A New Way to Save on Favorite Fashion Brands.

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As the boys continue to grow and grow, I am always searching for ways to save and cut back on what we spend on all their clothes, jackets, boots, and all the other things they seem to outgrow every few months.  I know I’ve raved on here plenty about our local Buy Nothing and Facebook swap groups – can you tell I’m obsessed? 

My mom has always loved consignment shopping, but I’m not much of an in-person shopper.  So being able to buy and trade discounted kids items online sort of feels like online consignment aka the best thing ever.  And while these parent groups are great for trading kids coats and shoes, I’ve always found it harder to find nice, gently-used items for myself or for Casey. 

So imagine my excitement when I discovered thredUP – an online consignment boutique selling women’s and kids’ high-quality secondhand fashion with a range of brands from Madewell to Lululemon, to JCrew and much more (up to 90% off retail price!).

2016-12-10 007 (640x427)

You guys know I love anything that arrives easily on my doorstep.  I can blame it on the Seattle traffic and crowds and lack of parking, or maybe I’m just lazy – but I almost never shop in real stores anymore other than the grocery.  But in my quests to find things online, I often spend an absurd amount of effort scouring for coupon codes, saving things in carts and watching for sales, and generally just being cheap about how darn expensive most things are these days.  So online consignment is music to my ears! (And spoiler alert – I have a coupon code for you guys here too! The first 100 customers to click HERE and use my code GARNISH40 will get 40% off their thredUP order.) 

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With kids changing sizes and outgrowing things as often as they do, buying secondhand makes so much sense – especially for seasonal items like winter boots or bathing suits.  What I don’t trade in my local parent groups, I often donate to a local family shelter here.  Buying, selling, trading, and donating our used items is so much better for the planet too. 

One of my favorite features of thredUP that I cant wait to try out, is the Clean Out Bag service.  You can order a bag and then simply fill it with the items you no longer want (you can consult the website to see what brands and conditions are accepted, and what the payout will be for each item), and then place on at your front door for pick-up. It literally could not be easier to get rid of the things you no longer want in a responsible way.  Items that are accepted for consignment will be paid out to you in cash or credit, and then whatever remains can be mailed back, or thredUP will donate it to a local charity for you.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.

So let’s check out what we ordered from our first thredUP shopping experience!

2016-12-10 017 (640x427)

Since we are mid-season the boys have pretty well-stocked wardrobes right now. Graham rarely needs much since he gets all of Cullen’s hand me downs. But both kids are really into athletic wear right now (groaaaan), so I figured I’d brose some of those brands since things like Nike and Adidas can be surprisingly expensive!

I saw this Nike henley in Graham’s size and knew he would LOVE it.  I was really impressed when I saw the shirt in person – very clean, like-new condition with very little signs of wear.  And $20 less than full retail price – only $10.99!

2016-12-10 024 (640x427)

And obviously I couldn’t resist this outrageous cool baseball guy muscle tank that would honestly probably fit both boys.  This was also originally $32, and I snagged it for $11. 

2016-12-10 033 (427x640)

When shopping for myself I tried to consider which areas of my wardrobe were struggling.  The obvious answers were everyday tops, athletic tops, and shoes. I know it’s hard to believe I am lacking in activewear, but for some reason I am super super super specific about workout tops.  I hate anything that clings to my belly or hugs me too tightly while I’m moving.  I have accepted that my stomach will never be what it was before kids, but I’m also not accepting of visible muffin top that makes me uncomfortable.  This blousy top from Beyond Yoga looked like perfection. 

2016-12-10 018 (427x640)

It was brand new with tags still attached, and check out that price (for a SHIRT!).  My price?  $12.99 – yes, seriously. And it fits perfectly.

2016-12-10 021 (640x427)

I grabbed this Lucy tank too because I hadn’t tried that brand before, but had heard good things, and once again it looked fitted but forgiving. 

2016-12-10 025 (427x640)

While browsing athletic brands, I couldn’t resist these Zella crops that I’ve grown to love so much in a fun pattern. 


Even prettier when they arrived in person, and with fun mesh detailing on the bottoms. 

2016-12-10 027 (640x427)

Both items fit perfectly and were exactly what I was looking for, and I rocked them at this morning’s soul-crushing Orangetheory class. 

2016-12-12 010 (424x640)

The next item might make you laugh, but I couldn’t help myself.  Like I said above, I’m very picky about workout tops. And if you’ve followed my Instagram over time it’s obvious that I have one favorite top in particular…


I bought this Brooks top right when I started working with them as an Ambassador, and it’s been my favorite for many years.  I wish I had bought ten more of them!  So when I saw this pop up in my size, I couldn’t resist it.


Why mess with a good thing, right?  Plus maybe I’ll get extra points at Orangetheory for wearing so much orange, who knows.  It’s the exact same shirt as the one I have minus the text on the front, and with the addition of a pretty pink pattern on the back. 

2016-12-10 029 (427x640)

Beyond athletic clothes, I’m also lacking in every day tops that are not kombucha t-shirts or slogan sweatshirts.  Basically, I dress like a 15 year old.  So I browsed some of my favorite brands and ended up scoring this fun stripey shirt from Loft for only $9.99!

2016-12-10 035 (640x427)

And I also grabbed this one for another $9.99 (originally 59.95 – tags attached!) with a pretty ribbon tie at the back of the neck. 

2016-12-10 037 (640x427)

I wore it to a cookie exchange that my friend Lacey hosted this weekend, and I TOTALLY WON BEST TASTING COOKIE!!!!  Probably felt a little too proud, but I was quite pleased that my several trials and many hours baking on Saturday had paid off.  And I felt cute in my shirt, so I was definitely winning. 

2016-12-11 001 (424x640)

And that’s that – my first time trying thredUP, but definitely not my last.  It’s great for just browsing to see what’s there, or for searching for something specific that you might not be able to find locally.  I’ll definitely be using this more for the kid when we change seasons next near, now that I saw firsthand the awesome quality and condition of the items we received.

If you’d like to try thredUP too, don’t forget – the first 100 customers to click HERE and use my code GARNISH40 will get 40% off their thredUP order. Valid for new customers only with discount up to $50!  Happy shopping!