunday afternoon we were in great shape, and ready to relax and have people over to see our new space.  Our gender reveal party was that evening!

IMG_7251 (427x640)

As timing would have it, Monday morning Casey was out the door at 4am to leave for a week-long work trip – so sad!  Luckily we got to hold onto Grandma for a few more hours, and she took the red eye home on Monday night. 

IMG_7266 (427x640)

So this week, it’s been just me and C settling into a new space and learning the ropes of our new neighborhood.  It feels great to be here, but we are very ready for dad to come home and enjoy it with us (he gets in tonight – hurrah!).  We have really missed him!


So many of you have been asking for new house pictures and a house tour once we are settled in.  I have to be honest that I’m feeling a lot more private about our space and our home this time.  To keep it brief, we suffered some pretty major privacy invasions during our last home purchase and sale, and I’d like to minimize the risk of that happening again.  Of course, I know that sharing our life online opens us to some of that, but perhaps I (naively) also counted on the greater good of people. 

So while I will certainly still continue to share our adventures and many family photos, I don’t think I’ll be doing a formal tour of this house.  After all, this is the house where our children live, and the need and desire to protect them is our first priority.  This is also really important because Casey travels for work quite a bit, leaving me here on my own with kiddos (creepers beware – I am ready for you!). 

But I thought I’d show you two happy pups who are LOVING their new space.  I haven’t seen them this happy (or well behaved) since we lived in Charlotte on an acre in the woods.  They have so much more room to run and roam here, and they are acting like puppies again.

IMG_4251 (640x480)

So here we are!  One week in, and excited to get settled and finally plant some roots.  And a garden!