So I have this delicious recipe for you.  I made it weeks ago, took photos, and got all set to tell you about it, and then I lost the notebook where I jotted down all the ingredients.  Somewhere in the midst of our move, I think it got buried in a box labeled “junk drawer” or “miscellaneous” that I have been avoiding unpacking ever since. 

I thought I found the notebook this morning and got all excited and edited the photos and was all set to post it today.  And then I flipped through the pages and realized I’d found a different one.  Womp womp.  I refuse to give up because it was so SO delicious, and I know you guys will love it too. 

IMG_6777 (640x427)

But let’s be serious, no one wants a soup recipe today anyway – right?  It’s a blazing 80+ degrees and sunny, which I can only assume means that it’s 200 degrees in the rest of the country.  Seriously – we are not cut out for, or prepared for this!

So instead of soup, I thought I’d just pop in and share a little bit about what we’ve been up to recently.  I haven’t blabbered on about our day to day life in a little while.  Earlier this week, we had mom’s group at my friend Christin’s house, and Cullen got to check out their backyard chickens.  He was really into chasing them – shouting bok bok bok – and checking out the coop.  Between backyard chickens and his obsession with our new compost and recycling system in the kitchen, he’s shaping up to be a true Seattle child.

20130626_112031 (640x360)

We also started swimming lessons this week!  We’ve been twice, and Cullen’s new favorite word is now “POOL!”  When I initially signed up I thought 30 minutes seemed really short, but I quickly learned that half an hour of wrestling a slippery little splashing fish is plenty.  But I love that he’s getting so comfortable in the water!  Can we get in yet, mom?

20130627_162353 (359x640)

As for me, I’m back on a fitness kick and feeling really motivated.  My current weekly workout schedule includes three Barre3 classes a week, as well as one prenatal yoga class.  I took a short break from studio classes while we moved, and it ended up stretching longer than I’d intended.

But I started back up last week, and this week I finally tried out the early morning classes I’ve been snoozing through for weeks.  So now I’m doing two classes at 6am (while Casey is at home and Cullen is starting to wake up!), and one more a bit later in the afternoon while Cullen goes to childcare.  He’s doing really well in the childcare right now (knocking on wood), which is a big factor in whether or not I get to class. 

I’m not having to do too many modifications yet – mostly just during the final ab sequence – but I’m definitely noticing my belly hitting the bar more now than it was a month ago. 

20130628_123117 (640x361)

I feel really out of shape and tired, but also really motivated and encouraged that I’m building muscle and getting my body in a good place for what is to come.  I’m really enjoying my prenatal yoga class too!  Casey has been really encouraging and helpful in working with me to make our schedules work so I can get out of the house and get some much-needed “me” time and fitness – even if that means waking up at 5am!  He gets up at 5am every day, which definitely helps me drag my body out of bed.  He’s been going with a buddy which has really helped!

We’re looking forward to a HOT weekend here, and I’m headed to the store after Cullen’s nap to go buy a sprinkler, more sunscreen, and perhaps a few more fans?  This is the one month each year that we long for air conditioning!  Stay cool wherever you are!

PS – I’ve had a number of people ask me how to continue to follow Daily Garnish going forward, since Google Reader will be discontinuing service as of this coming Monday (sniff).  Two good options going forward are Feedly and Bloglovin’ – I have tried both (and prefer Feedly myself)!  Or you can always bookmark the site and follow here directly, but I know that can be harder to keep up with.  I hope you continue to stay connected somehow!

PPS – For the moms and dads out there, don’t forget to enter the Britax B-Ready stroller giveaway over on Babble.  Contest ends Sunday night!