We had a wonderful weekend here – enjoying our new space and taking advantage of finally living near all our favorite places again.  Sunday was just one of those amazing lazy, sunny Seattle days that I love so much.  But in order to tell you about Sunday, I guess I should back up quickly to Saturday night.

We had a really nice family picnic in a park with amazing views of the city skyline.  As we drove back down the hill toward our place, I saw this super dingy, dirty cozy coupe car sitting out on the sidewalk with a sign that said “free!”  Don’t mind if I do!

IMG_7378 (640x427)

Casey jumped out to grab it and then turned around and said, “no way – this thing is disgusting.”  I told him to grab it anyway and that I was willing to hose it down and scrub it clean.  And in this moment I officially became my mother.

IMG_7380 (427x640)

We took it home and when Casey rolled it up the driveway, Cullen freaked out with excitement.  At this point it was bedtime anyway, and there was so much mold in the seat there was no way I was letting him near it yet.  We dragged him past it promising it would be there in the morning, and he fell apart.  I carried him up to his bedroom while he shrieked “vroom vroom” between sobs.  It was simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. 

IMG_7381 (411x640)

Casey and I spent the next few hours out on the back deck – he played guitar and I attacked the car with the hose, cleaners, and a bunch of rags.  I wheeled it into the house to keep it clean until morning.  Sunday morning Cullen was up at the crack of dawn – 5:30am seems to be his new favorite wakeup time.  He bolted into the sunroom the minute his feet hit the first floor, and he immediately took his friends for a ride.

IMG_7393 (427x640)

The car cleaned up pretty well, considering how nasty it was when we found it.  There are some remnants of old bumper stickers that I can’t get off, so I’m going to go get some stickers from a few of our favorite places here and personalize it for Cullen.  He would have been happy to spend all day going in and out of the car, and loading his animal friends in and out of the front and back seats.  So cute!

IMG_7417 (640x427)

We had to pry him out of it and close it in another room just to get him to eat breakfast. 

IMG_7404 (427x640)

Family meals are some of my favorite things about our weekends.  We all shared a big breakfast of fresh scrambled eggs, blueberries, and leftover pancakes and waffles from the day before.  Delicious.

IMG_7400 (640x424)

After breakfast we headed out for some family adventures.  We did a lot of house stuff on Saturday, so I wanted Sunday to be more fun and a bit more active.  We took Cullen to Greenlake and miraculously convinced him to sit in the stroller while we walked the three mile loop.  Reward was a stop at the playground at the end!


Afterward, we hit the Fremont Market in search of food and furniture.  This particular market is much more of an arts and crafts market than produce and groceries, and in the summer it expands to almost double the size with arts and antiques vendors.  We have found a few great furniture pieces there in the past, and we were hopeful we might find a few things we need for the new house.

We’ve been on the hunt for an eat-in kitchen table for the past few weeks, and we found the perfect fit from one of our favorite vendors.  Such a great find!  We arranged for him to deliver it later in the day, and then celebrated on the canal steps with a delicious market lunch.


Back at home, Cullen took his afternoon nap, and I enjoyed the sunshine and views from our balcony with one of my other boys.


After a good nap, the car continued to provide all-day entertainment while I worked on dinner. 

IMG_7437 (426x640)

And dinner was ready just in time to enjoy it at our new table!  It works perfectly in the open space in our kitchen, and it makes such a difference to finally have a spot to sit in there.  Our house is really old, and a lot of the original character has been preserved and maintained, so we’d like to carry that through in our furnishings and decorations as much as possible. 

IMG_7447 (640x426)

I spent Cullen’s nap time paging through some recent food magazines, and felt inspired to make a really fresh, summery meal for dinner afterward.  I think I’m finally feeling some cooking motivation coming back, just in time for all this gorgeous summer produce. 

IMG_7439 (404x640)

Steamed red potatoes in a garlic lemon vinaigrette…

IMG_7440 (640x427)

A big fresh salad of red leaf lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, chickpeas, and a homemade champagne vinegar dressing.  My favorite way to enhance the flavor of simple salads is a tiny pinch of salt!

IMG_7441 (640x427)

And no summer meal is complete without corn on the cob.  I used coconut oil to flavor it this time, and it was out of this world. 

IMG_7443 (640x427)

A delicious way to end the weekend!

IMG_7451 (640x427)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too.  I’m hoping to get our planter boxes built this week so we can start a small veggie and herb garden before it gets too late!