Our Gender Reveal Party (and the Big News!).

I feel like I’m fast forwarding a bit here, since I still haven’t told you anything about moving itself, but I’m worried that if I wait one more day to post this a few of you might kill me.  :)  So to quickly catch up, we moved into our new place on Saturday afternoon.  We spent all of Saturday afternoon and evening unpacking and sorting through mountains of boxes.

Sunday morning we were up early and at it again.  I can’t say enough about how helpful it was to have my mom here.  She loves decorating and helping with parties, so she was totally in the zone.  When Cullen was awake, she played with him so Casey and I could work, and while he napped she and I knocked out big projects like unpacking the kitchen and getting Cullen’s room all set up.  Casey did all the grunt work like breaking down boxes, organizing the garage, and getting rid of a mountain of trash.

By Sunday afternoon, the house was in really great shape and we were ready to relax and have friends over.  I even had time to run to the market and pick up some beautiful fresh flowers!

IMG_7160 (427x640)

I guess I should back up for a minute and talk about the party in general.  Before we did ours, I honestly thought they were cheesy and kind of over the top.  But I also wanted to do something more special than just finding out at the doctor’s office, and the timing worked out perfectly to share this big moment with our friends (and my mom!) and have everyone over to see our new house. 

A few people thought that we actually already knew the results, and were just sharing the news with our friends.  But as I mentioned in the 20 week update, Casey and I had no clue what to expect.  At our appointment, our tech told us to look away when she checked out the lower half, and then she wrote the results in a card and sealed it in an envelope.  

My friend Katie was watching Cullen during our appointment, and I went to pick him up afterward and immediately gave the card to her.  (She and her husband had offered to put together the box for the announcement.)  I was so glad the card was at her house because I’m pretty sure I would have opened it that night otherwise.

So Sunday afternoon, we had 30 people over to help us celebrate the big news and find out if our next baby would be a boy or a girl!  Having just moved in the day before, I kept it very low key.  I bought a bunch of snack food in case people were hungry before dinner arrived.

IMG_7161 (427x640)

And for dessert I got an assortment of cupcakes from Flying Apron – our favorite vegan (and gluten-free) bakery.  I wanted to make sure everyone would have something to eat!

IMG_7162 (640x427)

I also got some adorable little ginger fruit tarts in case the kiddos wanted something smaller (yeah right).

IMG_7163 (640x427)

The table was all set up for dinner and just waiting for pizza delivery!

IMG_7169 (640x419)

And our new living room/dining room was ready for friends to arrive!  Not gonna lie – I was pretty proud of how unpacked and settled in we were just 24 hours after the moving truck left. 

IMG_7171 (640x427)

Friends started to trickle in and we showed them around the space and had fun finally sharing our new house with the people who have supported us so much during this crazy moving journey. 

IMG_7229 (640x427)

While it had rained all morning, it warmed up and dried out just in time for us to all enjoy our new back deck and yard.  We all flopped down and enjoyed pizza, watermelon, and cupcakes, and the toddlers had a blast running around in the grass.

IMG_7231 (640x427)

And then it was time!  I have seen a lot of people do a cake reveal (with blue or pink cake on the inside), but I opted to go the balloon route (using this post as inspiration).  A million thanks to Katie and Zach for making the box, getting the balloons, and for somehow keeping it a secret from all of us until the big moment!  And to my fabulous friend Jenny for taking all of these gorgeous photos!

IMG_7183 (427x640)

I think I was so preoccupied with moving and getting ready for the party that I hadn’t really thought about what we were about to do until I was standing there.  I suddenly got really shaky and nervous. 

IMG_7185 (427x640)

Here we go!

IMG_7189 (640x427)

I got really scared…

IMG_7190 (426x640)

And then really excited…

IMG_7192 (426x640)

IMG_7193 (427x640)

IMG_7197 (428x640)

IMG_7203 (427x640)

IMG_7204 (640x426)

And then I started to cry.

IMG_7206 (427x640)

How did I get so lucky?

IMG_7208 (426x640)

A few people asked me afterward how I felt when I looked in, and what my reaction was.  The only thing I really remember thinking when I saw the balloons was “of course!” and then looking at Casey and laughing.  I know so many of you thought it was going to be a girl, and even though this pregnancy has been very different, deep down I really expected this baby to be a boy.  I would have been absolutely floored if I had seen pink, and seeing blue just felt like everything was as it was supposed to be.

Cullen was much more preoccupied with the clapping, shouting group of people on the steps than what was coming out of the box.  Eventually, he realized there were BALLOONS and suddenly showed a lot more interest. 

IMG_7213 (640x420)

IMG_7215 (640x427)

Inside the box, the balloons were tied to a book.

IMG_7217 (640x427)

IMG_7299 (640x427)

And then I started to cry again.

IMG_7218 (640x427)

I can’t believe that Cullen is going to have a little brother!  I keep looking at him and imagining a little mop-headed sidekick standing next to him, and I feel like my heart could explode.

IMG_7221 (426x640)

I think he’s pretty pumped too.  Just wait ‘til he finds out he’s going to have to share his room in a few years!

IMG_7228 (640x427)

Also inside the box was the original card from our ultrasound tech.  When I first told her we wanted to write down the results, she got really excited and said she loves doing it that way.  I figured she’d write it on a scrap of paper and fold it in half.  I never expected to find this…

IMG_7301 (640x427)

IMG_7302 (640x420)

Seriously?  She was so awesome, and helped make our day just that much more special.  Despite my hesitations about originally having the party, I can’t say enough about how much fun we had and how glad I am that we shared the news in such a fun way with people we love.  I am so glad we did it and I will absolutely do it again (if we are lucky enough to get that chance!). 

I feel like I need to tone it down and stop gushing so much, but I don’t know how to.  In just a matter of a few days, I feel like my life changed so much.  We’re in a new house that we couldn’t love more, and we’re expecting another gorgeous boy that is going to change all of our lives in ways we can’t possibly imagine.

IMG_7241 (640x429)

Come October, I’ll be completely outnumbered in a house of just me and my five boys.  Oh, brother…

IMG_7248 (427x640)

Now to think of another boy’s name… Nineteen weeks to go!