Pregnancy #2: Weeks 16, 17, & 18.

When we last left off, I was 15 weeks along and just starting to look a little more round in the midsection.  There has been a lot of growing since then!

week 16 collage

At sixteen weeks last time, I was in transition from leaving DC and moving to Seattle, and spent the week in Cincinnati while we waited for our movers to travel across the country.  At sixteen weeks this time, we are getting ready to move again, but luckily this move is just local. 

IMG_6398 (427x640)

During week sixteen I ran my first pregnant race, and generally felt pretty good.  I threw up twice, but that has become pretty par for the course.  Even though getting sick is never fun, it feels more manageable this time and has been limited to mornings so far.  Exhaustion has been much more difficult to deal with.  I can barely keep my eyes open in the afternoons!

IMG_6402 (425x640)

At seventeen weeks, I felt like I really “popped.”  This picture doesn’t really do justice to the belly that is there now.  While it feels weird to suddenly have such a noticeable belly, I’m happy to show early and bypass the awkward in between stage. 

week 17 collage

It’s funny that I know my belly is already much bigger this time than it was at seventeen weeks last time, but I’m still fitting into my regular jeans (for now), while last time I was well into maternity gear.  I think this is further evidence that I’m carrying higher this time – it definitely looks and feels like it.  I’ve gained somewhere around 5-6 pounds.

IMG_6570 (425x640)

My appetite is still really…off.  I don’t have any particular food aversions this time and am willing to eat pretty much everything, but nothing actually sounds remotely appetizing.  I keep thinking this should be changing sooner than later, but I’d still be happy to live off of baked potatoes if I could.  Orange juice, fruit, cereal, bagels, eggs, and baked goods all still sound wonderful.  My sweet tooth is more out of control than ever.

And while I’m willing to eat a good variety of things, I’m finding it very hard to actually cook anything (as evidenced on my recipe page!).  Cooking sounds horrible and exhausting most nights, which has meant lots of soup, pasta, and frozen vegetables.  Hoping this passes soon!

IMG_6579 (426x640)

As of today, I’m officially 18 weeks along.  Time feels like it’s flying, and I can’t believe we’re almost halfway there.  We have our 20-week ultrasound scheduled for a few weeks from now, and I’m excited to get another peek at this little nugget. 

week 18 collage

I’m starting to feel lots of little kicks and thumps in my lower abdomen, and Casey was actually able to feel one last night.  I think I’m still sort of in shock that someone is in there!  It hasn’t totally sunk in, probably because we are so busy focusing on Cullen instead of me this time around.  But all these little thumps and bumps are a nice reminder of the sweet little one that is going to be here before we know it.

IMG_6590 (425x640)

Overall this pregnancy is going really well.  Not perfect – still not fun to be throwing up in week eighteen, and I’m having a lot of intense headaches – but I don’t feel like I have much room to complain.  If I point to my belly and ask Cullen “what’s this?" – he says “babeeee” and gives it a kiss.  It makes me melt every time. 

IMG_6597 (425x640)

I’m looking forward to getting settled in our new place and getting Cullen settled into his big boy room so we can start thinking about getting set up for this little one too.  And tonight, I’m looking forward to flying home to see our friends and family, and see my little sister graduate!  This will probably be the only time I see most of them during this pregnancy, which is really strange.

Almost halfway there!

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