Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love and strength as we have figured out life without Huey dog.  It has been a really hard week.

I have only ever had two dogs, so this whole one dog thing is new territory.  Our house feels very quiet and empty, as Huey was a big presence.  Indy is being spoiled rotten, as expected.  The outpouring of love from friends and loved ones has been wonderful – we’ve received flowers and cards, and nice reminders of how loved our old brown dog was by many. 

We were planning on planting Huey’s special tree this afternoon, as it’s been exactly a week since we lost him.  It sounds like we will need to wait another week to get his ashes back though, so we will wait a bit longer.  We did buy a really pretty pot that is Huey-colored, and it makes me smile to look at it.

I’ve been buying new frames and arranging a little gallery wall of dog pictures to hang above Huey’s favorite step, and putting my energy and sadness into that has been productive.  I’m also planning to make a small instagram book for the coffee table, as so many of my favorite pictures taken in recent years were on my phone. 

As I scrolled through the thousands of instagrams (!), I realized how much of our daily life was captured there – so many walks, snuggles, and naps with those furry pups.  And even though I’ve already shared far too many dog photos here, I’m going to share more.  Because it helps me, and right now I could use all the help I can get.

And speaking of help, I’m heading home this weekend.  I had been feeling homesick already, and losing Huey has been overwhelming.  I found an amazing last minute deal on flights, and so the boys and I are packing up and heading back to Ohio for Easter.  Casey is going to stay here for work and to keep Indy company, so it’s my first time traveling alone with both boys.  Travel to Ohio will be 7+ hours in the air – say a prayer.

I am so excited to see family and friends, and to spend time with the people who know me best and who knew my pup.  I think (at least I hope!) it will be exactly what I need to be able to come back and feel a bit more like myself again.

And so with that, I’m off to prepare for our very last minute trip.  I have some posts planned for while I’m gone, so I’ll be back here at some point next week.  But for now, please indulge me with one more giant photo dump – some of my favorite doggie Instagrams from 2012 until now!

Insta1 Insta2 Insta3 Insta4 Insta5 Insta6 Insta7 Insta8 Insta9 Insta10 Insta12 Insta13 Insta14 Insta15 Insta16 Insta17 Insta18 Insta19 Insta20 Insta21 Insta22 Insta23 Insta24 Insta25 Insta26 Insta27 Insta28 Insta29 Insta30 Insta31 Insta34 Insta36 Insta37 Insta38 Insta39 Insta40 Insta41 Insta42 Insta43 Insta44 Insta45 Insta46 Insta47 Insta48 Insta49 Insta50 Insta51 Insta52 Insta53 Insta54 Insta55 Insta56 Insta57 Insta58 Insta59 Insta60 Insta61 Insta62 Insta63 Insta64 Insta65 Insta66 Insta67 Insta68 Insta69 Insta70Insta71