NatureBox: A Review & Giveaway!

Now that I am back in “new mom” mode, I’m back to relying on quick meals and lots of snacks to get through the day.  I find myself in the position of having some of my highest caloric needs (breastfeeding + toddler wrangling) and yet having less time than ever before to actually prepare food and eat!

Despite adding a new member to our family, we’re still on the go quite a bit.  We have playgroups and preschool and the itch to get out every morning.  Because of this, I rely on my diaper bag for snacks – and even some meals – for both me and for Cullen.

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He’s great about eating a huge breakfast, and we always share the same thing – either oatmeal, or eggs and toast.  Meals tend to go downhill from there, so I try to really make an effort to keep more than just cheerios on hand.  It is more challenging to try to find a balance of nutrients in snacks – most things tend to be mostly sugar, and lacking in protein and good fats.  I aim to keep the diaper bag stocked with things like dried fruits, a variety of nuts, and granola-type products that might contain extra goodies like chia or hemp seeds.

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In addition to keeping a well-stocked diaper bag, I also have a well-stocked pantry.  I actually think I might be turning into somewhat of a food hoarder.  I like for our pantry to be fully stocked at all times, so I can always grab exactly what I need.  This shelf holds all of our nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and grains.  Trail mix at my fingertips whenever I need it!

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But the thing about always having the same thing on hand is that it gets boring and repetitive.  And while I’m certainly willing to eat the same things time after time, my two year old has the attention span of – well, a two year old.  I’m always looking for fun new snacks that will get him excited, and hopefully get a little nourishment into his belly. 

Enter, NatureBox!

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I don’t typically do a lot of product reviews or giveaways here on Daily Garnish, and when I do I want to make sure it’s the right fit.  NatureBox is a subscription service (my first time trying one!) that offers the ability to discover and enjoy healthy snacks on a monthly basis – delivered straight to your doorstep.  Each month you receive a new variety of snacks, so there is always something different to try and discover.  Healthy and convenient?  I’m in. 

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One of the things I liked best about NatureBox is that they stick to specific quality and ingredient standards: no HFCS, no partially hydrogenated oils, no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors.  This is important to me anyway, but feels especially relevant now that I’m sharing my snacks with my kids.

Each box is available in three different sizes and at three different price points: Deluxe Snacker (5 bags for $19.95), Happy Snacker (10 bags for $29.95) and Smart Snacker (20 bags for $49.95).  I tried the Deluxe option, which included a (free!) sixth bonus snack. 

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Each snack package within the box was around 4 ounces, and averages out to about $4 per bag.  I was really impressed by the quality of the snacks, particularly for the price.  First up – lemon pucker pistachios!  These were good and I liked the tangy lemon flavor.  My only gripe is that pistachios aren’t really a grab-n-go snack since you have to shell them.  Not super kid-friendly either, but tasty regardless.

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Next up – Blueberry Almond Bites and Antioxidant Boost Trail Mix.  The blueberry bites were ridiculous – so, so good!  Like crunchy cereal bites with dried fruit and nuts mixed in.  These were perfect for Cullen, too.  I tossed a bunch into a snack cup and he devoured them on our afternoon walk.  The trail mix was delicious too – bits of nuts and dried exotic fruits and berries mixed together with dark chocolate.  Yes, please.

IMG_6762 (640x427)

These Sun-Dried California Peaches were highly addictive, and it took a lot of restraint to not eat the entire bag in one sitting.  The Sticks n’ Stones roasted nut and sesame stick mix was really good too, and I liked that they included a variety of both sweet and salty snack options.

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Our “bonus snack” was a big bag of roasted garlic pumpkin seeds – perfect for sprinkling on salads or mixing into grain dishes at dinner time.  These were really tasty, but I try to shy away from garlic-y snacks for obvious reasons.  Great for eating at home though!

IMG_6767 (427x640)

As soon as I finished clicking these photos, I tore each package open for a sample.  Clearly I started with the chocolate one first.  Delicious.

IMG_6769 (640x427)

I really liked trying NatureBox – it’s nice to try some different snack options beyond the usual raw almonds and Wheat Thins.  The bags are the perfect size – big enough to provide several servings, but small enough to fit easily into my diaper bag.  And the convenience of having it land directly on my doorstep is a huge plus now that I’m hauling two kids to the grocery store.  I think it’s something I will definitely use going forward – both personally and for giving as a gift (fun, right?).  And now I’m excited to share it with you guys!

TWO lucky Daily Garnish readers can win a six-month subscription to NatureBox!

To Enter: Check out the NatureBox Snacks page and leave a comment telling me which one you’d like to try!  (Open to US readers only. Must have a US shipping address.)  This giveaway is open until Friday, November 22nd at 12:01am PST.  Winner announced later that day!

But even if you don’t win, there is something for you too.  Use the promo code DAILYGARNISH to get 50% off your first box of any size (valid only on 1st month’s box. new customers only). 

Good luck and enjoy!

This post was sponsored by NatureBox, but all opinions and thoughts are genuine.  Many thanks to NatureBox for sending me a complimentary sample!