Getting My Fix.

Happy Friday Monday, my friends!  I have spent the past 48 hours – basically since the minute I hit publish on my last post – flat on my back with my worst case of mastitis yet.  No fun at all.  But I’m slowly starting back to feeling like myself this morning, so I thought I’d try to pop in with a fun weekend post.  (So that’s as far as I got on that post before I needed to go back to bed – oops!)

After several days of horrible mastitis, including an ultrasound to rule out an abscess, I am now finally feeling 80% better and am definitely on the mend.  It’s always something, right?  Moving right along…

I will never in a million years pretend to know anything about fashion, as the bulk of my wardrobe comes from Target and Old Navy.  But I learned early on in this work-at-home, stay-at-home-parent gig that spending all day in sweatpants and hoodies makes me feel and act like a slob.  I’m not dressed to the nines by any means either, but I try to find a nice balance of clothing that is functional for wearing around kids, but also makes me feel like an adult.

Having spent 18 months of the last three years in maternity clothes, my closet has needed a slight facelift.  I’ve also changed sizes quite a bit through various stages of being pregnant and postpartum.  And while going shopping and looking for new clothes is typically a fun endeavor, it is anything but when you have little ones in tow.  Even when I only had Cullen, his attention span in the stroller isn’t that long, and I’d find myself managing meltdowns and cleaning up Cheerios in the fitting rooms rather than actually trying anything on.  Throw Graham into the mix now and it is game over.

Enter – Stitchfix!


I had seen Stitchfix on several other blogs before and never gave it much of a second thought, until my friend Lacey tried it herself.  She seemed to really like some of the clothing she’d received, but it wasn’t until she showed up at my house in an adorable skirt covered in Eiffel Towers that I was sold.  Eiffel Towers, you guys!

Many of you probably already know all about it, but for those of you who don’t – let me show you the light.

Stitchfix is a personalized styling service that delivers five hand-picked clothing/accessory items to your doorstep each month.  You fill out an extensive style profile and talk about what your needs and wants are.


Then the clothes are delivered for you to try on in the comfort of your own home – so convenient!  You keep what you want (and are charged for those items), and you send the rest back in a provided pre-paid envelope.  And as for the cost…


It’s $20 a month, but as long as you keep one item you can apply that toward the price.  So you only lose money if you don’t keep a single thing (and you get a discount if you keep it all!).

I signed up back in December and got my first “fix” in early January.  I filled out my profile and said that I had recently had a baby and was looking for breastfeeding-friendly clothes that would fit a postpartum figure.  My box arrived and I was so excited…and nothing worked.  Womp womp.

My box included: a scarf that I didn’t need, a cardigan that was way too big, a shirt that was too loud and trendy (holy chevron), a dress that wasn’t practical, and jeans that didn’t fit.  I was so disappointed!  But like anything, I figured it was worth a second chance and I shouldn’t have expected a home run on the first try.

I sent it all back and filled out my feedback survey online.  I mentioned that I wanted more basics and that most of the fits were too bulky and boxy.  I also asked for no accessories, since I don’t wear many or need any.  My second box arrived last week, and was so much better!  My stylist definitely listened to my feedback, and seemed to understand what I was looking for much better the second time around.  Here’s a look at what I ended up with… (bring on the awkward posed photos!)

1.  Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top ($48)

IMG_0095 (427x640)

I loved this as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  I’m a big fan of this style, and the stretchy, slouchy neck is perfect for breastfeeding.  Love that it’s cute and flattering without being clingy.  Keep!

2.  Ashland Plaid Tie-Neck Tab-Sleeve Blouse ($38)

IMG_0103 (425x640)

This is the perfect example of one of those things I would have never tried on myself in a store, but ended up loving.  The neck unties to make it easy to feed Graham, and the sleeves can roll up and button right under the elbow.  I wore this the day I received it and got a ton of compliments – keep!

3.  Slouchy Stitched-Stripe Open Cardigan ($48)

IMG_0108 (426x640)

I was so excited when I saw this in the box, as it’s totally my style but I don’t have anything quite like it.  I loved the material and colors, but once I tried it on I felt like it was just a little bit too small?  It seemed like it should have come around my front a little bit more, and I sadly admitted it probably wasn’t the right fit.  Returned (but would have exchanged if I’d had that option!).

4.  Danny 5-Pocket Knit Pants ($78)

IMG_0114 (426x640)

My stylist mentioned that she included these because she thought they were perfect for being down on the ground with young kids (which I loved!).  They were basically jeans made out of yoga pant material.  They were a bit too long, and while they were insanely comfortable, they were a bit to “jegging” for me (especially for the price).  Returned!

5.  Catina Belted 3/4 Sleeve Silk Dress ($78)

IMG_0116 (425x640)

Under no circumstances did I need this dress, but I loved it as soon as I put it on.  My awkward picture isn’t doing it justice, but it’s the perfect fit for me and is really flattering.  There is a silk slip inside and a looser outer shell with a tie-waist and pockets – my favorite!  Didn’t need it but kept it anyway – I can wear it for my birthday this month!

Also included with the clothing was this handy styling card with ideas for how to wear each piece – something wonderful for style-challenged people like yours truly.  I have no idea what I’m doing!

IMG_0189 (426x640)

In the end, I kept three of the five pieces totaling $124 (one sweater, one shirt, and one dress) – not cheap but also not outrageous, and the style and quality were both very nice.  I tossed the other two items back in the envelope provided and dropped it into the mail.

IMG_0191 (640x427)

In case you haven’t seen this already, I wanted to share because I think it’s really fun.  It’s something that anyone can enjoy, but I personally love it because it eliminates the need to drag two kids along shopping with me, and it’s something fun to look forward to each month.  I am not stylish and you will never catch me doing moody modeling poses where I stare off into space, but I’m happy to share my monthly “fixes” here if it’s something you guys find interesting.  Looking forward to the next one!

I am not affiliated with or paid by Stitchfix, and all opinions are my own.  The link included is my affiliate link, which gives me a small credit if you decide to sign up!

Lastly, I need to formally post the rockaRoo winner!  Many apologies on the late announcement.  Our lucky winner is…

Carolyn who said “I would love to rock my sweet baby girl Olive to sleep! She is 6 weeks old and loves to be rocked,.,just making it hard for her Mama to get things done.”

Thanks to all who entered!