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    A Look Back.

Seattle Summer.

YOU GUYS.  What a week!  I’ve been working round the clock on a big Babble project, and am not just now clicking “save” and coming up for air.  I feel so strange starting the week here on a Wednesday!  I have missed this space.

And I’ve been wanting to share all the fun we had this past weekend.  I feel like some weekends are spent never getting out my camera – just hanging around the house, strolling through markets, and playing in the backyard.  This weekend had a lot of that, but we also packed in plenty of activity.

We kicked off Saturday morning bright and early with a walk through the Ballard Locks!

IMG_8008 (640x427)

The Locks are one of Seattle’s must-see spots.  It’s the point where Lake Union (fresh water) meets the Puget Sound (salt water), and the boats travel through a system that allows them to safely navigate through different levels of water. 

IMG_8009 (640x422)

I love seeing the water sparkling under the sunshine, and Cullen loves checking out the boats.  It’s so wonderful that we are able to walk to so many places we love again. 

IMG_8013 (426x640)

IMG_8014 (423x640)

There is also a gorgeous botanical garden there, perfect for shady walks and photography sessions. 

IMG_8015 (426x640)

We eventually made our way into Ballard and headed to Portage Bay Café.  I got some sort of fancy breakfast sandwich, that was good – but I regretted not getting french toast.  I should have known better.

IMG_8018 (640x427)

Cullen enjoyed a huge plate of mouse-ear pancakes and a mountain of fresh fruit.

IMG_8023 (640x427)

Back at home, Casey needed to squeeze in a few hours of work, so Cullen and I hung out in the backyard and made good use of our new sprinkler.

IMG_8040 (426x640)

We’re in the middle of a very rare-to-us heatwave, and it’s actually hotter inside our house than out most of the time.  We’re basically playing in water every chance we get!

IMG_8048 (424x640)

During Cullen’s nap, Casey and I finally knocked out a bunch of house projects that have been driving me insane.  We hung things on walls, broke down a million boxes, and finally got our office organized and ready for our new desk to be delivered.

After that, we were off to the ballpark!

IMG_8067 (640x414)

Casey LOVES going to baseball games, but it’s really hard for us to take Cullen this year since all the game are either at 1pm (nap time) or 7pm (bedtime).  I looked at the schedule a long time ago and saw there was a rare 4pm game, and snatched up tickets to give him for Father’s Day. 

IMG_8068 (640x427)

I think this was Cullen’s 4th game, but it felt like his first since he was so tiny last summer.  He spent the first few innings warily checking out the crowd and the noise, and occasionally clapping when the crowd cheered.  So cute!

IMG_8077 (427x640)

We traded turns having him sit on our laps or letting him sit in the empty seat while the other one of us ran to get a drink or snack.  He definitely preferred having his own seat – maybe next year, kiddo. 

IMG_8082 (427x640)


IMG_8089 (427x640)

Of course my favorite part of going to the game is eating ballpark food.  Safeco Field has amazing vegetarian options, including a whole cart of Field Roast products!

IMG_8093 (640x428)

Casey and Cullen watched the game while I grabbed our veggie dogs.  So so good.

IMG_8102 (640x427)

We all ate at barstools in the lounge area once the little guys had gotten too restless in the seats (we went with friends).  Cullen and his buddy had fun being stinkers together.

IMG_8096 (640x428)

And they split a few giant soft pretzels.  Yum.

IMG_8105 (640x428)

It was definitely a lot of work having Cullen there at this age, but it was really fun, and he honestly did about as well as we could have expected.  He lasted until the 9th inning, but when the game was tied up and went to extra innings we headed home.  It was definitely bedtime. 

IMG_8117 (427x640)

Baby in a baseball jersey.  Can’t handle it!  (Thank you, Sarah!)

IMG_8128 (428x640)

Sunday morning we were back at it, and after a yummy waffle breakfast at home we headed over to Fremont to check out the market.  This is my favorite market here, and I love seeing all the funky art vendors and antiques they have each week. 

IMG_8141 (640x427)

IMG_8142 (640x428)

I scored a huge flat of organic raspberries for only $8 – wish I had bought two!

IMG_8146 (426x640)

From there we went to the Ballard Market, which was BEYOND crowded.  I’ve never seen it so packed, and it was hard to move through the booths and streets.  I still managed to get a bunch of veggies and flowers, as well as yummy black bean tamales that I shared with Cullen.  Yum.

IMG_8153 (425x640)

Here is my produce haul for this week – lots of GREEN!  Organic butter lettuce, pak choi, asparagus, and the world’s biggest head of escarole. 

IMG_8156 (640x427)

Like, seriously HUGE.

IMG_8164 (640x418)

And a big bag of bing cherries!  Washington cherries are way too good.

IMG_8167 (640x427)

Fresh flowers for the kitchen!

IMG_8168 (422x640)

And the living room…

IMG_8171 (427x640)

Would you believe these cost $5?  I know.

IMG_8173 (640x427)

The rest of our Sunday involved buying and assembling our new GRILL!  I have wanted one forever, and now that we have a big back deck, we finally had space for one.  Cullen and I hung out and watched dad at work.

IMG_8189 (640x427)

And Cullen got his first ridiculous ponytail.  :)  It was so hot outside, and all that thick hair on his neck was making him so hot and sweaty.  He didn’t seem to mind his new ‘do. 

IMG_8191 (427x640)

Summer, I love you.

IMG_8202 (640x428)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Rachelle     at 3:34 pm

Hang in there! We are almost through with this heat wave.

As a Seattle Mariner fan myself, your ballpark pictures are very cute! I cannot wait to go back to the field to try their vegetarian options!! My favorite place to sit is the second level. The seats are amazing and so worth the cost.


Ivy     at 4:16 pm

I just laughed out loud when I reached Cullen’s little pony tail. So unbelievable cute!


Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family     at 4:51 pm

Being from AZ we always went to the Mariners spring training games! LOVE IT.

And I am jealous of your awesome produce haul!


Danielle     at 5:00 pm

All the produce looks amazing! And HUGE! I moved to Vancouver almost a year ago and hope to make it down to Seattle soon. I have heard such good things about the food and city.


Kelly Mitchem     at 5:19 pm

I have been dying to do all of these things! I have read about the Portage Bay (possibly here?) before and would really love to go. I’m also dying to try one of these veggie dogs I have heard so much about, looks like the perfect weekend!


Haily     at 5:50 pm

The ponytail KILLS me. NEVER CUT IT- it is adorable!


RLR     at 6:29 pm

We took our kids to the locks when we were there a few summers back. I think I enjoyed watching the boats as much as the kids!
Looks like a wonderful weekend!


Holly     at 6:56 pm

We’re you and Cullen near Molly Moon’s tonight by any chance?


Micaela     at 8:50 pm

I LOVE and ADORE Cullen’s long hair. It is so gorgeous and it makes me really happy that you leave it long!


Beth @ Motor City on my Mind     at 10:05 am

I just love Cullen in that baseball jersey! Too cute! Those flowers you got are gorgeous…what a great deal :)


Leah     at 5:15 pm

Great post! I had no idea those locks existed!

For grilling veggies there’s some great grill pans on Amazon! We also do a lot of skewers! So perfect for these heat waves we keep having in New England!

Happy grilling and hope you had a wonderful 4th!


Maureen Thomason     at 7:38 pm


We just recently moved to Seattle from Washington DC and have been taking advantage of the AWESOME produce out here. I was wondering how you got the raspberries so cheap? We bought some the other weekend at the Ballard market and they were twice the price!! What’s your secret? Do you have a certain farm you buy them from or is the Freemont Market cheaper then Ballard?

I really enjoyed reading your blog when I lived in DC and once we found out we were moving to Seattle I was so excited to experience the places you wrote/write about on your blog. It has really made the transition to the west coast much easier!! So thanks a bunch :)



Emily Malone Reply:

Welcome to Seattle!!! So last week’s raspberries were sort of an anomaly. I got them at Fremont from the Hayden Farms people – same ones in Ballard. But the guy told me they were half off because they were “old” – meaning picked the DAY before, rather than that morning. They were still perfectly fresh though, and I couldn’t believe it when I saw how long the lines were in Ballard for the same thing (double the price!).


Maureen Thomason Reply:

Thanks for the info and yes Ballard was crazy crowded last weekend. We made the mistake of bringing the stroller rather then the Ergo…huge mistake!


Kristi     at 11:15 am

We just went to the Locks on the East Coast at the Erie Canal. It was a lot of fun to see the boats being leveled with the water.


Kristi     at 11:15 am

We just went to the Locks on the East Coast at the Erie Canal. It was a lot of fun to see the boats being leveled with the water.


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