Second Pregnancy: Third Trimester (Weeks 28-31)!

It has been exactly a month since my last update (oops!), so it’s probably time for another one.  I need to stay on top of these as the ends ticks ever closer and closer.  We left off at 27 weeks – the end of the second trimester.  I kicked off the third trimester during week 28, and overall felt pretty good!

28 weeks collage

We have had a much nicer, warmer summer this year than we did the year I was pregnant with Cullen.  Because of this, I’ve found reusing my old maternity clothing to be a bit of a challenge.  During the summer of 2011 – my first summer here – I wore jeans and a t-shirt pretty much every single day.  The season was beautiful, but never too hot, and I had a very small rotation of clothing that involved about five t-shirts and two pairs of maternity jeans. 

IMG_8851 (425x640)

This summer has been much, much warmer (by Seattle standards).  And while I’m certainly not going to complain about it being 80 degrees and gloriously sunny every day, I’ve had to get a bit more creative with my clothing.  I took advantage of a few big sales and coupons at Old Navy and ordered some new sundresses at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I’ve also been lucky enough to borrow some clothes this time from very generous friends.  This entire outfit is a loaner!

IMG_8859 (425x640)

I’ve gained about 22-ish pounds, but still feel like I’m carrying much differently this time than last.  My clothes fit differently, and I’ve been able to wear a few things later into pregnancy than last time, which has been a nice surprise.  I’m guessing I’ll end up gaining right around the same thing I gained last time (34lbs), but I’m not really worrying about it much.  At this point, we’re entering the period of big baby growth, and I’m hoping he’ll be as healthy and strong as possible. 

Last time, the weeks all felt very individual and different – probably in part because I was writing about each one specifically.  This time it’s all just kind of a fast-moving blur of growing and changing.  I don’t really know when I suddenly developed this monster belly, but I feel like I woke up one day and it was just there!

IMG_8862 (427x640)

Casey was out of town again during week 29, and I didn’t manage to snap a picture.  It was extra challenging to be largely pregnant and also preparing for a long 9-day trip out of town on my own.  I was definitely ready to relax once we landed in South Carolina!

I hit the 30-week mark halfway through our beach trip, and I woke up and had a mini panic attack at how little time was left, and how much we still have to do (like…everything!). 

30 weeks

Vacation was wonderful, and it was a great way to celebrate with one last big trip as a family of three.  Pregnancy-wise, I felt limited in what I could do compared to vacations in the past.  Each day I’d head out with the intention of doing a nice, long beach walk, and ultimately turn around after 20 minutes or so with lots of bad cramping. 

I actually had quite a bit of cramping during our vacation week, which made me slightly nervous.  I’m feeling better now that I’m back home, so I’m hoping it was just a combination of being off schedule, eating differently, and most likely being dehydrated despite my best efforts.

And here we are now, at the tail end of week 31!  See what I mean?  At least for me, it’s going by so much more quickly this time. 

31 weeks collage

I had a midwife checkup last week and everything is still looking good.  I asked her to check the position of this little guy, since his movement has felt quite a bit different than it did with Cullen.  I was right that he’s in a sort of an atypical position – not bad, just not necessarily as expected.  He is head-down (YAY!), but turned sideways, which explains the million pokes and jabs I’m feeling along my left side all day long.  I’ve seriously never seen a belly move and jump so much (and I thought Cullen was active!).  If the movement happening on the inside is any indication of what he’ll be like on the outside, we’re going to have our hands full.

IMG_0896 (425x640)

We spent this past weekend working on our future nursery, and I’m planning to share some pictures and updates on that tomorrow.  I’m not expecting to have it totally ready to go or perfect by October, but I’m feeling much better to have at least gotten a start (and to not still have purple stripes on the walls!). 

IMG_0904 (425x640)

After painting and clearing out all the stuff that was sitting around in boxes, I organized some of the baby stuff I’d set aside when we moved.  It feels very surreal to be pulling all of that back out again.  I also made a small pile of the few new little outfits and gifts we received for baby boy – so sweet!

I was talking with a friend the other day and mentioned that I feel sort of guilty that it’s been 31 weeks and I haven’t bought a single thing for this baby.  I browse the baby clothes if I’m out shopping, but I never end up buying anything because it just seems like we don’t need it.  With these boys being born in almost the exact same season, and Cullen having plenty of clothes and things to pass down, it seems wasteful to spend money when there is plenty sitting in storage (not to mention that Cullen has zero fall clothes!).  And despite slight guilt, I am so grateful that we don’t need much this time!

I guess that is just the nature of being a second child.  I was a second child too, and I know I wore plenty of my sister’s hand-me-downs, and I definitely didn’t care or even know differently.  I’m sure he’ll end up with things of his own in due time.  We are also carrying over Cullen’s nursery items and theme into this new room, and getting that started this weekend definitely helped me feel like we’re doing something special for this new guy.

IMG_0908 (426x640)

With that, I’m going to take advantage of having an audience here and solicit some seasoned moms of multiples for advice.  Of the few new things we’ll need for this next baby, the only major item on my list is a new baby monitor.  When I bought our original monitor for Cullen, I neglected to plan for the future and didn’t realize that our Angelcare system cannot add a second camera or unit for another child.  Oops.

I am definitely not ready to stop using a monitor with Cullen (especially as he’s likely getting ready to transition to a big boy bed), and rather than have two entirely separate systems (which I’ve read can cause a lot of interference), I’d like to get a new monitor that allows for two cameras to be monitored from one parent unit.  I’ve done extensive Googling and reading, but as always – the best recommendations come from experienced moms and other users.  Any suggestions or advice?  Right now I have my eye on a couple of different Summer Infant selections…

Thanks for indulging me – as always, I’ll report back with whatever we end up choosing and using.  Nursery update coming tomorrow, and I’ll hit 32 weeks on Wednesday.  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!