Monday Musings.

Happy Monday, friends!  I’m catching up and filling you guys in on the week before (as always), so really this post is just my weekly wrap-up in disguise.  :)  This past week was crazy busy, and it started off with a bang.

I woke up Saturday morning all set to head to Bellevue for the big Barre3 in the park event with one of my friends.  We all woke up and had only been up for a few minutes – the boys playing in Cullen’s room (with dad) while I finished putting away some laundry before we all headed down for breakfast.  And then I heard the very loud CRASH, and subsequent screaming.

Poor little Graham was having a bit too much fun with his big brother, and jumped off a little foot stool that flipped over.  He ended up with a pretty nasty cut on the back of his head, and once he calmed down and I got a good look at it, it was clear that a visit to the doctor was in order. 

So instead of barre in the park, we spent our afternoon at the pediatrician followed by the Children’s Hospital – and my poor little daredevil was the first one to get stitches.  But I think we all knew that would be the case.


The next day I ended up doing my run that evening – and only knocked out about five miles (which should have been more like eight).  The weekend just sort of got away from us, but I was glad I was able to sneak in a bedtime run along the bluff right at sunset.  It’s my favorite loop right now!


On Monday night I tried something new – the SPX Total Body Workout class at Inspire Pilates.  I’ve never done Pilates, so this was brand new and quite terrifying.  For you Pilates buffs, they use the Lagree Fitness machines, and holy cow – it was hard.  It was only a 40 minute class (thank god) and I felt like I used muscles I didn’t even know I had.

On Tuesday night, I headed back to the FlyBarre Sport class that I usually love.  The class was great, but I should have taken a day off in between the two strength workouts, because I could tell within the first few minutes that my muscles were totally spent from the Pilates class.  I really struggled to keep up – it was brutal. 

On Wednesday, I had planned to run but decided to skip it since my muscles were so tired from the two days before.  It was a much needed day off from workouts, and we just did a neighborhood walk instead.  I spent the whole day outside with the boys and it was seriously perfect.  September in Seattle has been absolutely gorgeous so far, and we are having the endless summer that the weathermen predicted.  There is a great crisp fall breeze in the air, but we can still run around barefoot in the driveway well into the evening too.  I never want it to end!  Although I did get a really great new raincoat that I’m itching to test out.


On Thursday, I was signed up for the CorePower Yoga Scuplt class at 6am, which is a rarity for me since morning classes don’t usually work with our schedules.  But on Wednesday night, Graham was up screaming and crying all night long, and I didn’t get more than a few hours of sleep.  I discovered one of his two-year molars popping through the next day, but at the time I had no idea what was going on (he usually sleeps all night with no problem).  Needless to say, I missed my 6am class once I finally got him to go to sleep around 4:30am. 

On Friday I did another short run – just a few miles – around the neighborhood in the evening.  I find Friday workouts really hard to get motivated to do!

Usually I wake up and do my long runs on Saturdays, but when I looked at the weather forecast I changed my plans.  Saturday was supposed to be gorgeous and Sunday was supposed to be rain showers, and I’d rather spend a sunny, nice day doing something fun with the family.  So I held off on my long run and we all headed down to Puyallup for the Washington State Fair.


It was SO much fun, and one of those days where we just tossed the schedule out the window and went with the flow.  The boys loved the rides, and I was really surprised that Cullen wanted to do some of the bigger ones.  Graham was only tall enough for a handful, and he was only willing to do them if he could be right next to big brother.  So sweet.  We stayed late and checked out all the 4H barns, animal shows, played some ski-ball, ate giant ears of roasted corn, and eventually headed home when Graham was way too tired to hold on any longer.


I got up bright and early Sunday morning and was ready to run.  My regular running buddy has a stress fracture, which has her temporarily sidelined (and feeling understandably very bummed out about it).  So I hit the trail alone, and was pretty much miserable from the first step.  It was really windy, so I completely overdressed, but the temperature was still warm and I was really uncomfortable. 

This is super TMI (but I’ve decided I don’t care), but my periods have been really awful since I had the boys.  Running when I have my period is truly miserable, but just can’t be avoided sometimes.  I felt heavy, sluggish, crampy and just wasn’t feeling it at all.  I plodded along and was glad I’d planned a long out and back route so there was no way to cut it short (or else I definitely would have). 

I ran just shy of two loops around Lake Union, and finished up along the Ship Canal Trail (where I had driven and parked).  I took more walking breaks than I was proud of, but ultimately I was actually kind of shocked that I finished the miles when I had wanted to quit through most of it.  As bad as the run was, at least it was a chance to test out my sweet new Garmin watch (thank you, Nike!). 


Of course I was really happy once I was done, and with an ugly ten miles under my belt, I feel like next week’s 12 miler has to be better under different circumstances.  This week we have less going on, which I’m looking forward to, and I’m hoping to squeeze in a class or two along with shorter runs to get ready for the next few weeks of training.  I can’t believe I’m heading to San Francisco in less than a month!

Hope your week is off to a great start – back soon!