Friendsgiving 2016 (& Thanksgiving Recipes!).

We are in Atlanta this week for the Thanksgiving holiday!  There are about 25 of us here celebrating together, so it’s going to be a really fun week.  I’m helping with a bit of cooking on Thursday, but not too much.

And just like we did last year, we held our annual vegetarian Friendsgiving over the weekend in order to also celebrate with friends and make some of our favorite recipes!

20161120_125924 (491x640)

For the first time in forever, I actually prepped and planned really well so that it wasn’t total chaos in the kitchen the day of the big meal.  I shopped on Wednesday, did a ton of prep on Thursday, and then put it all together and did the last minute details on Friday.  And if I do say so myself, I think it was one of our best holiday meals yet!

20161119_115547 (474x640)

I’m not nearly as good at it, but I definitely got the entertaining gene from my mom.  I LOVE to have people over and pull out our fancy (Target, haha) dinnerware.  I like to think I get a little better at it each year. 

20161118_181551 (640x361)

Since we were doing an all-veggie menu (which ended up actually being all vegan!), we invited our closest vegetarian friends over for the festivities.  We had seven adults and five kids, and it was chaotic but fun.  For the first time ever, the kids were finally old enough that we put them in the kitchen by themselves at the eat-in table, and the adults all got to enjoy a bit of peace in the dining room. 

20161118_181605 (360x640)

On our menu, we had the following:

20161119_115554 (440x640)

It was an awesome spread of food, and I filled my plate twice.

20161119_115600 (463x640)

And now I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner down south with family, and lots of new food and recipes to try.  It’s one of my favorite holidays because you can take all your traditions with you wherever you go. 

20161119_115606 (443x640)

I hope you all have a wonderful and delicious holiday this week.  I am grateful for you guys and this awesome community!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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