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    A Look Back.

Traveling Through.

Yooooooowsas.  Remember me?  Didn’t plan on disappearing like that, but here I am and two weeks have passed.  Sorry about that (I know some of you worried!).  What actually happened is that we went out of town!

I had planned to continue writing and posting during down time and sleep time, but it turned out that those two things didn’t really exist – ha!  We had a wonderful time visiting family and all down time was spent chatting and catching up.  I opened my computer exactly once.  The kids had a blast but sleep was rough, so any nap time breaks required naps for mom as well. 

So with that out of the way – let me tell you about our trip!  We have been hoping to get back to the Midwest to see our families for a while now.  The boys and I haven’t been back since last May when my sister graduated from college – feels like an eternity (and Graham was in my belly!). 

Now that we have two kids, our travel has really slowed down (which we anticipated!).  The logistics and expenses seem far more than two times more complicated.  So when Casey had a business trip to Cincinnati pop up, we jumped at the opportunity to tag along! 

It was our first time flying with both boys, and I went into it expecting the worst (and hoping to be pleasantly surprised).  Casey says he thinks it was better than anticipated.  I thought it was tough.  Graham isn’t a sleeper (don’t let this pic fool you – lasted 20 minutes!) and also doesn’t take a pacifier, so it’s harder to keep him happy in a small space.  All things considered though, everyone did pretty well. 

20140401_122212 (360x640)

We got to Ohio very late Wednesday night, and immediately had to set up camp in our hotel and figure out the sleeping scenario.  We were really lucky that since it was a business trip for Casey, we were able to share his hotel suite.  This nice new hotel just opened up and is walkable to my mom’s house and all my favorite spots – so convenient.  We had a large master bedroom (which we shared with Graham). 

20140402_141941 (640x360)

And we also had a HUGE living room!  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  Cullen slept in another pack n play in a half bathroom (that we didn’t use otherwise), and it actually worked out really well.  Figuring out how and where we would all sleep was my biggest concern going into the trip, and it turned  out to be no big deal. 

20140402_142005 (640x360)

While we were there, we followed the same type of routine we do at home (with a three hour time change thrown in – yikes!).  My mom, friends, and Casey all had to work during the days, so I hung out with the boys and found fun things for us to do.  Sadly, I brought all the Seattle rain with me and it poured the whole time we were there other than a few small pockets of sunshine. 

I spent Wednesday morning having brunch with my best friend, Thursday morning at the house of other good friends, and Friday morning at the zoo (in the rain!) with my mom.  Afternoons were spent napping, or waiting for Cullen to wake up from his nap.  Graham and I had fun relaxing and playing on the giant king size bed. 

IMG_1734 (640x428)

And despite doing a lot of the things we do when we’re at home, it just felt really nice to get away and unplug a bit.  The boys handled the travel and the time change really well, and they both seemed so happy to be around so many loved ones.

IMG_1764 (640x428)

Friday was our trip to the zoo with Grandma, and we managed to see a few of our favorite animals despite drizzly skies, lots of wind, and even a power outage! 

IMG_1841 (640x428)

IMG_1846 (426x640)

IMG_1851 (640x426)

We spent evenings over at my mom’s house enjoying home cooked meals and a plethora of toys and entertainment. 

20140403_173928 (360x640)

She was in Grandma heaven! 

20140403_175544 (359x640)

Once Casey was off work on Friday, we loaded up the car and headed to Indianapolis for the weekend.  We wanted to make sure we had the chance to visit both of our families since we’d made such a far trek across the country!  We saw Casey’s parents back in February, but it’s amazing how much Graham has already changed since then.

IMG_1860 (640x427)

IMG_1869 (640x427)

And both boys got to spend time with their great grandma, Jacque, which is extra special since it is hard for her to travel out to see us.  It’s really important to us that we get back as often as possible so she can be with them.  Pictures just aren’t the same as the real thing. 

IMG_1908 (426x640)

IMG_1915 (427x640)

We got to see grandparents, uncles, and cousins and we had a great time just hanging out at the house catching up. 

IMG_1945 (640x426)

Four generations of Malone!

IMG_1964 (640x428)

We also got to see my sister Sarah while we were there!  She lives in Indianapolis now, so we got to see her for dinner on Saturday as well as brunch on Sunday.  Somehow still never enough, sniff. 

IMG_1976 (426x640)

IMG_1985 (640x427)

IMG_2005 (427x640)

Checking out dad’s very first baseball bat back at Mimi and Grandpa’s house…

IMG_2014 (640x428)

And a (pretend) ride on Grandpa’s motorcycle!

IMG_2023 (640x427)

Sunday afternoon we headed back to Ohio, as Casey had to work two more days in the Cincinnati office.  We checked back into the hotel, and got ready for a few more days with my family.  One of the perks?  An indoor saltwater pool!  Cullen was totally pumped to swim – he hadn’t been in a pool since last summer!  And this was Graham’s first dip (and first tiny bathing suit!).

IMG_2043 (425x640)

The boys had to go one at a time since I couldn’t hold them both in the water alone (while my mom watched the other one).  Graham went first and was not a huge fan.  Lasted about two minutes. Cullen was a fish and didn’t want to get out even when he was shivering and pruning like a raisin.  We had a blast. 

IMG_2050 (640x427)

Is there anything more fun than a baby in a bathing suit?

IMG_2059 (426x640)

We spent our final (rainy) mornings at the children’s museum and the Newport Aquarium.  We do the museums and zoos all the time in Seattle, and it was fun to try them out somewhere new. Cullen is finally at an age where he can really enjoy this stuff, and I love it.

20140408_101853 (360x640)

It was a long but wonderful trip home, and I’m feeling homesick for our loved ones now that we’re back.  Although I don’t miss eating out so much and hotel room life (despite how nice it was).  Counting down until we see them all again at the end of the summer!

IMG_2135 (640x428)

More to come on Monday!

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Alex @ Kenzie Life     at 3:49 pm

Sounds like a great and much needed trip! It must be hard to be so far away from family, especially with two little ones. Glad you had a nice time away. The boys are adorable and I love the picture of Cullen and Graham together in their swimsuits! So cute. Have a great weekend! (By the way–I tried the chia pudding method and it was SO perfect! Knowing the ingredients I can get from TJs just make the perfect consistency makes life easier.–Thanks for sharing it!)


Emily Malone Reply:

So happy to hear you like the pudding! :)


sarah     at 4:25 pm

so THAT’S where you were! whew! I’m still catching up after our two+weeks in australia – stay tuned, we’ll be with Andy and Ann soon once I get all caught up writing about it. Your mom looks totally blissed out. Happiness!


Emily Malone Reply:

I can’t wait to hear all about it! And now Bob and Mimi are off exploring Africa! We only travel to exotic Ohio. :)


laura     at 4:33 pm

So bizarre– I actually saw you walking by Rookwood! I was like, oh snap where do I know that girl from? I saw your Tom’s and it clicked! Have enjoyed reading your blog for a while!


Emily Malone Reply:

Omg tooooo funny!! I wish you had said hi! :)


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 5:00 pm

Glad it went well! We’re headed west this summer for my SIL’s wedding in Portland. We’ll have a two hour time change, and I’m a bit worried about that, plus wedding activities being scheduled on grown-up time (i.e., at night), not on toddler time. Should be an adventure!


Emily Malone Reply:

The kids did waaaay better than I thought they would, and our schedule was completely off the whole time. They stayed up too late, got up too early, and somehow still managed to have a lot of fun in between. I am paying for it now back on pacific time, but it was worth it!


Chasity     at 5:10 pm

Your hair is so cute!!! Glad you guys got to spend time with family :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Thank you! :)


Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs     at 6:00 pm

Welcome back! Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time with your families!


Emily     at 6:01 pm

that picture of them in their bathing suits is to die for. Too. much. cuteness!


Emily     at 6:03 pm

Sounds like a fun (and tiring) trip! Hope you’re getting a bit more rest now you’re back at home.


Brooke     at 6:46 pm

Glad everything is okay. When your Tweets/Instagrams are missing, it does make me wonder!! I live in Cincy – what is this glorious new hotel you are referring to? A saltwater pool?! Do share. Thanks :)


Emily Malone Reply:

It is the Courtyard Marriott in Rookwood (Hyde Park). Super basic from the outside, but really nice inside! And walkable to all of Rookwood and HP, so really convenient.


Ingunn     at 7:23 pm

The boys certainly seem to be getting along! So cute.


Stacy K     at 9:13 pm

It must be a Graham thing-not sleeping. My Graham and Lara B.’s were awful sleepers. Mine still is at 18 months :(.


Emily Malone Reply:

Gahhhh!! It HAS to get better…


Shel@PeachyPalate     at 4:34 am

Welcome back!I figured you just had your hands full with life and two boys running rings around you!!! Quite the trip! Hope you managed to get some rest in the midst of it all, great that you got so much family time!


Maryea {happy healthy mama}     at 5:16 am

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing the pictures from your trip–your boys are just adorable. Does Cullen still fit in a pack-n-play?! I’m going to be traveling with my 2 year old soon and I’m worried about him fitting in there. Last time he slept in it he already had to be diagonal because he was too long. I’m worried about sleepless nights…


Elizabeth Reply:

I’m butting in on comments ha, but this was my fear with my 26 month old. We have a lot of travel coming up this summer and he’s just too big fir the pack and play! He was up at like 5 every morning on our Christmas trip, ugh. We actually just moved him to a big boy mattress at home, partially because I knew he’d have to do during our summer trips to hotels, family’s houses. Don’t know if you’re thinking of doing the transition soon, but I figured he needed to learn to sleep in at home before he did it in a hotel.

Emily, your family looks great! I can only imagine travel with two is a bit harder. I’m about 16.5 weeks pregnant with #2 and we’re planning a lots of summer trips since we’ll be at home a bit this fall/winter. Good to know it’s possible though :)


Emily Malone Reply:

He’s kind of cramped in it, and I think our trip next month to Atlanta is probably the last time he’ll use one. He didn’t seem to mind, but I know he is capable of climbing out… The whole big boy bed when traveling thing totally freaks me out!


Sara @ LovingOnTheRun     at 5:38 am

It looks like you all had such an amazing time visiting with family and friends! Glad you enjoyed the trip and were able to unplug!


Jen     at 9:44 am

Such a beautiful family!!! I’m so glad you were able to spend time with family! What camera do you use? Your pictures are amazing and as we are expecting number two I want to upgrade. Did you ever take classes? You hanging with your two handsome boys I hope I can look as awesome as you with two! You are glowing!!


Hayley     at 11:47 am

So good to hear from you. You are so brave for traveling with the boys. I just have the one and it is super intimidating to me. My son Oliver was born October 19, so just about a week younger than Graham. I’ve been wanting to get him into the pool but have also been intimidated by the logistics of that (I’m a wimp!). What kind of diaper did you use for him?

I’m also wondering if you started Graham on solids? I think I need to start Ollie on them ASAP – he doesn’t seem to be satisfied anymore with breast milk. Sorry for the novel!


Emily Malone Reply:

Trading with one is not bad at all! Although every age brings different pros and cons. We use applecheeks swim diapers.

Haven’t started solids yet but plan to in the next few days!! It’s definitely time. He’s so into watching us eat!


Jules     at 1:56 pm

Thanks to you I have the “Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, yellow polka dot bikini” song stuck in my head ;-)
Love the suit and the boys’ trunks! Looks like you all had a blast!


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha totally!! Not too itsy bitsy though. ;)


Debbi Fair     at 2:52 pm

So glad to hear the you were enjoying family and friends and thats why you weren’t on line. Yep nothing like unplugging and enjoying the family time. That is what your boys will remember.
Once your boys get to be into sport and other things time will seem shorter. My oldest grand is 18 and the youngest is 10. They are now so grown that the time I had with them before school age seems more precious.


Leah @ goodnightcheese     at 6:47 pm

While I’ve been reading your blog, I think it’s fantastic that you mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the time with your families. The picture of the two boys on the bed is so adorable!


Courtney Leigh (@eclecourt)     at 9:20 pm

Some super cute pictures there!! Is Graham a bit of a ginger? His belly rolls in the swimsuit pictures – Ahhhhh love it!


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 8:48 am

Welcome back! Omg that first picture of Casey and Graham needs to be framed!! So cute!


Sandy     at 6:40 pm

What earphones does Cullen have? We are looking to buy some for our 2 year old for our flight next month. Thanks!


Ella     at 11:33 pm

Yay, glad to have you back! Looks like a wonderful time with family. So, I hate it when people post negative comments and I always think “if you don’t like reading a FREE BLOG, then just go somewhere else.” But I have to say, I really missed your content over these last 2 weeks, and wished there would have been a little check-in or something. This sounds so serious, but it felt kind of unprofessional. I only say that because this blog is your business, and I guess we are your customers… I have 2 kids your exact age and I totally get it! But next time maybe you could check in so we know what’s going on. (Also, I admit, I did get worried that something terrible had happened to one of your kids.) Otherwise, I love the blog!!


Emily Malone Reply:

I appreciate that you missed me, and take that as a compliment. I do appreciate the feedback. Honestly, I was just really mentally in another place. Totally unplugged and needed to just check out for a bit. Probably a bit unprofessional, like you said, and I’ll keep that in mind going forward. I feel bad that people were worried!


Melissa     at 9:16 am

I just have to say that Cullen’s looks have REALLY changed!!! :)

As far as the pause, I’m glad you’re okay, and a family ‘reunion’ is a more than okay excuse for the two week hiatus! :)


Melissa Reply:

Geez, I meant Graham’s. I’m getting them confused! haha.


Kelly     at 9:39 am

The pictures are adorable. The boys are looking more and more alike to me :) I’m glad you got to spend so much time with both families. I only have one baby and I can’t imagine being so far away :(


Emily Malone Reply:

Being far away sucks!


Suzanne     at 10:17 am

I know that you mentioned before the Graham has reflux issues. Did you put him on meds? If so, they might need an increase. You usually have to as they gain weight.


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Suzanne! We never did reflux meds, as he seemed to outgrow the problem. And in hindsight, I’m not realizing that I don’t think he ever really had “true” reflux at all, but a lot of these issues were related to a tongue tie problem he had. Babies are so confusing!


Sarah     at 11:59 am

So glad you had so much nice time with both families!
Question for you – how do your kids swim with cloth diapers? We are new parents and doing cloth diapers (actually a lot because of your posts on them so thank you we love the system we have) and were just talking yesterday about how we would take our son in a kiddie pool with the cloth diapers??!


Emily Malone Reply:

You need swim diapers!! We love the Applecheeks brand.


Arlene     at 7:00 pm

Oh my goodness your boys are so cute! Especially in their picture together. It is so nice to see Cullen embrace his little brother :) They are such hams when they smile!!


Lisa     at 6:32 pm

What a beautiful family!


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