2nd Pregnancy: Goodbye, Second Trimester (weeks 25-27).

Here we go again!  I left off at week 24, and things have continued to grow and change as the weeks have ticked past.   I forgot to take a picture again during week 25, so we’ll just skip right past that.  This pregnancy is a lot less eventful anyway, so I don’t remember anything specific from that week.

Moving along to week 26!

IMG_8598 (426x640)

If you are thinking that I look totally ragged and tired you are correct, and I am.  Casey traveled for work this week, and I am quickly discovering that it is much harder to do the solo parent thing as I continue to get bigger and slower. 

Week 26 last time versus this time!

26 weeks

Other than feeling enormous, things are pretty normal now.  I don’t know why I FEEL so much bigger this time around, even though I know I’m right on track.  I’ve found the physical growth and changed of pregnancy to be tougher this time around.  It’s hard to feel limited in what I can do with Cullen, and I find myself struggling for breath when he curls up on my lap to read books.  He also doesn’t understand being careful around my belly, and I’m in defensive mode all day making sure he doesn’t take a flying leap on top of me (which is known to happen quite often). 

IMG_8600 (426x640)

I’m continuing to carry a lot higher this time, which I think I’m actually finding to be more comfortable.  My pants are lasting longer in the waist, and I don’t feel as much pressure and cramping as I did last time during things like workouts and long walks.  I also don’t have the linea nigra line yet, and I know I had it by this point last time!

26 weeks belly

This new little guy has started kicking and punching like a maniac, and I am distracted by it all day long.  My hands are always on my belly, pushing back and saying hello as he pokes out and hand or foot.  It’s fun to connect with him, and Casey and I both agree that he reacts to our gentle pushes and taps.  I think he’s going to be a ball of energy just like big brother!

IMG_8603 (426x640)

On Wednesday, I hit the 27 week mark.  Hard to believe this is my last week in the second trimester!

IMG_8646 (427x640)

Last time versus this time…

27 weeks

Most notable thing about this week is that I had my glucose screening test!  I had to do a 2-hour fasting test (since I failed the one-hour test during my first pregnancy), and I was happy to hear last night that I passed with flying colors.  HUGE relief!

While I was there, I also had another checkup.  It seems like second pregnancies are just much more relaxed in general, even by medical professionals.  I think this was my fourth appointment in almost seven months!  I actually really like the hands-off approach though, and don’t want any extra pokes or scans of they aren’t needed.

Despite feeling like I swallowed a watermelon, my belly is measuring exactly on track for 27 weeks, and I’ve gained about 16-17 pounds.  So far everything is really normal, and I hope it stays that way!

IMG_8653 (427x640)

I’m starting to get a bit antsy about our lack of preparation as far as #2’s arrival goes.  The nursery is currently purple and green striped – desperately begging for paint – and filled with boxes and overflow from our move two months ago.  While I don’t expect to have a perfectly prepped nursery when he arrives (as Cullen will likely still be using the crib!), I’d like to have a better idea of where we’re headed sooner than later.  It’s also time to start brushing up on some childbirth books – eeek, am I really doing that again?

27 weeks belly

The most exciting news this week is that I’m getting on a plane all by myself in just a few hours!  I am headed to San Diego (my first time!) for the weekend for what will likely be my last weekend away for quite some time.  I’m meeting up with my best friend from home, and we’ll be celebrating the wedding of one of our wonderful college friends/roommates.  I am beyond excited, and in major need of some girl time and relaxation. 

I’m excited to hear what sort of trouble Casey and Cullen get into while I’m gone.  Casey claims there will be zero bed-making and lots of guitar playing.  Ha! 

Off to pack!

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