Thirty Three.

Monday was my thirty third birthday.  Is it just me or does thirty three sound way older than thirty two?  I kicked off my big day in the best way possible – curled up in bed with all my favorite people.  Graham had a great night of sleep the night before (10pm – 5am!) and Cullen stayed in his room until the blue light turned off.  We were all well-rested and in happy moods in the morning. 

20140224_071538 (640x360)

Casey’s parents are in town visiting this week, so we made our way downstairs to join them for breakfast. 

IMG_0867 (640x427)

I got to open a few gifts…

IMG_0869 (640x427)

And Casey made his famously awesome scrambled eggs (soooo much better than mine!) for breakfast. 

IMG_0870 (640x427)

IMG_0872 (640x427)

By thirty three, I’ve had my share of birthday celebrations and fun.  The only thing I really wanted to do to make my day special was to relax and have a fun day as a family.  Casey took the day off of work and we all just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.  I might feel old, but I also feel like life just continues to get more and more full with each passing year.


It was really rainy and gross outside, so we spent the morning enjoying toddler time at the Seattle Aquarium.  Cullen even had some buddies there!

20140224_100726 (640x361)

20140224_102832 (359x640)

And we were home in time to hang out and enjoy time with Mimi and Grandpa before nap time too.

IMG_0874 (425x640)

IMG_0887 (640x427)

IMG_0910 (427x640)

During Cullen’s nap time, Casey and I took advantage of having extra helpers and babysitters around, and we snuck out for a special birthday lunch.  All my friends have been raving about this new Dim Sum spot, and I was dying to go.

20140224_135922 (359x640)

Started with some bubble tea – my favorite!

20140224_141324 (358x640)

Followed by seaweed and bean curd salad in a vinegar dressing…

20140224_141441 (640x360)

Vegetarian dumplings…

20140224_141928 (640x361)

Veggie sticky rice cakes…

20140224_142425 (640x360)

And two veggie steamed buns.  SO so good.  I already can’t wait to go back!

20140224_142548 (359x640)

We hung out at home in the afternoon and just relaxed as a family.  And then we got cleaned up to head out for another delicious meal.  I finally got to wear my birthday dress from Stitchfix

IMG_0912 (427x640)

Looking blurry (and like I’m wearing a banana hat), but also just so grateful to this guy for making me feel special and celebrated, and for making every day such a treat.

IMG_0917 (425x640)

Casey and I went out to one of the best dinners I’ve had in I don’t even know how long.  We went to a spot called Staple and Fancy, and chose the option to turn our menus back in and just eat whatever the kitchen sent out for us (only limitation being vegetarian, of course).  It was seriously amazing.  They just brought plate after plate of delicious fresh food, and we had no idea what was next or when it would stop coming.

20140224_200955 (640x360)

We talked and laughed and ate and had such a great time.  We remembered all the crazy things we’ve done together and laughed at how outrageous some of it was back when we were “young.”  It was perfect.


I might feel kind of old, but I sure do feel lucky.  Looking forward to seeing all that this year might bring!