Second Pregnancy: One Month To Go!

Another month has passed since I posted a pregnancy update, and somehow there is only one month left to go!  I left off last at week 31 – feeling good and just starting to make some progress with nursery planning and prepping.  And here I am now, two days shy of 36 weeks and exactly one month out from my due date.  Hard to believe!

I have slacked off big time this second time around as far as documenting the belly grown goes.  I did snap a few quick Instagram shots here and there, but somehow never managed to get out my big camera until this week.  Here’s how things were moving along at week 34…

34 weeks

I actually had a really hard time physically during weeks 32 to 34, which might also explain the lack of photos.  Everything ached, and by the end of the day I’d find myself almost in tears with leg cramps, back pain, and just overall discomfort.  My energy plummeted and I found it hard to do much of anything beyond really basic tasks. 

Pregnancy insomnia has been in full swing, and there were a few weeks where I found myself just sitting up in bed at 2am every night, wishing for sleep but finding it impossible.  Of course, I am more than ready to hit the pillow at 2pm every day, but that is usually not an option.  Overall, I’m just…tired.

With that said, a lot of the discomfort subsided in the past week or two, and I’ve felt a lot more like my old self recently.  I think I might have been going through a big growth spurt that was causing a lot of my aches and troubles.  But growth seems to have stalled or at least leveled out a bit, and I’m feeling much better as the end approaches. 

Other than serious fatigue and lack of energy, I feel pretty lucky to be doing as well as I am.  I don’t have any swelling or other pain, and I’m still staying pretty active.  At this point I’m down to one Barre3 class per week, as it’s all I can realistically manage.  Cullen is going through a phase where he wants to be carried all the time, so I’m also hauling 30 pounds around in my arms more often than not.  My arm muscles are dead tired by the end of each day!

I had several people tell me they think I’ve dropped based on this photo – taken at 35 weeks – but I think it might just be the angle.  Nothing really feels different as far as how I’m carrying goes, but who knows.  Also, I am in love with my new tie-dye bamboo shirt (from a local market).

35 weeks

That pretty much bring us to today!  I’m 35 weeks, 4 days along – which according to the update from my last pregnancy is exactly how far along I was when I wrote that 35 week update too!  Last time vs. this time…

35 weeks collage

I’m definitely carrying much differently this time, which I have known for a while.  I have a massive torpedo belly, and absolutely none of my shirts can cover my stomach anymore.  Even the tank tops I loved last time and considered to be so long are creeping up and up!  It feels somewhat ridiculous.  I have been really blessed with friends loaning maternity clothes this time around, and I’ve pretty much outgrown anything that actually belongs to me. 

People continue to ask me if I am sure I’m not having twins or perhaps my due date is wrong.  Believe it or not, I’m measuring right on track according to my midwives – I’m just one of those people that grows big babies and has a big belly!

IMG_1618 (426x640)

I had a prenatal appointment last week, which was short and sweet.  Not much to really do or say at this point other than basic checks and vitals.  There is no question as to whether or not baby boy’s heartbeat is beating away in there, since I can feeling him poking and kicking me  He is such an active little guy, and I’m savoring each jab as I remember how much I missed them the last time. 

My midwife felt my belly for a while and estimated that at this point he’s probably around 6.5 lbs already – yowsers!  If he continues to grow the (expected) half pound a week, he’ll likely be around 8.5 pounds at my due date, and over nine if I go late (again).  This is pretty much exactly what I expected, as Casey and I were both giant babies, and Cullen was 8lbs 6oz at birth.  I’m starting to feel nervous about the idea of him actually exiting my body, and going through all of that again…

IMG_1620 (427x640)

I’m also really feeling the pressure and nesting urges to get all of the bedrooms and things situated sooner than later.  I’m not expecting a perfect nursery setup on the day of his arrival, but I’d definitely like to be farther along than we are now.  I keep hesitating on deciding whether or not to move Cullen to his “big boy bed” – which will be a twin mattress on the floor for now – sooner or later.  I’m starting to lean toward tackling this now, and made slight progress by actually ordering him some twin bedding.  Baby steps. 

I also moved the changing table into the nursery, so Cullen can get used to being changed in there for the time being.  I’m just trying to take it piece by piece and feel it out as we go.  I’m considering trying to talk Casey into painting Cullen’s room this coming weekend.  Nothing like the last minute, right? 

IMG_1626 (425x640)

I’m also having major second thoughts on our name choice.  I’ve never felt totally sure about it, and lately I’m just not sure it’s right.  We have a few other contenders, but we are definitely still not set on any one name as of today.  I can sense that the end is near because – as I’m sure you can tell – I’m hesitating and avoiding decisions left and right.  This is totally in my nature, and drives everyone around me insane.  I can’t help myself. 

Although the end is not allowed to be too near, because if baby brother arrives any time in the next three weeks, we’re going to be scrambling to figure out how to logistically manage the whole labor process.  We have a plan in place with friends who Cullen absolutely adores, and they will be taking him while Casey and I are at the hospital.  The only catch is that they leave for Europe today and are gone for the next 2.5 weeks. 

I fully expect to (and have been told by my midwives that I will likely) go to full-term if not longer, so I’m not overly concerned about this.  But little man needs to stay put until at least the end of this month!  Of course, if something does happen sooner we have backup plans, but it’s definitely best for many reasons if he can hold off until his due date. 

Last but not least, we had some family/maternity photographs taken this weekend by my very talented friend Kelsey (local friends – check her out!).  Here are a few sneak peaks she sent me from yesterday’s photo shoot…

belly shot

sneak peak

I can’t wait to see how the rest turned out, and I feel so grateful to have this special time in our lives captured so beautifully.  One month to go!

Odds and Ends:

  • Total weight gain:  30ish pounds
  • Gestational age today:  35 weeks and 4 days
  • Baby clothes washed:  Zero. Waiting until our new washer and dryer arrive next weekend!
  • Baby items purchased:  Zero clothes, one baby monitor!
  • Baby name contenders:  Three
  • Liters of sparkling water consumed daily: At least 4
  • Concerts booked between now and due date:  Two
  • Degrees it will be in Seattle on Wednesday:  90 (with no A/C)
  • Days until due date:  30