Friday Fitness Fun.

I mentioned in my Blue Apron post that Casey and I have been trying to really clean up our eating and increase our activity levels these past few months.  We wanted to get ahead of the holidays, and not wait until January to suddenly realize that we’d been eating like crap and not moving nearly enough.  So what does that look like for us?

The eating part is the easy part.  We know how to cook healthy meals and what healthy diets look like.  And honestly, we weren’t even really eating that badly, but I felt like there was too much sugar and not enough effort.  The funny thing is that I’m always very aware of and concerned with getting the right balance of nutrients into the kids.  A good balance of veggies, protein, and healthy fats – and I work hard to try to give them three solid meals a day.  So I’m trying to pay more attention and do the same for Casey and myself. 

The boys and I eat breakfast together each day, so that is never an issue.  But lunchtime is usually thrown together quickly just for them before we hurry up to naps, and I always tell myself I’ll eat my lunch once I get them down to sleep.  As soon as I get them into their rooms, I come downstairs and enter a flurry of feeding dogs, trying to work, going back upstairs 400 times to tell Cullen to stop jumping around his room. cleaning up the morning mess, etc. and often my lunch goes by the wayside.  That’s when I start reheating coffee and eating handfuls of chocolate chips.  No wonder I am so grumpy at 4pm (the non-napping three year old also has something to do with that…)!

Dinner is a family meal again – either with all four of us, or just me and Casey after bedtime.  But dinners are usually balanced and are our most veggie-heavy meal of the day.  Overall, I’m trying to cook bigger meals so we have more leftovers for lunches, to up the vegetable count in ALL meals, and to mostly stop eating sugar except for special occasions or nights out.

Like I said, recommitting to healthier eating hasn’t really been too hard.  It was more of a mental shift than really learning anything new.  But the fitness piece is tough this time of year, and this stage of life.  Casey is training for a marathon and traveling a lot right now.  He works hard to fit his weekday runs in on the treadmill at work during the day (or at hotels when he travels!), and I try to support him in carving out one morning each weekend for him to do his long runs.  I know he is feeling good about being committed to something and having a goal in sight, and with such a busy job, it’s really important that he has something he is working on just for himself as well.   

As for me, I have had zero interest in running for the past few months.  I think the last time I ran was…September?  I ran a lot this spring and summer, and I am the first to admit that I have become a super wimp when it comes to running in icky weather.  But the biggest hurdle for me has been figuring out how to run this fall/winter while being home with the kids.  It’s too cool and rainy to force them to sit in the stroller, and it’s too dark outside when Casey leaves/comes home from work for me to run outside.  Excuses?  Probably, but they sound legit in my head. 

I know I will start running again once we have some daylight past 4pm (hurry up, March!), and I’ve actually already registered for one half marathon next summer (why do I keep torturing myself with this??).  But I feel no rush back into running right now, and I really haven’t missed it.  The main thing I have missed is our long afternoon stroller walks to the playground, and all that wonderful fresh air each day. 

But I certainly haven’t been sitting around doing nothing.  I’ve gotten totally and completely hooked on Barre3 classes again!  I first started going to Barre3 in November of 2012 – two years ago!  I was just finally dipping my toes back in the fitness waters after having Cullen (and yes, he was a year old…), and I started going here and there throughout the following year.

When I got pregnant with Graham, I actually kept up the barre workouts until I was 38 weeks along!  That feels like a million years ago, and I always smile and talk to the pregnant mamas I see in my classes now. 

preggo barre

For me, one of the best parts about barre classes – and the reason I chose Barre3 – they have CHILDCARE!  Most gyms have childcare, but it is really hard to find individual fitness studios with a childcare program.  As I sit here writing this, I am waiting for Casey’s plane to land after a week spent in New York City.  He has traveled five of the last eight weeks, and it has been HARD (for all of us!).  I am so grateful for the childcare option at Barre3, as during weeks like this one, it is the only way I can squeeze in fitness outside of the house, and it is often the only one hour break I get all day long.  Being a healthier mom makes me a happier mom, and that is good for everyone!

After Graham was born, I started going back to barre around 12 weeks postpartum.  He would snooze in his carseat or be snuggled in someone’s arms, and he always did really well.  I went one to two times a week for several months, and then I took quite a few months off.  It was summer, so I was running more and doing more outside stuff with the kids, and the class schedule also started to conflict with Graham’s nap needs.  So I took a hiatus, knowing I’d get back to it eventually.

Sometime around September, I started back at Barre3 regularly, and at this point I try to make it to three or four studio classes each week!  I do a mix of 6am classes (when Casey is home), mid-day classes (using childcare), and weekend classes either early in the morning or during nap time. 

I never thought I’d be a fitness class type of person, but I find that I push myself a lot harder in classes, knowing that it’s one hour that is just for me that day.  Plus, it is an excuse to wear workout clothes all day long, right?

20141219_131027 (360x640)

I have recently become obsessed with workout gear from the Gap, of all places!  I’m addicted to their gfast leggings, and I bought three pairs during the black Friday half price sale!  They have some cute patterns right now too.

Speaking of deals, I noticed at my local studio this week that they are having a holiday special on class packages.  The 10-class package is 20% off from now until Christmas, for anyone who loves Barre3 and wants to stock up like me. 

And last but not least, a heads up that Barre3 just announced their Barre Challenge program yesterday!  This is an awesome fitness challenge program that runs from January 5th to February 1st.  I’m going to participate myself, and I think it’s a great way to kick off a new year of healthy habits.  I’ll be posting more about this after Christmas, along with an awesome Barre3 giveaway for you guys!

It’s worth noting that none of this is sponsored or paid in any way.  I absolutely love Barre3, and I am so excited and grateful to have something that makes me happy, helps me stay active, and keeps me involved with the fitness community.  I’m excited to share it with you guys!

Next week, I’m going to test out a one week pass at a nearby hot yoga studio, as I think that would be something to add in during these icky winter months.  I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

Happy Friday!