Twelve Miles & Brooks Updates!

On Sunday morning I was up early for my longest run of this training program – twelve miles!  The kids woke up really early and were already climbing around in my bed before my alarm even had a chance to go off.  So I was less than excited to pull on running clothes and get ready to slog it out for two hours.

My long run last week was terrible, and it was definitely a blow to my confidence going into my race.  So I knew I wanted to change up my route this week, and give myself a fresh shot at a solid longer run.  I do a lot of my shorter runs at Greenlake Park, which is a 2.8 mile paved trail around a lake right in the middle of the city.  But I typically don’t do long runs there because it seemed repetitive and boring to loop around and around and around.

Turns out – it was awesome!  I parked in one of the parking areas that is directly next to the trail – that way if I needed to ditch long sleeves, grab water, etc. I could swing past the car easily.  The trail has water fountains and bathrooms all around the lake too, which is an obvious plus for a double digit run.  I ran 4.5 loops around the lake for an even twelve miles, and it actually felt pretty great!  It turned out that instead of slooooowly counting down mile by mile, I counted in loops to my car which felt a lot more manageable.  It also helped that Casey and the boys showed up for the final loop to cheer me on!


I really need a good long run to boost my confidence a bit going into my San Francisco race, and this did exactly that.  It wasn’t fast and I still took some walking breaks, but overall I felt really good and definitely had another mile in the tank. 

Hard to believe there’s only three more weeks until race day!  I’m planning to get in one more double digit run this coming weekend, and then slowly taper down for the following two weeks. 

In other running news, I have some awesome new Brooks gear to share with you guys!  As part of the Brooks Blog Ambassador team, we get to periodically test out new seasonal apparel, and the Brooks fall collection just hit the stores.  There is no way for me to accurately convey to you guys just how much I love the following two pieces.  As soon as I got home from my long run and showered, this is exactly what I wanted to put on.

IMG_9370 (426x640)

First, let’s talk about these pants.  They are the new Joyride pants, and they pretty much never leave my body.  In fact, I am wearing them right now.  They have a wool blend on the outside which makes them super warm, but they are lined with athletic dri-layer, so they are silky smooth on the inside.  They also have a nice high, wide waistband that sucks me in in all the right places.  Excuse my extremely awkward posing…

IMG_9381 (419x640)

They also have side pockets, which save me from pulling my cell phone out of my bag 400 times an hour.  I wish they came in more than one color, because I would definitely get a second pair.  I am considering also buying the Joyride Skirt to dress up workout leggings if I’m out and about after a barre class during the day.  So cute!

The top is called the Fly-by Sweatshirt, and it’s kind of embarrassing how often I’m wearing it.  I love the speckled pattern and super long sleeves with thumb-holes.  The fit is perfect and it’s exactly what I need to throw on over running clothes when I’m out before or after a run.

IMG_9375 (426x640)

It is also reversible, so it’s kind of like getting two shirts in one!  I feel likes Brooks nailed it with the whole “athleisure” concept for fall.  I’m also feeling tempted by the Joyride Beanie hat!

IMG_9409 (640x428)

And last but not least, these weren’t sent to me as part of the Ambassador gig, but I bought them myself after I saw a fellow Brooks-lover wearing them.  They are the Vanguard Heritage sneakers, and they have become my go-to everyday shoe.  You can tell because mine are already filthy – ha!

IMG_9411 (640x409)

I think the herringbone details make these a little bit nicer looking, and I like that you can dress them up or down depending on your needs.  I spend a lot of time out walking and playing with the boys, so my basic TOMS don’t cut it anymore for all-day arch support.  This color is actually on sale right now for only $55 – a steal, and perfect style going into fall!

IMG_9413 (640x427)

Last but certainly not least, the Brooks Blog Ambassador team will be hosting a live Q&A over on Brooks new online running community – The Run – in just a few short hours!  We’ll be chatting about all things running from 5-6pm (PST, 8pm for your EST folks!) – hope on and join us if you are free!


Talk soon!