Seattle Sunshine.

What an awesome weekend!  We are having crazy, unseasonably fabulous weather here in Seattle – temps in the 80’s all weekend long.  Even crazier since I think others are having unseasonably cold temps?  I have given up guessing what the weather is going to do here, and I’m just enjoying the sunshine as it comes!

Friday afternoon was nap-less as usual, but Cullen had some down time in the crib while I worked outside for about an hour.  Can’t believe it’s finally nice enough for a patio workstation!

IMG_6411 (640x427)

Once Mr. No Nap was finished reading himself books, he joined me in the backyard for an afternoon snack and play date. 

IMG_6419 (427x640)

Since summer has arrived a bit early this year, we don’t really have any fun backyard entertainment yet.  So I got creative and rigged up a homemade water table out of his old infant bathtub.  He splashed and played for almost three hours until dad came home and we dragged him inside for dinner.  

IMG_6464 (427x640)

It was most definitely a big hit.

IMG_6493 (427x640)

IMG_6504 (427x640)

We also tested out his new super cool toddler sunglasses.  I figured there was no way he’d keep them on, but it turns out he loves them.  They had me laughing all weekend long.  He is a hoot.   

IMG_6549 (426x640)

Saturday brought all sorts of excitement.  We were up early to head into Seattle to meet someone to measure carpet for OUR NEW HOUSE.  That’s right – we’re moving…again.  Yep, we are insane.  We are also ridiculously excited, and sort of in shock that this really long crazy story of home buying/selling actually worked out, and we’ll be in our new space in just a few short weeks!  More details to come eventually.  For now, here’s Cullen enjoying what will be his new (fabulous!) backyard.

IMG_4111 (640x480)

We left the new place on cloud nine, finally seeing it all ready to go for it’s new owners (US!!!).  From there we decided to spend some time in what will be our new ‘hood, and headed over to Discovery Park for a family hike. 

IMG_4128 (640x475)

Discovery is the biggest park in Seattle, and provides some of the most gorgeous scenery and views you can find in this area.  We stood at the top of the lookout in total awe of how gorgeous the Sound looked sparkling under the sun. 

IMG_4129 (640x480)

Pretty excited to have this so close to us this summer (and beyond!).  Feels like a dream come true!

IMG_4132 (481x640)

Also, I am looking massively pregnant.  I woke up the day I hit 16 weeks, and my stomach had doubled (tripled?) in size.  I’ll do an update here soon, but someone is most definitely growing in there!  I was feeling it too as we hiked up and down.  I don’t have the stamina that I used to!

IMG_4135 (640x480)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  I can’t handle it.

IMG_4139 (640x470)

IMG_4140 (640x480)

We worked up an appetite on our hike, and headed to Homegrown in Queen Anne for lunch afterward.  Cullen was very excited to be getting his very own sandwich. 

IMG_4144 (479x640)

Marinated portabella, avocado, arugula, pickled red onion, and homemade pesto on whole grain for mama.  My favorite sandwich there by far.

IMG_4145 (640x480)

Kid’s peanut butter and homemade jam for Cullen, served with an organic orange.

IMG_4146 (640x480)

A big bowl of vegan Thai curry soup for all three of us to share (Cullen loved it!)…

IMG_4147 (640x480)

And a very hungry family to eat it all.  Yum!

IMG_4150 (480x640)

We headed home for Cullen’s (theoretical) nap, and some downtime at the house.  I watched the Derby and ended up falling asleep for about an hour.  It was nice and lazy, just as Saturday afternoon should be.  In the evening, we ventured out to Downtown Kirkland in search of an early dinner.  We scored a patio table at a Thai place, which felt like winning the lottery on such a busy night. 

IMG_4154 (480x640)

I don’t remember exactly what this was, but it was incredibly delicious.  Crispy egg noodles, tofu, and veggie with some sort of fabulous sauce.  All plates were cleaned. 

IMG_4156 (640x480)

Finished off our evening with a few scoops of gelato.  It felt like the first day of summer – people, dogs, and families out everywhere enjoying our beautiful city. 

IMG_4157 (640x482)

Sunday morning came painfully early, as Casey left at 5am to head to the airport.  He is in Toronto for a few days for work, leaving me and C to entertain ourselves.  I’m used to him traveling quite a bit, but not usually over weekends.  It felt really strange to be on my own on a Sunday!  I couldn’t get back to sleep after he left, so I went downstairs to enjoy some coffee and make pancakes for me and my little man. 

IMG_4159 (480x640)

Just because dad isn’t here, that is not going to stop us from pancake Sunday.  These were some of the best yet!  Definitely bookmarking the recipe for next week. 

IMG_4163 (478x640)

IMG_4165 (640x480)

Sunday was hot, hot, HOT.  I knew all the beaches and parks would be insanely crowded since this is our first really warm weekend.  So Cullen and I headed to Kelsey Creek Farm – a really cute little petting zoo, farm, and playground area in Bellevue. 

IMG_4168 (640x481)

Mr. Cool loved the goats and chickens!

IMG_4170 (480x640)

He also loved the big sandbox!

IMG_4181 (480x640)

I will certainly never complain about too much sun or heat here, but it was so warm I worried about keeping him out too long.  Despite a full coating of sunscreen, my little fair-skinned boy was looking pretty pink by the time we hit the playground. 

IMG_4186 (478x640)

We stayed for a few hours and then headed home to relax, nap, and splash some more in the backyard.

IMG_4190 (480x640)

We missed Casey, but having such great weather definitely helped move our day along.  Today was in the 80’s again, and it’s supposed to be really nice all week.  We are actually heading to Ohio and Indiana later in the week to see my baby sister graduate from college!  Hard to believe.

More to come!