Barre3 Challenge: Halfway There!

A few weeks ago, I told you guys that I was starting the Barre3 Challenge program – starting January 5th and lasting until the beginning of February.  Now that I’ve reached the halfway point, I thought I’d pop in and tell you how it’s going!

To quickly recap, the “challenge” is to do the following each week: 

  • Do four 60-minute workouts either at a local barre3 studio or online in the comfort of your home
  • Do one 10-minute online workout
  • Try one healthy barre3 recipe

I hadn’t really thought too far ahead when I first signed up for the Challenge, but as soon as the program began, Casey headed out of town for two weeks – yikes!  This is tough for a lot of reasons, but it also makes getting to fitness classes much, much harder because I have to rely entirely on childcare.  He was in and out between trips, so I tried to plan ahead to maximize opportunities when I could.

IMG_7406 (640x424)


Monday –  The Challenge healthy recipe of the week was a smoothie, and while I didn’t make that exact one, we made our own version which I think still counts.  All about making it work for you, right?  Our smoothie had bananas, strawberries, mango, figs, carrots, peas, flax oil, hemp milk, and yogurt – and both kids slurped it down!  Winning!


Tuesday – 60 minute studio class with my friend, Lacey

Wednesday – 60 minute studio class with both kids (childcare)

Thursday – 10 minute online workout before mom’s group!

Friday – Had planned to do an 8:45am class with the kids (in childcare), but both kids had a bad night (and Casey was out of town) and I got one measly hour of sleep.  So I canceled my studio class and after sleeping in and a lazy breakfast, the boys and I did a 60 minute online class at home together!


Saturday – My best friend arrived from out of town, so I skipped formal workouts and opted for walking and talking.  We looped Greenlake for 3 miles in the rain!

Sunday – A 5 mile walk with the whole family and Lindsey along the bluff of Magnolia.  Gorgeous!



Monday – Casey was home for about 36 hours, so I took Lindsey along with me to a 60 minute studio class at 6am – a true friend!

Tuesday – Warmer temps allowed for a 4 mile walk around the neighborhood with both boys and both dogs – talk about a workout!


Wednesday – 60 minute studio class with the boys in childcare

Thursday – Had a friend over for dinner, and made a hearty potato, kale, and white bean soup.  Clicked over to my email later and realized that the Barre3 healthy recipe of the week was almost the exact same thing!  Yum.

IMG_7402 (640x427)

Friday – Casey finally back home after being away for too long – happiness!  No naps for either kid, so we took a long afternoon walk to help improve everyone’s mood.


I rewarded myself for many long weeks of solo parenting and fitting in fitness with a piece of Mexican chocolate pie the size of my head. 


Saturday – Super lazy all day, and pouring rain outside.  Did absolutely nothing.

Sunday – Burned at least 4,000 calories from adrenaline and from jumping around my living room watching the Seahawks.  Took two long walks with the dogs!

And that brings us to today!  I went to a 6am class with some of my mama friends this morning, and I’m feeling healthy and strong.  I’m enjoying the Challenge because it’s giving me an extra motivation to make time for workouts, and not to just do them when the opportunity lands at my feet.  That said, doing four 60-minute classes each week feels like a lot (and I actually missed one on week 2).  It really does feel like eat, sleep, Barre3, repeat…

IMG_7397 (428x640)

Beyond the Challenge, I’ll probably look to average three each week, and I’ll have to see how that looks as I dip my toes back into running in the spring.  I’m also planning to charge my Fitbit back up, as I’m walking and moving so much more these days as our weather warms up, and I’d love to have a better sense of mileage over the course of each week.  I’ll recap the rest of the Challenge at the end of the month!

Hope your Monday is off to a good start!  How ‘bout those Seahawks!?!?