Apple Picking 2016.

Well hello there!!  Thanks so much for your patience this past week!  I told some of you already on the DG Facebook page, but we moved the site to a new server last week and there were some growing pains.  I think we finally have most of it sorted out, so fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing from here!

This past weekend was our first big fall adventure – apple picking!  We are finally done with some of the summer farmer’s markets for the kombucha business, which means our weekends are bit more free.  Since we had a whole Saturday in front of us and the sun was shining, we headed out into the country side. 

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I know I’ve talked about this here before, but Casey’s most hated day of the year is when we go to the pumpkin patch.  He doesn’t like the manufactured “farms” that cater to city crowds so that kids can pose on tractors and choose pumpkins were all just hauled in from somewhere and dumped in the grass.  And to be honest, I kind of agree.

Especially being small business owners ourselves now, we really like to find people who are working hard to create something in our community.  And Skipley Farm was exactly that. 

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The nice men who helped us lived in the farmhouse, raised the animals themselves, and knew more about apples than I even knew was possible.  We were lucky to be some of the only people there on a gorgeous fall day, and the kids couldn’t wait to get started. 

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We tried to explain how to look for good apples, and that we only wanted to bring home the best ones.  I feared that, unlike blueberries – where you can never have too many, we might end up with 50 pounds of apples. 

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Of course like any fruit-picking activity, eating them was the main event.  We had a map of over 100 different varieties that were out in the fields, and it was really interesting to see just how different some of them were from others! My favorites were the Liberty – bright red with a crisp white inside, that almost looked like a giant radish.

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It is so nice that they are finally both big enough to do big adventures and all enjoy and participate.  They love each other so much, and I can’t handle how much it means to me.

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As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been a busy summer full of business growth and lots of farmers markets, and while we had a ton of fun – we were also spread very thin.  Casey and I tended to be ships passing, trying to get it all done, and so this day of family time was much needed, and so appreciated.

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And look – mom was there too!  A rare step onto the other side of the camera to prove that I am actually a part of our family adventures too. :)

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Such a fun time with my little people!  Lots of talk of the apple pies we would make when we got home.

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IMG_4502 (425x640)

And we certainly brought home more than enough apples to make that happen.  As usual, we had no self control and bought something like 15 pounds of apples – absurd! 

IMG_4515 (640x414)     

We’ve already made (and eaten) an enormous batch of homemade applesauce in the rice cooker.  And I’m currently sitting here snacking on a big plate of apples and cheese as a late breakfast (and coffee #3…). 

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Any favorite pie recipes you want to share?  I promised Cullen pie, so I have to deliver!  Next week we head to the Pumpkin Patch with school, and hoping to hit a few fall festivals in the coming month as well.  Happy fall (and Thursday!) to all of you – thanks again for your patience during our server move!