Possibilities With Postmates.

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On Wednesday’s we wear pink, and on Friday’s we get takeout.  Okay actually I never wear pink, but we almost always, always, always get Friday night takeout.  We rarely eat out during the week, so it feels like a great treat to look forward to at the week comes to a close. 

Occasionally we mix it up, but more often than not, we order from our very favorite restaurant ever – Revel.  And the thing about Revel is, it’s a bumpin’ Friday night hangout spot – not a typical takeout joint, and definitely no delivery option.  But they are willing to pack food up to go, and every time we have the same back and forth about who has to go get it and deal with parking in Fremont on a Friday night.  The food is always worth it, but the drive to and from, plus the wait time and the parking ordeal can often mean being gone for 45 minutes to even an hour.  And in a city like Seattle – with so many small businesses and new types of delivery services popping up weekly – I knew there had to be a better way. 

And then I found Postmates

IMG_6990 (426x640)

Unlike some of the more typical restaurant delivery services, Postmates is an on-demand courier service that is completely tailored to what you need.  They will pickup takeout from just about anywhere (within your delivery zone), but also go beyond meal service to deliveries from pharmacies, groceries, convenience stores, and more.  They are also available on both web and mobile platforms (download the app and use the code dailygarnish8 to get $10 off your first delivery!). 

When I was offered the opportunity to try Postmates myself, I jumped for joy.  I knew exactly what our Friday night dinner would be as I looked ahead, and I scanned through the options to confirm it was there.


But then I kept scrolling, and I saw this…



If you live in the Seattle-area, you can understand my excitement.  Din Tai Fung is one of Seattle’s best restaurants (with locations around the world and in the LA-area as well!), and also one of the hardest to get into.  We will often to go the U-Village shopping center and put our name in for a table at 4pm, when the wait for dinner is already well over an hour.  In fact, it is so busy that they have a separate line outside the restaurant that you have to wait in just to get your name on the waitlist!  It is absurd but the food is so unbelievably good that it is more than worth it.  But it is a big production – being 25 minutes away from our house (yes, in Seattle 4 miles takes almost 30 minutes), and includes long wait times and parking battles. 

So when I saw that Din Tai Fung could be DELIVERED to my house at the push of a button, our dinner plans changed instantly.  The entire menu was available within the Postmates app, including the option to include notes or substitutions (like make the green beans with veggie broth instead of bone broth!).  We picked out our favorite selections, and I was told it would be delivered within an hour – can you hear those angels singing?


I got text and app updates as my order went from accepted –> picked up –> en route, and eventually – delivered!  Once it had been picked up by my Postmates courier, I could even see her exact progress as my delicious sticky rice cakes made their way across town to my living room.


When my driver arrived, she apologized that she was a few minutes late.  “That restaurant was super slammed,” she said.  “Oh yes, I am sure – that’s why I ordered it instead of going there to eat!” I said after thanking her and taking our bags. 

IMG_6957 (640x427) 

All of our food was neatly packed inside, along with utensils, napkins, and the official receipt from the restaurant, and anything else we might need for our meal. 

IMG_6961 (640x412)

Behold, this beautiful sight. 

IMG_6967 (640x421) 

These garlic green beans are one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten, and even my kids wolf them down when we go to the restaurant.  I have no idea what the garlic-y sauce is (and probably don’t want to either!), but it is what dreams are made of.

IMG_6973 (427x640)

We set up camp on the coffee table – ready for delicious dinner and last night’s episode of Top Chef (why did it move to Thursday?).

IMG_6986 (640x423) 

I cannot even tell you how happy I was to be eating one of my restaurant favorites in the comfort of my sweatpants and giant cozy couch. 

But beyond restaurant delivery, I discovered that Postmates really comes in handy for other “emergencies.”  Like this one.

IMG_7033 (640x427)

That, my friends, is our jar of coffee beans.  And it is bean-less.  And I discovered it on a morning when I’d been up since 4:50am with Graham (WHY?), had gone for a 4 mile run at 6am, and had also offered to watch a friend’s kids at my house while she had an appointment. 

IMG_7048 (640x425)

And so I was trapped at home (with no way to transport four kiddos in my tiny car), with zero coffee and serious exhaustion.  Postmates to the rescue!

IMG_7022 (640x427) 

I think it’s so cool that rather than having to pick and choose from a very specific list of restaurant partners, you can pick your OWN favorites, and have a Postmates courier head there for you.  On this particular morning, my Postmates courier went to the exact same Caffe Ladro that I work in on Monday mornings, and she brought me exactly what I like to order (minus the kombucha, we we have plenty of at home!). 

A piping hot unsweetened soy latte, and my favorite vegan oat bar – right to my doorstep.  Happiness!

IMG_7043 (640x426)

And in addition to ordering myself breakfast, I was also able to order two full bags of coffee to replenish our stash. 

IMG_7025 (640x427) 

I sipped my latte while the kiddos snacked and played trains and all played really well together – it was heaven! 

IMG_7030 (640x418)   

Download the app here and use the code dailygarnish8 to get $10 in delivery credit off your first order!

We tend to be out and about a lot during the day, so usually I can grab most things we need myself.  But there are times – like when kiddos are sick, or taking long naps (hallelujah!), when I am trapped at home and can’t get out to get something.  It’s comforting to know there is help – and coffee! – right at my fingertips!

Happy Thursday, friends!

This post is sponsored by Postmates.  Thanks for your continued support of Daily Garnish, and of our family.