Barre3 Challenge: Kick-Off (& Giveaway!)

I mentioned in my pre-holiday fitness post that I had some fun things to share with you regarding the barre3 Challenge!  Well today is the day – the first official day of the Challenge program, and I’m so excited to share it with you guys and to get started myself. 

December 18th FB shareable

If you are new here, you can read more about my love affair with barre classes here and here.  I’ve been going to classes regularly for over two years now, and it has had a remarkable impact on both my physical and mental health.  And I know I’ve said it a million times, but I’m going to say it again.  Besides being a killer workout and a positive community, one of the things that has me coming back again and again is the childcare! Having good childcare available has made all the difference in being able to consistently fit in workouts, even when Casey is traveling. 

As a mom who has at least one kid attached to me most of the time, it’s a wonderful way for me to disconnect a bit, clear my mind, and spend sixty minutes mindfully breathing and focusing on myself.  Fitting in classes means early morning wake ups, scheduling and planning ahead, and coordinating with others.  And because of this, I view it as a real treat so I make sure to push my absolute hardest and take full advantage of each and every class.  As a former gym girl, I never imagined I’d get so into a fitness studio class, but I absolutely love it. 

So let me get to the barre3 Challenge details, and hopefully some of you will find that you love it too!

January is a great month for goal setting, healthy outlooks, and lifestyle changes.  Starting TODAY (January 5th), barre3 is hosting their Challenge – a month-long exercise and nutrition program designed to help you kick your new year off on the right foot. When you sign up for the Challenge, you also receive this awesome Challenge kit:

  • Personal Tracking System
  • barre3 Challenge Glass Water Bottle
  • barre3 Challenge Tote
  • barre3 Wristband
  • Weekly Challenge emails
  • Live Q+A’s with (founder) Sadie Lincoln
  • Weekly 10-minute Online Workouts
  • Weekly Seasonal Recipes

Daily Garnish Blog Asset Kit

How cute is that bag??  (Also, access to the Challenge is 40% off today – only $19.80 for the month-long program plus the kit pictured above!)  Here is how the program itself works.  Every week participants will:

  • Do four 60-minute workouts either at a local barre3 studio or online in the comfort of your home
  • Do one 10-minute online workout
  • Try one healthy barre3 recipe

Sounds reasonable, right?  Of course, anyone who does the Challenge can tailor it to best fit their schedule and lifestyle.  If you don’t have a local barre3 studio, you can do all online workouts, or if online isn’t your thing – head to the studio as much as you can!  My plan is to try to make time for three studio classes, and then supplement with a 60-minute and 10-minute online workout at home each week. 

I’m kicking off my Challenge tomorrow morning at 6am at my local (Roosevelt) studio.  Seattle friends – come join me!

Giveaway:  My friends at barre3 have offered to give THREE lucky winners FREE access to their Challenge!  All three winners will receive unlimited access to barre3’s exclusive Challenge, one month of online workouts, plus barre3’s signature Challenge kit. 

To Enter:  Leave a comment on this post telling me one of your New Year’s resolutions!

Timeline: Since the Challenge starts today, we’ll make this a quick one!  Giveaway ends tomorrow (1/6) at 3pm PST – winners will be announced on the Daily Garnish Facebook page (and I’ll add an update to this post as well). 

Freebie:  Just so there is something for everyone, we also have a special promo code for 15 days of free online Barre3 workouts!  If you are on the fence about starting a barre program, free access to the online workouts is a great way to try it out!  Enter the promo code barre3DailyGarnish here to redeem and enjoy! 

I’ll be sharing my Challenge progress and updates each week through the month of January, in addition to some other fitness updates (I’m squeezing in some yoga these day too!).  Back tomorrow with a holiday recap – happy Monday, friends!

This post is not sponsored or compensated.  I love Barre3, and I am so excited and grateful to have something that makes me happy, helps me stay active, and keeps me involved with the fitness community.  I’m excited to share it with you guys!

UPDATE:  Here are the giveaway winners – thanks to all who entered!!

  1. Sarah — To lose weight!
  2. Sarah b — Have a healthy baby in September!
  3. Sharon – I know it’s cliche, but I really want to finally lose those extra 20 lbs. I’ve been carrying around for the last 2 years. I’ve been really good at keeping up with a consistent exercise routine, but have fallen off the wagon when it comes to my diet. This year I am determined to turn things around! I wish I had a barre studio close to my home. Crossing my fingers :)