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Graham Edward: Two Months.

Oh, baby Graham – I had such high hopes that I would get on top of things and journal all of your amazing squeaks and changes week by week.  I took a million photos and stared at you constantly, but none of that ever made it’s way to this space.  And here you are – a whopping two months old and I cannot possibly believe it. 

I’ve had so much fun re-reading all the weekly posts I wrote from when your brother was just a baby, and thank goodness I did because I barely remember any of it!  The last update I wrote for you was when you were one month old, so I’m going to (try to) capture all of your last month right now.  Prepare for a photo overload!


At five weeks you had just started to smile and engage with us a lot more.  I spent all of your awake time making goofy faces at you, desperately hoping for the gummy smile I’d get back ten percent of the time.  It was worth it.

IMG_6644 (640x428)

You still had your fair share of grumpy moments…

IMG_6720 (426x640)

But for the most part you have been a really low key baby.  Although it’s easy for me to say that now that you seem to have grown out of some of your gassy/reflux issues – a few weeks ago I probably felt differently. 

IMG_6702 (427x640)


At six weeks you suddenly started to be awake a lot more.  It has been a challenge for me to figure out how to balance the schedules and needs of both you and your big bro.  He is used to being out and about all morning, and you’ve been a good sport Ergo-ing around to all of his activities.  But I know you need your own schedule and downtime eventually too, so we’re slowly starting to figure out how to do it all.

IMG_6830 (427x640)

Now that you are awake for much of the day, you need stuff to DO!  You like your playmat, and your favorite thing to look at is the giant cabbage with a mirror on it.  You also like laying on our big cozy master bed while I sort laundry, and I hang your bug mobile from our ceiling fan for you to laugh at.  I love watching you kick and coo at all the shapes and colors!

IMG_6920 (640x427)

The big development during your sixth week was that we finally got you to start sleeping on your back again.  After weeks of experimenting with different sleeping positions and arrangements, I put you back in the swaddle out of desperation.  Guess what?  You loved it!  I have a feeling your silly mom had been over-thinking things as usual. 

IMG_6998 (640x427)

So now you snooze peacefully in a swaddle on your back in the pack n play next to our bed at night, and all feels right in the world again. 

You have just started to make eye contact and follow us around the room, but by far your favorite person to look at is your brother.  You think he is hilarious, and you smile and watch him as he cruises around the playroom all afternoon.  I love to watch you, watch him.

IMG_7029 (425x640)


Your seventh week was also your first Thanksgiving!  You got to meet your Mimi and Grandpa and got spoiled by having dad home for the long holiday weekend.

IMG_7190 (640x427)

Our new playroom rug finally arrived, so now there is a soft, cushy spot for you to roll around and explore!  I don’t know what took me so long to get it.  Hard to believe you’ll be learning to crawl on it in just a few more months!

IMG_7196 (640x427)

Everyone told me that second babies are easier, and I don’t know if that is true or if parents are just more relaxed the second time around.  Either way, you are truly the world’s sweetest baby.  You almost never cry, and when you do it is for obvious reasons.  It makes me wonder how I ever thought it was so hard the first time!

IMG_7223 (427x640)

You are starting to finally fall into some more predictable patterns, but we definitely still don’t have a schedule.  At 7 weeks, you still take all your naps either on your pillow, in your swing, or on me.  You are very sensitive to noise, so I struggle to find quiet places for you to sleep when your brother is running around being a two year old.  It’s probably time for you to head to the crib soon.  Sniff.

IMG_7639 (640x428)

Although when you do finally conk out into a deep sleep, you can do it just about anywhere.  There is nothing in the world better than feeling your heavy breaths against my chest. 

IMG_7645 (640x427)


And here we are at eight weeks – time is flying a bit faster than I’d like, although I do love watching you come to life. 

IMG_7701 (640x427)

You have piercing blue eyes that are almost reflective, and everyone who meets you comments on how big and gorgeous they are.  Your hair is starting to fill in and your head is covered in the softest, most wonderful fuzz.  It is incredible.  You have the exact same hairline as your brother, which gives me hope that you might get his thick, gorgeous hair (and not mine!). 

IMG_7971 (640x427)

Your dad’s favorite thing is your amazing forehead wrinkles.  They are perfection.

IMG_8004 (427x640)

I’m trying to do more and more with you, and make sure you’re getting plenty of interaction, time on your play mat, and occasional tummy time.  It usually lasts about three minutes, but you’re getting better every day. 

IMG_7992 (640x427)

Your eight week also held a very important milestone – first pair of baby jeans!!  You look way too grown up already. 

IMG_8038 (426x640)


So 400 photos later, that bring us to today – two months old.  With eyes the melt my hear and lips I can’t stop kissing. 

IMG_8075 (640x427)

And a crooked, gummy smile that makes me want to have ten more babies.  (But not really.)

IMG_8082 (640x427)

I guess I should mention some of the other things you’re doing at two months, because I know I’ll forget as soon as it changes!  You eat really well and you are officially ginormous.  Your checkup isn’t until later this week, but I’m expecting you’ll weigh in around 14 pounds.  You are the world’s fastest eater, and you can gulp down a huge meal in five minutes – it’s kind of amazing.  You are finally stretching your feedings out to closer to 2 hours apart (sometimes even 3!) during the day.  You don’t love the bottle, but I will not give up so easily this time.

IMG_8094 (640x427)

You go to bed each night around 7:30, and you sleep straight through until around 1:30-2am.  Occasionally you want to be fed around 10pm when I am going to sleep too, but you usually doze off within a minute or two of eating.  You wake up again around 4:30-5ish to eat, and then you’re up for the day by 6:30am.  Sleep is about as good as I expected it to be at this point.

IMG_8120 (427x640)

I usually feed you at night laying down in bed side by side, and I lose way too much sleep just staring at you once you’ve fallen asleep yourself.  You look so peaceful and you are so snuggly.  It makes it way too hard to put you back into your bed!

IMG_8185 (640x427)

Honestly, Graham – you’re just a really great baby.  You are easy-going and quiet, and I can tell you are going to be a really special little guy.  A lot of people ask me if I think you look or act like your brother – honestly, I can’t really tell yet.  I see many similarities – mostly in little things, or the way your faces look when you two are sleeping.  But I see a lot of differences too, which make me excited to see who you become. 

Most people tell me that you look just like me, but I don’t really see it.  I think you look just like Graham, and I’m excited to find out more of what that means. 

IMG_8176 (640x427)

Two Months Stats:

  • Weight: Unknown – going later this week!
  • Clothes: Almost out of 0-3, totally done with newborn
  • Likes: Boppy lounger pillow, being smiled at, kicking on the playmat, getting diaper changes, looking at Cullen, nose kisses, the Ergo or JJ Cole wrap, white noise
  • Dislikes: the carseat, being cold, wearing hats, waiting to eat, pacifiers
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Alex @ Kenzie Life     at 3:05 pm

You have the most gorgeous kids, Emily. Seriously, both Graham and Cullen are adorable, then again, they also have beautiful parents! Happy Two Months to Graham!


christine jennings     at 3:20 pm

Beautiful Pictures!!!! Oh how I wish I did something like this for my granddaughters……there is pics that Cullen and Graham look alike, reminds me of when Cullen was a baby. But Graham has his own thing going on…sooooo cute!!! Adorable. They have great parents!!! Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy!! Oh, Happy New Year!!! (from Maryland)


Emily     at 3:22 pm

he looks SO OLD all of a sudden! :)


Ashley     at 3:51 pm

Just adorable and he totally looks like you!


Liz     at 4:49 pm

I just had to say thank you for posting the photo toward the top of you calming a fussy Graham. The picture is so beautiful and captures a part of parenthood that most prefer to gloss over. As soon as that photo showed I got a little catch in my throat. As a momma of a second born that struggled with reflux for 6 months I understand that particular challenge. Thanks again for keeping it real.


Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries     at 4:51 pm

He has the most beautiful big blue eyes! I can’t believe how much he resembles your husband too!


Andrea     at 4:59 pm

That fuzzy sweet head… I was going to say comment on what I can only assume is the Malone family hairline… (male addition) That is too cute. Blessings to you.


Kelly Mitchem     at 5:13 pm

He is so sweet, his eyes are gorgeous!


Holly @ Pink-Runner.com     at 5:50 pm

Your children are absolutely beautiful! Cullen looks like a Baby Gap model in that picture of you holding him with that little sweater and perfect hair. Graham’s eyes are stunning… you look fantastic too!! Merry Christmas to your gorgeous family :)


Tammy Root     at 6:16 pm

He is so adorable Emily. Both he and Cullen are so photogenic. I love looking at the pictures you take!


Sara @ LovingOnTheRun     at 6:55 pm

What a beautiful little boy! he is growing so fast!! :)


Tanya     at 7:50 pm

He’s beautiful!


padma     at 7:52 pm

I love his little baby forehead wrinkles. they’re so adorable. He looks like the sweetest kid Emily. And he’s so happy. what a precious baby!


Jordan Lynn // Life Between Lattes     at 8:16 pm

OMG, those blue eyes! Graham is absolutely precious.


Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs     at 8:32 pm

What a sweet, sweet boy! Hard to believe it’s been 2 months already!


Maya     at 11:00 pm

Ok, I officially want another now. :) What a cutie! I love his smile and those forehead wrinkles :)


Leslie     at 3:42 am

These pictures make me wish I wasn’t 60, so I could have another!! I literally laughed at each picture as I scrolled through – just delightful and precious. 2 beautiful boys, and I have to say Graham does have your eyes.


Shari     at 5:02 am

I can’t get over how blue his eyes are! :)


Shel@PeachyPalate     at 5:36 am

Man he is so cute!!! He’s such an active little face!!! Great to hear sleep is going quite well…next we need an update on how you’re doing! :)


Kelly     at 5:52 am

He is too cute Emily, what a sweet baby!


Katie     at 6:02 am

Please update us on his 2-month weight after the appt.! My first was 16 something at 2 months, so I always love hearing how close other babies get to that mammoth size. G is just the cutest. :)


abby     at 6:33 am

He is absolutely gorgeous. My Owen was born a few weeks after Cullen and I loved reading all your posts to see what we could expect around the bend. Now I’m pregs with our #2 and love reading these to remind myself how it all will be with a newborn and what to expect with 2! Doing a great job, mama!


Olga @ BrooklynBeet     at 7:37 am

Hmmmm I’m 25, and waiting to eat is still a dislike of mine :)

He’s lovely, those eyes are so dreamy. He’s going to be a heart breaker one day!


Julie     at 7:43 am

What a sweet baby! & such a sweet smile he has! Love the pic of you holding both boys & Graham looking over at Cullen. :)


Lara     at 7:46 am

Graham just asked to look at all the pictures of your Graham and was smiling the whole time and signing “More!”

He is so cute! And already a great sleeper!


Danielle     at 7:52 am

He is so precious! I can not believe he is already 2 months old. Seems like last week to me and I am not his momma! My little guy is 8.5 months and I want time to sloooooow down.


Lori Ann     at 8:57 am

What a sweet little bug! I love this and all the updates, keepem commin!


Melanie     at 8:57 am

He is so incredibly sweet!!! Makes me want to have one more!


Christina @ The Beautiful Balance     at 9:02 am

You have such a beautiful family!! That little gummy smile just makes your heart melt.


Sara     at 9:25 am

So sweet! My son will be seven months old on Sunday. I can’t believe it. And he still sleeps beside our bed! I know we need to move him to his crib soon, but working full time, I love having him close to me! Ack. Motherhood is so amazing. Thanks for sharing with us!


Melissa     at 9:59 am

Gosh, it’s crazy how fast kids grow!!!

They are adorable! :)


Suzanne     at 4:29 pm

Oh my goodness, he is so cute. I’m done having kids and he makes me wish I could have another one. Stop, just stop! :)


Lisa     at 4:47 pm

So cute…so so cute.


Catherine     at 6:29 am

He’s so adorable! Those beautiful blue eyes are amazing, and by the way, he’ll be lucky if he has your hair! It’s so long and from the pictures, it looks so thick!


Anna @ Fitness à la Anna     at 10:12 am

That smile, that wrinkly forehead…adorable!


Christine     at 10:16 am

You really make some beautiful babies!! And they are always dressed so cute!


Emily @ Life on Food     at 5:05 pm

He makes the best faces!


Elizabeth     at 1:18 pm

Graham is adorable, Emily. Congratulations. Feel free not to post this comment, as hey – it’s your blog. But I want to say something to the “other” mothers who are reading here, in case you do post the comment. The ones that are struggling with their first baby, or like me, who struggled with a colicky second baby. The moms who are saying “What am I doing wrong?” You, “other mother,” are doing ok too. Emily’s sharing her experience here, and frankly, it’s not typical. It’s ok if you’re not 10 lbs from your prepregnancy weight and in your old jeans a week (or even 9 months) after your baby’s birth. It’s ok if you’re not asking “What about this is hard?” This is one person’s lucky, filtered experience. YOU, typical mom, are DOING OK TOO.

I say these things, Emily, not because I think you are saying that it’s not ok to have a hard time emotionally or physically. But whether it’s your very lucky real life or a very filtered version of your real life (or some combination of both), you present a glossy, shiny version of postpartum life and I want moms to know that even if they don’t have that, it’s ok. I teach postpartum mommy and me yoga so I’m not just some crazy jealous hater. I see a broad spectrum of postpartum wellness and I really feel for the women who I know are probably dragged down instead of lifted up by the conversation, if it can even really be called that, you start on this blog.


Emily Malone Reply:

Hey Elizabeth – thanks for your comment. Some interesting points you bring up. I’ll start by saying that I post ALL comments here (unless you directly insult my children), so it is indeed a conversation. In no way have I ever intended to make anyone else feel like they are doing something wrong. This isn’t parenting advice or a “how-to” or any such thing — it’s just a way for me to look back and reflect on this period in my family’s life.

There is a lot of passive aggression in your words, whether it’s intended or not. And the thing you need to realize (or maybe you do, I don’t know) is that to some extent blogs HAVE to be filtered. And no matter what, someone will be bothered by what I write. If I jumped on here every time I had a bad day and complained that my kids didn’t nap, my husband got home late, and nothing in my closet fit – I’d get reamed for having a public pity party and not being grateful for my “privileged” life. And sometimes I DO do that, and those posts get thrown in my face over and over again, calling me out for being ungrateful, spoiled, regretful, etc.

So for the most part, I choose to focus on the positive. Not because I’m trying to paint an unrealistic or censored view of my life, but because ultimately — those are the things I want to remember when I look back months or years later. I haven’t written much about my postpartum journey or feelings this time at all – partly out of feeling more emotionally guarded, and also because it hasn’t mattered as much to me the second time.

I can’t really tell what kind of place this comment is coming from. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it really is to be helpful to others, and not to get under my skin (which I admit, it did). So for some of the things you wrote — I agree!! But I don’t think I’ve ever implied that if your baby doesn’t sleep well (mine is average), or if you have weight to lose (and I do too), or if some days you cry all your makeup off (guilty) – that you are doing something WRONG.

But I don’t agree that my experience is lucky and filtered and atypical. Honestly, is there anything “typical” in parenting and raising kids? They are all so different – even just within my immediately family there are stark differences. I think I’ve shared plenty of the good and the bad. I mentioned in the last update that Graham was reflux-y and refused to be put down and it was really difficult. And Cullen didn’t sleep through the night for over a year. And people told me to stop whining about it. That I “chose” this. So there you go.

Anyway, not sure what else to say.


Emily Malone Reply:

One more thought, as I’m sitting here thinking about this more…

I can’t tell you how many times since Graham was born I have thought to myself “how did I ever think just having one infant was so tough?” and laughed about it. And I have intentionally NOT said that here, because I would hate to make some poor newly postpartum first-time mom feel bad for struggling. Because lord knows, I really DID think it was so tough, I was so busy, and life was so complicated.

And now I have two and I’ve survived some toddler years, and I’ve gained a different perspective. And I think that’s really what it all comes down to — perspective. I am sure when these two are older and getting into trouble at school or sneaking out or whatever, I’ll think back and say ” did I really think a bad day was a skipped nap?”

Anyway, all the lessons I’ve learned in parenting are to respect other parents and remember we are all coming from a different place. And I THINK that is a bit of what you were trying to say too. Thanks for getting me thinking.


Becky Reply:

I read this exchange last week and then it stuck in my head all weekend. New mommas have it different than seasoned mommas. End of story. The first child rocks your world- changes everything. You have no idea what sleep deprivation feels like, no expectation for the flood of insane hormones, no clue what caring for a little helpless being 24 hours a day (many whom have reflux, and many times on your own when your hubby goes back to work) until you’ve done it! On baby #2, you know to expect these things, and that in itself makes things smoother and easier. I truly wonder if this commenter is even a mother, if she has more than one child she should know this. All my mommy friends and I comment that we feel bad for first time moms because it is a difficult time in life adjusting. The second go round it is far easier, even when you are juggling a toddler (or in my case a hyperactive toddler, and a newborn with multiple food allergies who was covered in excema, had bloody stools, and breaking out in hives every time I nursed him and didn’t sleep longer than 10 minutes for the first 3 months unless we were holding him- and yet- I felt sunnier and happier and more at ease despite all this.) None of this has to do anything with having a lucky life. Even saying that spews jealousy. We are all lucky in some areas of our lives, it is just a matter of perspective and NOT comparing your life to someone elses. I could wallow in sorrow all day that my second child cannot eat dairy, soy, gluten, eggs,almonds, and sesame. I could be frustrated that my first child is extremely hyper and I manage that with a special diet that is different than my other childs! I could be discouraged that on top of all this I am 6 months pregnant with #3 and work full time. But I also have a dear friend whose 11 year old child has bone cancer and two days before Christmas they had to make the decision to amputate a leg. So I CHOOSE to feel extremely blessed and LUCKY for all my children, and each struggle in my life, because I have the luck that they are healthy and happy and that I even have a job in these economic times. Everyone’s lucky is different. My friend told me, she felt blessed they didnt have to amputate both legs….so there you go. All a matter of perspective.
Yes, commenter, everyone’s experience is different. Thanks for pointing that out, however pointing that out in the way you did wasn’t exactly kind. You really have no idea if Emily cries at night with sleep exhaustion, or struggles to calm Graham when he is having issues with reflux. Choosing not to post “oh god this was a horrible day” sholdnt be attacked. It’s her blog and it doesnt take a genious, or even a mom with much experience, to recognize that she is focusing on the positive moments of each day instead of the “oh crap I just had to change my clothes for the 7th time today because the refluxy baby just projectile vomited on me again”. Seriously I’d rather see the moments when Emily’s kids are happy and cuties instead of her vomit stained clothes and tear stained cheeks even though I’m sure those moments (or something similarly melodramatic) exist.


Emily Malone Reply:

Thank you, Becky! :)


Elizabeth Reply:

There is a lot here, Becky, but I just want to point out that the “second go round” is not always “far easier.” In fact, despite having a very difficult birth with my first, I had a relatively easy postpartum period. I think I expected it to feel so difficult and horrible that when it wasn’t as bad as all that, I was relieved. However, our second baby screamed for 7-10 hours a day for the first three months of her life. It was BECAUSE I was a second time mom that I struggled with this immensely – shouldn’t I know how to soothe a baby by now?!

Anyway, definitely a mother – just one with a different experience than you, which I think was part of your point in there (all experiences are different?) Good luck with baby #3 – I’m actually 36 weeks with our third :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Elizabeth, I can definitely relate to that feeling. There have been many times this second time where I’ve felt like I was failing Graham, and it burns that much more because I SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, right? Something I never considered before I had two!


Elizabeth Reply:

Thanks for your considerate and thoughtful reply, Emily. Looking back, I agree that my comment that had passive aggressive undertones, which was not the best way to communicate my frustration. I guess in the end it comes back to where I’m evolving as a blog reader (not just your blog, but many of the blogs I’ve been reading over time). It’s such an interesting age to be a part of because there is so much shared but it’s simply not possible (or, arguably, prudent) to tell the “whole story.”

However, and probably unfairly, I think what I am really wanting from you is to tell the whole story more, as I think that would be richer, more interesting, and more thought-provoking. And it would make you more real. But I fully admit if I were in your position as a writer, I would never do that (part of the reason I don’t have a blog!). I wouldn’t want to put all the ugly out there for the world to see in perpetuity.

I don’t know if this makes sense to you as a follow up to my initial comment. I am trying to get at the heart of what I was saying, which I don’t even think was about “mommy wars” or anything like that. I think it’s about soundbites. For me, and women I see in the postpartum community, soundbites are destructive because they’re these little nuggets we can carry in our heads to – inadvertently or not – compare ourselves to others. I think the nature of these recaps can lend themselves to soundbites really easily, but perhaps it’s actually just blogging in general.

Thanks again for taking the time to think about and respond to what I was saying, Emily. Obviously I will continue to think about all of this too!


Hailey Reply:

Thank you for saying this. I’m the mom of one, a 2 1/2 year old girl, who’s newborn and infant months were pretty much a nightmare. I had post-partum depression and she struggled with reflux and colic for over 1 year. I look back in amazement that we survived, every day was all about survival.

I admit that when I hear other’s experiences with one or two infants, I am overwhelmed with jealously. I will always wonder what I did wrong those first few months that others have done right, so easily. It’s probably obvious, but at this point I am not planning on having other kids. One epic struggle is enough!


Pam K. Reply:

I too had a similar experience to yours, Hailey. Our little girl who just turned 2 still has reflux. She’s still on medication for it, but it has definitely gotten better. The first 6-8 months were absolutely HORRIBLE! She cried all the time, spit up all the time, and would hardly sleep. I totally understand about trying to survive everyday. My husband and I still talk about how we are surprised we made it through!
I also understand being jealous of people who seem to have “healthy” babies who sleep like they are supposed to and don’t cry all the time. I used to question “why me” and “what am I doing wrong” all the time. I also said we weren’t having anymore kids, but as her reflux has gotten much better, I’ve changed my mind. We’re currently 19 weeks pregnant with #2! I’m crossing my fingers this next baby does NOT have reflux too!
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you weren’t alone in your experience :-)


Hailey Reply:

Thank you Pam :) Congratulations on baby #2!


Kris Reply:

I’m sad Elizabeth that you felt it necessary to try to bring Emily down. Each mom has a unique experience with personal struggles and triumphs. Moms (and women in general) just need to be supportive of each other.


Shannon Reply:

I didn’t think she was trying to bring Emily down, but rather remind other moms out there, particularly those who might be having a harder time than Emily admits to, that a blog is a very idealized, selective view of someone’s life that they chose to present to the world.


Lori Reply:

I think Elizabeth’s comment is really unfair. I do think she was trying to bring Emily down. Why is it that some people seem to think that bloggers owe us something? Emily doesn’t need to write here that its ok if you’re having a hard time. This blog is about HER experience. And I don’t think her experience is unusual. She does face challenges with her children and life and she blogs about that, too. But like she said, it’s all about perspective. Most of us mothers probably have our fair share of challenges, but for me, it is an overwhelmingly positive experience. And it is for most mothers I know. Some people deal with the challenges differently. Some get depressed and down on themselves, which belive me, I understand, and some just roll with it and get through the bumps in the road, focusing on the good, beautiful, rewarding part. That doesn’t mean that they are better, or luckier. It’s just that everyone is different. I think that most of us that REALLY like this blog appreciate and enjoy Emily’s outlook and I think it was silly of Elizabeth to think that this would be a good platform to tell the world “We’re all ok”. Clearly she needs to be told that SHE’S ok.


Lori Reply:

…Also, people that read blog and go on Facebook and compare themslves to everyone else, and end of feeling jealous bad about themselves, should really stop reading blogs and going on Facebook. If you read this blog and end up jealous or envious of Emily, you need to reevaluate some things in their lives.


Elizabeth Reply:

Although I may have done it clumsily, I truly was not trying to bring Emily down but instead was trying to make her think about how what she chooses to share could affect other women, especially in a sensitive postpartum period (I know there are lots of women here who aren’t postpartum, but I also imagine Emily’s two month update would appeal particularly to someone who is going through that exact time).

I hear stories from woman all the time in which they are comparing themselves to others. I think it’s human nature. At a certain point, if it’s all you’re doing and it’s being triggered by certain blogs or facebook posts, then absolutely a period of reflection about whether the activity is healthy is in order. But I don’t think that our natural inclination to compare and reflect on those comparisons is indicative of something horribly wrong. If you are immune to that, then kudos, Lori.

I don’t know what I think about whether Emily owes us anything. That’s part of the bigger conversation that I’m grappling with here, which is what it means to be a blog reader. If I’m reading about real life, but I’m only getting snippets, at what point do I stop caring? Obviously this point is different for everyone. Do I get to feel frustrated about content when my readership is providing a salary for the writer, who is certainly not working for me but is getting paid by me? Eh, food for thought. I appreciate everyone’s comments here. Perhaps in my replies I’ve come off like a giant weirdo (instead of just a regular jerk from my initial comment) but I think all of this is fascinating.


Ashley     at 12:56 pm

His face is filling out so much at 2 months and he is cuter than everrrr. Awesome photography, too! <3


Bridget S.     at 2:10 pm

You are truly doing a great job, Emily. We all know there are moments of challenge and triumph. What you present is real, and I appreciate your positivity. Thanks for sharing your life.


Jen@PregnantDiabetic     at 3:53 pm

My gosh, he is adorable! Getting insanely excited to have a sweet little newborn in our house again. My youngest is 6, so it’s been a LONG time! The countdown to April is on :)


Biz     at 10:05 am

It goes by so fast. I can’t believe my daughter will be 22 in March already – where did the time go??!!

Gorgeous pics!


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