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    A Look Back.

Al Fresco.

Now that we’re in our new space, we’re taking full advantage of the backyard we wished for for so long.  Days are spent covering the deck and driveway in sidewalk chalk, splashing in the mini whale pool, and collecting rocks to fill up the dump truck.

Evenings are spent enjoying family dinners – most recently, outside!  Family dinners aren’t something we’re really in the habit of, as Casey old commute got him home far past Cullen’s dinnertime.  So I used to feed Cullen one meal, and then I’d just be starting to figure out what Casey and I were going to eat after C’s 7:30 bedtime.  It led to a lot of late meals and lack of creativity.

Now that Casey is getting home earlier and the sun is shining for so much longer, we’re able to enjoy meals as a family – such a treat!  I’ve been dragging Cullen’s high chair out to the back deck and Casey and I have been relaxing on the patio furniture. 

We’re still settling in and getting into a rhythm here, but I thought I’d share a few recent meals we threw together.

IMG_7314 (640x427)

First up – summery millet salad, cheesy baked kale, and simple sautéed portabellas. 

IMG_7316 (640x427)

I cooked the millet in the rice cooker, and then just tossed it with some fresh cherry tomatoes and arugula.  Perfect for summer.  I dressed the whole salad in a mixture of olive oil, orange champagne vinegar, salt, and a hint of maple syrup.  It was delicious, and reminded me I need to cook millet more often.

IMG_7317 (640x427)

The mushrooms were just sliced portabellas that I cooked on high heat to brown and wilt down.  Salt is key here.  I’m still adjusting to my new electric cooktop.  I feel like I can’t get the same browning and high heat effects that I used to, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out with more practice. 

IMG_7318 (640x427)

Lastly, I tossed a bag of kale with olive oil and nutritional yeast (and a heavy sprinkle of salt!), and popped it in the oven for about 15 minutes on 375 heat.  I’m still not really loving greens at this point in pregnancy, but I’m trying to be better about forcing myself to eat them.  They are so good for you!

IMG_7319 (640x427)

Watermelon for dessert every night.  Always a hit. 

IMG_7350 (640x427)

Dinner number two felt like the essence of summer.  All that was missing was a big pile of sliced tomatoes, but those haven’t quite made it to the Seattle markets just yet.  Soon, I hope!

IMG_7353 (640x427)

Simple sautéed tofu with barbecue sauce added in the last few minutes.  This is a summertime favorite in our house! 

IMG_7354 (640x427)

Baked potato.  Enough said.  My friend Nicki turned my onto Straus Family Creamery’s Greek yogurt, and it has since become my new favorite potato topping.  I load it on there with lots of salt, and rub the potato skin with lots of olive oil to get it crispy in the oven.  Perfection. 

IMG_7355 (640x427)

Corn on the cob.  Yum.

IMG_7357 (640x427)

Dinner is served!

IMG_7359 (640x427)

So that’s what we’ve been enjoying out in the backyard the past two nights.  We might be a bit behind, but summer has finally arrived here in Seattle, and we are soaking it all up.  The farmer’s markets are just getting better and better, and hopefully our meals will follow suit.   

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Christine @ Gotta Eat Green     at 10:23 am

BBQ tofu is a staple in our house. So easy and so delicious every time. I’ve only have millet a few times, but it looks great in that salad!


Katie @ running4cupcakes     at 10:44 am

Ahhh this post is making me so excited for summer to finally get here in MN! I am so looking forward to Luke playing with chalk on the driveway and meals on the deck.


Leah     at 11:17 am

Emily, do you purchase the champagne vinegar at Trader Joe’s?

Great post! I’m enjoying spending time outside this week now that we’re out of our crazy heat wave.


Emily Malone Reply:

Yep, TJ’s!


Leah Reply:

Thanks! (cheaper there too)


Lauren     at 11:34 am

I totally understand your challenge with the electric stove…they really take practice to get good brown crust on veggies! We are so excited for our new kitchen (new house in July!) with a gas stove!


Emily Malone Reply:

Congrats on your new place!


Lee     at 8:40 pm

We just re-did our deck and are really enjoying eating outside. It’s one of the best parts of summer (minus the mosquitos).


Jennifer Pringle     at 2:51 am

Congratulations on the new home :) I’ve got to say it looks like your making the most of the backyard, and the food looks delicious :)


kristen @ verbs and vignettes     at 4:29 am

l love eating outside. I don’t have space at my apartment, so I go to my parents’ house and eat by the pool. And I love that the sun is staying out later!

Your meals look delicious… all healthy fresh ingredients. I have to stop getting in the rut of “I’m home from work, tired and hungry. What can I fix to be eating in 5 minutes?”


Anna @ On Anna's Plate     at 5:33 am

Glad to hear summer has come to Seattle– we’re visiting my husband’s family out there in July, and I’m hoping for warm weather! We’ve had some pretty chilly fourths out there before, ha!

Dinners look delicious!


Blaire     at 1:54 pm

You inspired me to step up my greens. Made the crispy kale with nutritional yeast – so yummy! My 16 month old continually asked for more. One of the sure ways to get in a green veggie for the whole family. Also the bbq tofu looks amazing. Congrats on the new home.


ann     at 1:58 pm

Hi Emily,

I know you have been busy with the move, the pregnancy, etc. I was just wondering if you could post your recipe for marinated mushrooms, when you get the chance. Thank you so much. And congratulations on the house and the baby!


Marie R     at 2:22 pm

I hate electric! I will NEVER have another one after this one!


Emily @ Tips on Healthy Living     at 8:29 pm

These look like idyllic dinners. Congrats on your new home!


Sarina @ Earthgiven Kitchen     at 5:33 pm

I love making millet, when you start to cook them on the stove before adding water, they crisp up and smell like popcorn! And I love BBQ tofu. Congrats on your new home!


Kristi     at 11:33 am

I need to get some table and chairs so I can enjoy dinner outside from time to time.


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