A Run Happy Stocking Stuffer GIVEAWAY!

Popping in for a very quick post today – to say happy holiday and give you guys a quick running update!

I haven’t been running much these last few weeks – the torrential rain we’ve been having, coupled with feeling burnt out after training for and running three half marathons left me running to the barre and yoga studios instead. 

But my trusty running buddy, Lacey, is back in her running shoes after recovering from a hip injury, and she’s been pushing me to get back out there with her!  I don’t like running early in the morning in the dark alone, but I’m much more motivated to go with a friend!  We met up twice this week for 6am runs, and even though I never want to get out of bed for it, I’m always so grateful for the early morning exercise and chance to chat when it’s done. 

IMG_6488 (415x640)

And I have no business using the weather as an excuse to not go running, because Brooks has outfitted me with some awesome winter running gear!  This morning was my first run in the Greenlight Tights, and they were so comfortable!  I decided to be bold and not go with basic black.  They are reversible too – although I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear the solid light grey side.

IMG_6489 (427x640)

Whenever I run in the winter, I tend to get hot and want to shed shirts and jackets, but the rest of me stays cool.  You can see above that this morning I ended up in a tank top with gloves and a hat!  As part of the Brooks Ambassador program, I got to pick some winter accessories this month – I chose the Drift Glove and Greenlight Beanie. 

IMG_6492 (426x640)

The Drift Gloves are awesome because they are gloves AND mittens – the yellow part is a tiny wind-resistant flap that can be folded out and tucked over the fingers for extra warmth. 

IMG_6494 (640x426) 

Or you can tuck it back into the little pouch on the back that has a magnetic closure if you want to just wear gloves – pretty neat!  And the best part is the tech-tipped thumb and finger so you can still swipe your phone to change songs or update your runner tracking app.  LOVE!

IMG_6496 (640x422) 

The Greenlight Beanie is from the same collection as my pants – I just chose a different color (although the pants actually come in that color too)!  It is super bright and reflective, and while it sort of looks like a glowing swim cap, I do a lot of my winter running in the dark and I want to make sure I can easily be seen.  I’ve never run in a hat until this year – always an ear band before.  I actually really liked it and find that it keeps me much warmer with my whole head snugly covered. 

IMG_6498 (640x426) 

And now for the fun part!  As a last minute stocking stuffer surprise, I get to give away a set of winter accessories to one of YOU!  The winner will receive both the Drift Glove and the Greenlight Beanie, to help keep you warm on all your runs this season. 

IMG_6500 (640x427)

Since it’s the last minute before the holiday, I’m going to do a super short giveaway and pick a winner at 10pm PST tonight!  And I’m going to be doing it over on Instagram – follow me over there and leave a comment on the giveaway photo to enter.

And if you’re following me on Instagram, you can catch some of our daily shenanigans – like this one that is currently happening upstairs…


Guess we’ll be taking the crib apart tonight?  Happy holidays, indeed! 

All joking aside, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week full of celebration and family.  My mom and Jim arrive tomorrow, and we have been counting down until they are here.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  :)