Well hey there.  Long time no talk, huh?  I guess I ended up taking an unplanned – but much needed – hiatus for a short bit.  The holidays came and my family was here, and I couldn’t bring myself to lose time in front of my laptop instead of watching DVD’s of family videos games and winning board games.

And then they left and I was sad, but Casey’s birthday was just a few days later and we were busy celebrating and enjoying having him home from the office for a few extra days.

And then we had some major drama with our dogs that sort of unraveled everything for a few days and left me feeling both physically (so.much.crying) and emotionally drained.  New Year’s Eve came and went and we spent our evening eating Thai takeout, reflecting on the year behind us and planning for the year ahead, and staying up until 2am for who knows what reason.

And then New Year’s Day came and we packed up and headed a few hours south for a few days away with friends.  The timing couldn’t have been worse, and at the same time couldn’t have been better.   We had a lot going on here that needed to be managed and dealt with, but at the same time we desperately needed some time away to regroup, de-stress, and seek perspective.

And here we are – January 5th and I just took down my Christmas tree this afternoon.  So you can see that this isn’t the only space that I’ve neglected recently.  The good news is that I finally feel like I’m on the upswing.  We’re working on hopefully resolving the issues between our dogs, I’m finally seeking some extra childcare help (that should definitely help me be more present here – a major 2014 goal!), and I feel really hopeful and optimistic about the year ahead. 

Now that we’re back from our first mini-vacation as a family of four, I’m feeling really excited about jumping into this new year. 

IMG_9111 (640x427) (2)

I missed you guys!  Hope everyone’s year is off to a wonderful start.