Pregnancy #2: Halfway There (Weeks 19 & 20).

Halfway there!  I can’t believe it.  I know it’s cliché, but I truly don’t know where the time is going.  Last time by 20 weeks I was picking out nursery furniture and I felt like I was really kicking it into gear with preparations.  This time I still feel like we’re at the beginning!

Backing up to last week – 19 weeks – someone commented that it would be fun to see the side by side photos in the same outfits as last time.  So I mustered up a bit more effort, and pulled out the same shirt (different jeans)…

19 weeks collage

Definitely carrying a lot differently this time – I can see it and I can feel it.  At nineteen weeks I was actually still in regular jeans, and I credit that to the fact that this baby seems to be a lot higher, providing a bit of relief at the immediate waistline. 

IMG_6744 (426x640)

Since I haven’t been doing these updates weekly, I’ve been jotting down some notes throughout the week so I can remember what was going on and how I was feeling…

Notes on 19 weeks:

Flew to Ohio to celebrate Sarah’s graduation.  Discovered that it is really uncomfortable to hold a toddler on a lap that is partially taken up by a pregnant belly.  Should make for a few interesting trips later this summer when I am gigantic!

Baked potatoes continue.  In fact, this new baby has now affectionately been nicknamed “the baked potato.” 

Number of people asking “how many are in there?” and “are you sure one isn’t hiding” is rapidly increasing.  I have made many mental notes to never utter something similar to any pregnant woman ever

My emotions are out of control.  On Mother’s Day morning, I somehow got overlooked during the family waffle breakfast, and by the time I emerged in the kitchen (I had been in the shower) everyone had eaten and the kitchen had already been cleaned up.  I spent the next 20 minutes sobbing into my Frosted Mini Wheats and hating everyone.  Last night, I watched the family reunion episode of Survivor and was so hysterical you’d think I was the one who’d been in the jungle for 35 days.  Needless to say, I’m a major loose canon right now.

I ran another 5k this week, which was a lot of fun.  I can definitely feel a big difference in my body from when I ran my first race just a few short weeks ago.  Hope I can keep it up!  I have my eye on another 5K on June 2nd…

IMG_6749 (427x640)

And now onto this week – week 20 – the halfway point!  For some reason in my mind I still don’t look pregnant, even though I know that is not even remotely the case anymore.  At Gymboree class last week, I had multiple people ask me when I was due, which I found shocking.  And since then many more have commented on “the other one on the way.”  Clearly I am not hiding anything anymore…

20 week collage

I think 2011 Emily is finally catching up.  Also – what the heck was up with my hair?  Yikes.

This was my first week putting on maternity jeans, and I forgot just how ridiculously comfortable they are.  I’m actually wearing maternity clothes in general most of the time now.  My other shirts are tugging in weird places and everything is way too short already.  I am resisting the urge to buy too many new things, even though I’m somehow still sick of the stuff I wore with Cullen (even though it was two years ago!). 

IMG_7088 (426x640)

New symptom this week?  Crazy heartburn.  I never had any of this with Cullen, so this is new territory for me.  It doesn’t seem to matter what or when I eat – I get an uncomfortable burning sensation within an hour or two afterward. 

I’m also sleeping really badly.  During my last pregnancy, I had this whole fortress of pillows, including a giant maternity pillow I’d wrap my body around.  This time it’s a lot less about comfort, and much more mental.  I’m having really intense, vivid dreams – actually, mostly nightmares.  Every morning I wake up exhausted and tell Casey I had crazy, horrible dreams.  While I know I’m technically sleeping through them, I don’t feel rested at all.  I hope it passes.  Meanwhile, I’m grateful to at least feel physically much more comfortable in bed this time.

Notes on 20 weeks:

We are moving at the end of this week, which means sleep and rest are minimal.  I’m exhausted, and feeling the extra load I’m carrying around.  I’m also discovering that it is really hard to carry boxes and other large items with a big bump blocking the front of me!

My appetite is still weird and just not like me.  Nothing sounds even remotely appetizing other than chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes.  I fear my glucose test. 

Yesterday I puked in the shower.  Twenty weeks along and still gagging and throwing up here and there.  What gives, baby?  Other than that my only complaint is that I’m still getting ugly headaches.  I think they are probably from stress and not enough sleep.  Hoping they subside when we get through this move!

I really, really want to eat a giant, juicy watermelon.  We booked our annual summer vacation with Casey’s family this week (coming up at the end of July!), and I’ve already been crazy enough to think about how many watermelons we will need for six adults to get through one week.  I’m thinking at least four (two for me, please!).  There is no watermelon here in Seattle yet.  I’m doing my best to be patient. 

We actually had our 20 week ultrasound this morning.  Casey and I went together while a friend of mine watched Cullen, and it was such a treat to get to see the little one again.  He or she is still squirming and wiggling away in there!

IMG_4191 (640x480)

We didn’t find out the sex today, but we’ll be finding out on Sunday with a group of our friends.  I was originally on the fence about finding out this time, but Casey really, really wanted to know.  So we compromised and decided we’d find out, but I wanted to do something more special than just hear it in the ultrasound office. 

IMG_4193 (640x480)

Our friends are really excited for us, so they suggested we do a “gender reveal” party.  I’m throwing it together at the last minute, and we’re doing it as a sort of low-key gender reveal/housewarming party this weekend.  Extra special that my mom will be here to find out with us!  More details to come once we know.

IMG_7096 (426x640)

Last update from the Kirkland front porch.  Next time – new house!

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