Hello Monday.

I wrote and tried to publish this post yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t work.  So let’s give it a try again!

And hello AUGUST!  Where did that come from!?  And why is it 57 degrees outside in Seattle?  Weirdest summer ever. 

This summer has been different with the kids starting school last month.  It’s making it feel like it is going by even quicker, now that we don’t have every morning wide open for adventures.  And yet somehow I am behind as ever – let me catch you up on last week!

I finally broke down and did exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do this summer – and I chopped all my hair off.  I couldn’t take another day of pony tail, and something had to give. 


I’m really glad I did it – much more manageable and easy to take care of.  It might be mom hair, but it’s way better than my daily buns and pony tails, and I’m a lot more comfortable. 

Last week I also got to go to a special preview night at Brooks HQ here in Seattle, to see the launch of their new fall line of apparel and shoes.  One of the things I was most excited about?  This new Imperial shoe from the Heritage line.  I am seriously addicted to the Heritage (the casual everyday line) shoes, and this one will definitely be added to the lineup once it is released!  Can you see that it is trimmed in VELVET? 


Speaking of the lineup, it’s gotten a little embarrassing…

2016-07-27 013 (640x427)

Like I said, I have a major thing for the Heritage shoes.  I have both the Vanguards and Chariots, and love them both.  I wear these every single day – with the kids, walking the dog, traveling, with shorts, with pants, with dresses.  I’m hooked.  Most of these I’ve bought myself but as part of the Brooks Blog Ambassador program, I got to try a pair of the new City Chariots, and I chose this awesome neutral grey pair.

2016-07-27 007 (640x427)

They are perfect because my other pairs are all pretty wild and flashy, so these are a great simple alternative when I need something more muted.  And as soon as they arrived, Casey liked them so much that he went and got a pair of the mens’ version for himself. 

2016-07-27 003 (640x427)

We both wear them all the time, and we both rocked them at Vegan Beer Fest down in Portland earlier this summer.  We both also have the Mariners blue and green style, and wear our matching shoes to games.  Nerd alert!

2016-07-27 002 (427x640)

I used to wear a lot of TOMS as my daily shoes, but these have definitely taken over.  I love that they are cute and stylish but also comfortable and good for my feet.  I get compliments on my gold pair every time I wear them!

2016-07-27 015 (640x427)

Beyond the Brooks event, Casey and I escaped for a rare date night last weekend too!  We hadn’t been out just the two of us in months, and it was so needed.  We spent the night at Century Link Field dancing and singing to Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney, and it was a BLAST.  Summer concerts are the best!


And with a summer that is packed with travel, farmer’s markets, and visitors, we finally had a nice low key weekend at home.  We took the kids mini-golfing, and just enjoyed being together and having beautiful weather. 


And beautiful it was!  Summer (finally) arrived in Seattle for at least a little bit.  Long enough for us to break out the goggles (only way he would do it!) and run through the splash pads.  This was our first trip to the splash park of the summer, and I can’t believe it took so long.


We’ve done a ton of the pool this summer too, and lots of family swim nights, which has been really fun.  Cullen is SO close to swimming on his own, and I think with a little more practice he’ll have it.  I’m crossing my fingers he is swimming on his own by the time we go to New Jersey in a few weeks!

And today, we are settling back into home and routine after a quick-but-wonderful weekend at the Oregon Coast.  I am missing the beach, but grateful for the chance to sit down and catch back up.  I’m back to packing lunches and setting my alarm for 5am – which is also fun in it’s own way.  Routine can be nice. 


Coming up soon, I’m planning to finally photograph and share the recipe that we use for our cauliflower crust pizza nights – we do this at least once each week.  Everyone in the family loves it, and we always fight over the last piece.  I’ll have it up here next week!


More coming this week too, but for now – happy Monday!