rockaRoo Infant Seat (Giveaway!)

How about a fun giveaway on this fabulous Friday!  I don’t do a ton of giveaways or product reviews here anymore, so I get excited about the ones that I do do from time to time.  And I think this is a pretty good one!

We lucked out with two boys born within ten days of each other’s birthdays – meaning we had to buy almost zero baby gear for little Graham.  He seems to be cool with the hand-me-downs.  One thing we never had for Cullen was a bouncy seat.  We had the Boppy lounger pillow (which I absolutely love) for the first few weeks, but he quickly outgrew the desire to lay flat on his back.  He wanted to be upright and see the world!

And so once he outgrew that we moved on to our baby swing!  I had picked out this Graco Duo swing when I was pregnant, imagining that the lift-off baby seat would double as a bouncer (and thus, we didn’t need one).  But it never really worked out that way.  We used it as a swing, which was great, but the seat itself had this awkward tray that couldn’t be removed and made it hard to get him in and out easily, and it always popped open.


Awkward, right?  Well you use what you have, and he’d outgrown it by the time he hit about six months old anyway.  This time around, we tried Graham in the same swing, but he was having none of it.  And right on cue, the swing ended up breaking – just literally didn’t work anymore.

As luck would have it, within a few days of our old swing breaking – our rockaRoo arrived! 

IMG_0050 (640x427)

Here’s a little info about the “swing,” from the product website:

Why swing when you can rock?  The 4moms rockaRoo flips the traditional swing on its head.  Literally.  It rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby.  Increasing distance from the pivot point creates more motion at the baby’s head, where it counts. With its small footprint and sleek, modern design, the rockaRoo looks great in any home!  It features five speeds, an MP3 hook-up, and removable toy balls.

Here is what I personally like about it…

1.  Crazy easy to assemble.  Literally took five minutes, and no tools – just snapping a few pieces together.  Bonus points for clever packaging!

IMG_0051 (640x424)

2.  Super soft plushy fabric!  It is so soft and cozy, and I can’t imagine how you could ever not want to sit in it.  There are three patterns available, and I am personally a big fan of the colorful multi-plush.  Also: washable!

IMG_0057 (640x427)

3.  Lightweight and has really small footprint.  My other swing was huuuuge, and had big legs that stuck out and were easy to trip over.  This seat has no legs and a very small underside base, making it easy to get around and use in small spaces. 

IMG_0059 (426x640)

4.  This is pretty much the only place my infant will nap.  Something about that gentle gliding motion calmly guides him to sleep with no swaddling, bouncing, or shushing required.  He’s not a very good napper by nature, and while I’d love for him to sleep on my chest all day long, I also need to utilize nap times to get some things done!

IMG_0062 (427x640)

It also features an MP3 player plug-in that you can use for playing white noise or lullabies.  I haven’t used this feature since I don’t really do music on my phone, but I still think it’s pretty cool.  My only dislike is that the hanging balls overtop are kind of flimsy and boring.  It would be nice if there was a toy bar that you could swap out different hanging things into, but overall not a big deal. 

The rockaRoo is an awesome product and I’d highly recommend it to any new mom.  The price tag is toward the higher side for baby swings ($159-179), but the quality is evident and in the month we’ve been using it I’ve been really impressed.

And so for the parents or caretakers out there (or their loving friends!) – how about winning a rockaRoo just for YOU?  My generous friends at 4Moms have done 31 days of giveaways to celebrate the launch of the rockaRoo onto the market, and Daily Garnish is the last stop on the giveaway tour!

Giveaway Details:

How to enter:  Leave a comment on this post telling me who you’d rock to sleep in your new rockaRoo!

Requirements:  This contest is open to US residents only.  Sorry!

When:  Contest will run from today (1/31) to the end of the day on Tuesday (2/4) – with a winner announced on Wednesday (2/5).

Thanks to all of you for entering (and reading!), and have a wonderful weekend!

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