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    A Look Back.

Easter Weekend 2014.

What a wonderful holiday weekend!  This was the first time we really celebrated Easter now that we’re parents.  Cullen’s first Easter was super low key and we didn’t really do much other than make him pose with bunny ears on.  Last year, we had just gotten back from traveling and we were in the midst of selling our house, which meant Easter fell off the radar.  This year was simple and relaxed, but definitely felt special. 

I had talked up the whole Easter Bunny thing to Cullen in the days before hand, and he was excited to come down and find his goodies!

IMG_2445 (640x426)

A few little gifts for Graham – new things to chew on!

IMG_2446 (427x640)

And just a few small treats for Cullen.  I didn’t want to go over the top, as the kid has plenty.  He’s really into construction trucks right now, so I got him this Water Wow coloring book – he is obsessed!  He also got some new smoothie cups and a few tiny trinkets that were supposed to go into his Easter eggs (and were too big – oops!). 

IMG_2447 (427x640)

IMG_2449 (640x427)

One of the biggest joys to me as a parent is watching these little people discover and experience things that are so memorable from my own childhood.  Easter was a BIG DEAL in my family, and while I don’t know if we’ll ever go all out, it was still really nice to celebrate together.

IMG_2457 (427x640)

And you can’t beat a good bunny ear photo. 

IMG_2462 (640x427)

Cullen is in a phase where he doesn’t want his picture taken.  Can you tell?  I feel like this is just a preview into what he will look like at fifteen…

IMG_2466 (640x427)

And Graham is in a phase where he wants to grab everything.  Luckily his brother was happy to give up the glasses and go back to his coloring book.

IMG_2472 (640x426)

We all shared a delicious frittata made with onions, mushrooms, spinach, and asparagus.  I am SO excited for asparagus season!  One of my all time favorite vegetables that has such a short seasonal life. 

IMG_2488 (640x427)

After hanging out for a bit, I went outside and prepped the yard for a hunt – mowed the grass, picked up dog poo, and hid an assortment of eggs.  Cullen came out with his game face on.

IMG_2492 (426x640)

This was his first time looking for Easter eggs, and he was totally into it.

IMG_2503 (427x640)

Although each time he’d find one he wanted to just stop and open it and then play with whatever was inside.  It took a lot of coaxing to get him to keep looking for more!  (Pay no attention to our jungle of a yard…)

IMG_2513 (640x428)

Meanwhile, Graham watched from his big Easter present – an awesome backyard swing!  Casey hung it that morning and the boys took turns – both of them love it. 

IMG_2522 (426x640)

I filled Cullen’s eggs with a variety of stickers and little stretchy robot guys.  Super cheap and fun, and no need to battle over candy (since he doesn’t really know about candy yet!). 

IMG_2533 (426x640)

IMG_2540 (427x640)

The Easter dog was also excited to check out the action, and helped sniff out the eggs. 

IMG_2543 (640x427)

And one more gratuitous picture of Graham because…check out that TONGUE!  I will write more in his next update, but I am so so glad we ultimately went through with figuring out and fixing his tongue tie.  Kid will not stop sticking it out now, and it shows how restricted it must have been before.  Never thought I’d be so excited about a tongue!

IMG_2550 (427x640)

Didn’t get a full family Easter photo, but did snap a few to help us remember the day. 

IMG_2580 (640x427)

IMG_2594 (425x640)

IMG_2606 (426x640)

After a few hours in the backyard, we took advantage of gorgeous sunshine and headed over to Fremont for lunch at the farmer’s market.  We browsed the booths and picked up a few plates of food to enjoy over on the canal steps along the water.  A giant plate of delicious Indian food on a piece of naan…

IMG_2609 (640x427)

And yummy Afghan food that did not disappoint. 

IMG_2610 (640x427)

I also picked up a fresh bunch of gorgeous flowers.  Everything is starting to bloom here and it looks and smells like spring all around.  I can’t get enough!

IMG_2648 (427x640)

The kids napped in the afternoon while Casey worked, and I ran out to the carwash and did a full clean out and detailing of our car.  It is alarming how happy a clean car void of bunny crackers and twenty extra sweatshirts makes me.  It’s the little things.

Finished off our Sunday holiday with a long walk to a neighborhood playground.  Graham snoozed on the way there and woke up just in time to play. 

20140420_174207 (360x640)

These two have more and more fun together with each passing day, and I remind myself on the hard days that their relationship is so worth the challenges of these early years.

20140420_174258 (640x360)

A perfect family day full of good food, plenty of sunshine, and a chocolate bar at the end of it all. 

IMG_2633 (427x640)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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Leah     at 7:49 am

Nothing like some bunny ears to brighten my morning. :) :)


Alex @ Kenzie Life     at 8:21 am

I love the picture of the boys with the ears/sunglasses. So cute. Glad you had a nice weekend! Have a good one, Emily!


sally mae     at 8:57 am

You are so motivating me to go clean my car right now! ;)


Emily Malone Reply:

Do it! I am so happy every time I get inside now. :)


Melissa     at 10:21 am

These two have more and more fun together with each passing day, and I remind myself on the hard days that their relationship is so worth the challenges of these early years.

This. This is what I love to hear. My brother and I are only 18 months apart. We fought SO much growing up that our extended family REFUSED to take us both at the same time during the summers haha! However, now that we are 27 and 25 (aaahhh!!! haha), we love each other dearly. I was the one to pick on him the most as big sisters do, but I also dared anyone else to pick on my little brother! I was VERY protective of him, and still am!

I’m sure Cullen will be the same way with Graham. :)


Ravyn     at 11:55 am

Happy Easter to you guys! It’s refreshing to see a family who doesn’t go over the top. Everyone kept asking if we got our 3 month old an Easter basket … Ummmm, no. Ha. Next year, we’ll do a goodie basket like you guys did! :) Also, hooray about the tongue! I made all the difference in our breastfeeding, and I am such an advocate for it now!!


Leah @ goodnightcheese     at 8:19 pm

Is is possible that Cullen is getting sick of the camera? I hope this does not come across as judgmental, because that’s really not how I mean it.
It’s just that you seem to post a lot of photos of them (I don’t blame you, they’re so cute!), that cover the entire span of whatever activity you’re doing, or relaxing time, or whatever, and for every great photo I’m assuming there are a lot more that don’t make the cut. That probably makes for hundreds or thousands of photos.
How do you balance camera mode with just being in the moment?


Emily Malone Reply:

I actually rarely pull out my big camera anymore. This blog honestly covers about 10 percent of our life. There is so much unsaid and unseen. I make a big point to stay in the moment, mostly because I didn’t use to. I usually snap a photo or two on my phone to remember something and then move on. The photos I post are the few moments I did capture outside of the many that are just in the memory.


Leah @ goodnightcheese Reply:

That’s good to hear! I guess the readers only see the moments when you do pull out the big camera (like weekends), it just seems like a lot from this side of the screen.


sarah cross Reply:

Let me start off by saying I DONT mean this snippy at all. Just my personal take on this comment.

I use my big camera all of the time. I love capturing moments throughout the day, big or small. Having them to look back on and eventually show my boys is something that important to me. Personally, it makes me focus in and cherish those moments. It also helps me to narrow in and see the beautiful in somewhat messy and trying times of toddlerhood. I love the pictures now, but one day they will be hard copies of great memories that we had together.


Emily Malone Reply:

Totally agree, Sarah! I actually struggle with the fact that I have so many LESS photos now (mostly bc Cullen never stops moving and it’s much harder to do!). I love looking back on them so much, and I know we all will eventually together.


Alexandra     at 7:12 am

My son wore that exact same ‘tea’ outfit for easter last year! we also love the tommee tippee straw cups.


Sue     at 8:21 am

I have two boys 30 months apart. They are now 7 & 10 and best friends. The have so much fun together and can play for hours with just the two of them. It means less play dates as they seem contect with each other. Enjoy!!


Emily     at 9:58 am

I can’t get over the fact that you may have the CUTEST kids on the entire planet. Ever. In history.


Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous!     at 1:40 pm

Oh my goodness, the bunny ear pictures are too cute! We always did a huge Easter egg hunt when I was growing up and I just can’t wait to do that with our little one. So many great memories!


Rebecca     at 2:30 pm

Molly is going through a no camera phase too! She shouts, “NO PICTURE, MOMMY!” So sad!

And I love Graham’s outfit….Maggie has a matching one. I think our mutual friend has great gifting skills.


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 11:09 am

You have the two cutest boys!!


Andrea     at 8:31 am

Most adorable kiddos ever. Seriously. I get such a kick out of seeing them. Look at that tongue!!! :p I think your Easter Baskets were awesome. I don’t have kids so can’t relate from that point. But I remember Easter and it was never over the top. We always made a bunny shaped cake and colored eggs. Years ago I used to do the “stuff in a balloon” booth at the store. It was a hoot to do- because it was so limited and people had to get creative. But it always scared the bejeebus out of me when it popped. lol


Miranda     at 6:56 am

I totally feel you on the tongue tie situation. My son had one too. It was recognized pretty early on, but doctors said it didn’t seem to affect him, with BFing and what not, so we just kind of left it. Around 3-4 months though he was having issues with choking and not seeming like he could use his tongue fully, so we went back to doc. I said we need to look at this again. they looked, came back 5 minutes later, and snipped it. he was the same way as Graham, tongue out ALL THE TIME! But truthfully, he is 2.5 now, and I forget it was ever an issue. When I read your first post about Graham’s, I was like “oh that’s right…” and yes, amazing how happy you get over a tongue sticking out! :)


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