Happy Thursday, friends!  Today feels like crazy town because I’m running around to get ready to FLY TO CALIFORNIA tomorrow morning!  Can you tell I’m excited??  This is only my third time ever leaving both boys, and I know they are going to have a great weekend at home with dad.  And I am super excited for some solo adventures in San Francisco!

Athough, not really solo, because I’ll be hanging with the ClassPass team!


Would you believe that in all my years of running and blogging, I have never traveled for a race!?  I am so grateful to ClassPass for sending me to San Francisco and covering my race and travel expenses.  This feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’m going to do my best to take full advantage all things San Francisco. 

As far as actually feeling READY goes, I’m feeling a little bit nervous.  I do feel like I trained pretty well, but I know San Francisco is going to be super hilly (not my forte), and it’s also my third half marathon in the last five months.  I’m not expecting a personal best, but I’m hoping to finish strong and be smiling at the end.  I have a tendency to get in my own head at races, and I’m hoping a new awesome positive playlist and beautiful SF scenery will keep that from happening!

I approached training for this race a bit differently than I have in the past.  I did a lot more cross-training, and a bit less running.  And the result?  I don’t know that I am necessarily any faster, but my body feels a LOT stronger.  Over the twelve weeks of training, I did 42 different classes – that’s an average of 3.5 classes each week, and also included several weeks where we were out of town (and I had no access to fitness classes). 


I have absolutely loved jumping around to different fitness studios.  I always thought I was someone who liked routine and sticking to what’s familiar, so this has been a nice surprise.  Sure, any time I walk into a fitness center for the first time I am intimidated and a bit unsure, but I have never regretted trying a new workout or spot, and I’ve found new workouts I absolutely love.

Since I started using ClassPass, here in Seattle I’ve gone to the following:

  • Barre3
  • Pure Barre
  • FlyBarre
  • Modo Yoga
  • Strala Yoga
  • CorePower Yoga
  • Shefayoga
  • HauteYoga
  • FUELhouse
  • Inspire Pilates
  • FlyWheel

Aaaaaaaaaand I feel like I’m forgetting some, but that’s off the top of my head.  I love my evening – and occasional early morning – workouts that give me some much needed solo time in the midst of such busy, full days with the family.  And I also have three close friends using ClassPass, so it’s another opportunity to do something fun and active with friends. 

My running has averaged 1-2 weekday runs, and a longer run on the weekends.  My runs have been all over the place – some have felt effortless and energizing, and others have been a total slog.  We had a few weeks of travel and trips in August and I skipped three long runs that I definitely regret.  I hope that I made up for it in the weeks that followed with runs of 10, 12, and 9 miles before the taper. 


I am mostly just excited to run in a new place, be part of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (<—a race I’ve always wanted to do!), and to hopefully wear my Tiffany necklace with pride afterward.  When I’m not racing, I’m hoping to see as much of San Francisco as I possibly can!  I’ve only been there once before, so there will be plenty to see and do. 

Any recommendations from locals or frequent travelers?  I am already planning to go to Tartine (at least once!), but what else do I have to see (and EAT!)?  Are you running SF this year?  I’d love to meet you!

Does anyone else still sing The OC theme song (Califooooooorniaaaaaaaaaa!) whenever they talk about going there? 

I’m off to Califoooooorniaaaaaaa first thing tomorrow morning, and it will be a whirlwind of a trip for me – back in time to kiss my babies on Sunday night.  Early wished for a happy weekend to all of you!