How to Stay Out of the Kitchen During the Holidays.

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Whenever people ask us what we love so much about living in Seattle, the list is easy.  The mountains, the water, the culture, and the FOOD!  Ohhh the food.  We take it for granted, and whenever we travel back to the Midwest (I still love you, Ohio!) I am reminded of how lucky we are to have so many amazing dining options out here in the Northwest.


We love to go out to eat, and it’s one of the things we prioritize in our budget.  With that said, eating out with a three and five year old is not always the relaxing and enjoyable culinary escape we are looking for (understatement).  And so more often than not, we end up deciding to skip the restaurants, the fighting over crayons, the spilled drinks, the 400 asks to please use inside voices, and just eat dinner at home.

But that doesn’t mean that mama actually wants to cook.  Nope, it’s Friday night and the kitchen is cleaned up and closed.  We make something easy for the kids like quesadillas and roasted veggies, and then as soon as they are in bed, it’s time for TAKEOUT!

And while takeout has always been a treat, it got a whole lot better last year.  Sometime back in the Spring, I discovered that UberEATS had come to Seattle.  We had already done trials of several other delivery services, but hadn’t been too impressed with any of them.  We figured we would give this one a shot in order to get the new user promo deal, and then likely never use it again. WRONG!

I know it’s easy to feel like sponsored posts are too glowy and promotional. But let me tell you with complete sincerity that when UberEATS reached out to me for a partnership, I did a happy dance because it was already something we were frequently using and loving. We have been using UberEATS several times a month for many months now, and believe me when I say that it is the BEST.

IMG_5620 (426x640)

Haven’t tried it or don’t know what it is?  Let me enlighten you.  UberEATS is literally an Uber for your FOOD. Can you handle this??

Selection: UberEATS has hundreds of great local restaurants.  My biggest complaint with the other services I tried was lack of options.  It seems like, at least here in Seattle, UberEATS has cornered the market – anything and everything you could want is available.  And there are more places added every time I open the app!  You can get ice cream or sushi – need I say more?

Screenshot_20161204-192245 (2) (421x640)

Speed: Seriously fast delivery. The average order takes 35 minutes from start to finish, and ours almost always arrives before the expected arrival time.  If you need something in a hurry, the app also has an “Under 30 Minutes” section – for things that are quickly prepared and nearby.  Hell yes to cupcakes.

Screenshot_20161205-135554 (360x640)

Service: It is the same professional and experienced service you expect from Uber. You get phone notifications all through the process, and can even live track your order as it comes to you.

Screenshot_20161205-143312 (2) (607x640)

Try it for yourself – the first 50 readers to use the code GARNISH10 gets you $10 off your first order!

This is also something we use a ton when we have family in town.  It makes it so much easier to tackle dinner when we can order something that everyone likes, and not have to worry about cooking or running out for food – especially during our dark rainy winters!  With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, using a service like UberEATS can really help lighten the load of hosting and entertaining, and let us enjoy that precious time with our families.


Okay so let me show you some of the deliciousness we have had recently.  One this particular day, Casey and I had both had good workouts and were feeling like eating something healthy. We decided to order big loaded salads from Evergreens here in Seattle. This salad spot is delicious, but downtown – which means I would never actually go there myself because I don’t want to deal with the traffic and parking. But delivered to me? Now we are talking.

I ordered two of the El Sombrero Salads and added some extras that we both like. It’s nice that you can customize easily within the app, and even add notes like “dressing on the side” in the instructions.

Screenshot_20161205-140044 (2) (587x640)

I feel like $3.99 is a totally reasonable booking fee when you consider the convenience of the service being provided.  And when something like this shows up on the doorstep, it feels worth every penny.

IMG_5621 (640x427)

Delicious and enormous veggie salad with black beans, corn, pickled red onions, tomatoes, tons of avocado, hard boiled egg, tortilla strips, and more. And topped with a piece of bread from local Macrina Bakery!

IMG_5624 (427x640)

This particular meal was a lunch we ordered the day after we got back from a trip (and had zero fresh food in our house). Eaten at the desk while working in the afternoon during nap time (and right after a shower – pardon my hair).

IMG_5631 (640x427)

But most of the time we use UberEATS for a date night at home!  We generally reserve these nights for Fridays or Saturdays, and I always look forward to it during the week. One of our go-to spots is called 8oz Burger & Co. in Ballard, and I think it has one of the best veggie burgers in town!

Screenshot_20161204-191859 (360x640)

The app has all sorts of customizations just like the regular menu.  I always get the brioche bun or the lettuce wrap – the pretzel bun is too stiff for the burger!

Screenshot_20161204-191943 (360x640)

And sometimes we will add a side item depending on how hungry we are.  These Shishito Peppers were a new menu item, and I knew I needed them the minute I saw the menu. The best!

Screenshot_20161204-192004 (360x640)

Here in Seattle, we have no booking fee for orders over $30, which is an amazing deal. So we had dinner in for under $35, which is so much more enjoyable and less expensive than a crowded restaurant with kids.

Screenshot_20161204-192037 (2) (567x640)

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Screenshot_20161204-192210 (360x640)

And about 30 minutes later, there is a knock at the door and dinner has arrived!

IMG_5571 (427x640)

Veggie burger heaven – if you live in Seattle and haven’t tried it yet, promise me you will!

IMG_5580 (640x427)

And here is the other big reason we really love using UberEATS.  After many long years of eating all the same things, Casey decided to start eating meat again a few months ago.  And since the boys and I are still vegetarian, sometimes it can be hard to find a meal that we can all enjoy!

Like I said above, we also use UberEATS a TON when our families are visiting from out of town. There are so many different types of eaters in our families – vegetarians, paleo, Italian lovers, Thai lovers, Indian lovers, and more.  And instead of spending 400 hours on Pinterest trying to find a meal to cook that will satisfy everyone, it is SO much easier to open an app, have everyone pick exactly what they want from the menu, and spend all that time visiting together instead of in the kitchen. We will definitely be doing this for several meals when our families come for the Christmas holiday!

But even in our little immediate family, it can serve as a nice option for making a meal that Casey and I can both enjoy, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences. He loves the grass-fed burger from 8oz in the lettuce wrap!

IMG_5583 (640x427)

And Indy loves being the third wheel on our at-home date nights, always trying to steal a sniff or a bite.

IMG_5598 (426x640)

I joked with Casey as he sat there with Indy’s face two inches from his plate, that the dog obviously knew which plate had meat on it.  He left me alone to eat in peace!

IMG_5599 (640x427)

I’m grateful for cozy sweats during this cold month, a snuggly dog that I couldn’t love more, and delicious restaurant-quality food delivered right to our doorstep as we started our HBO marathon for the evening.

IMG_5607 (640x427)

Don’t forget – you can get $10 off your first UberEATS delivery by using the code GARNISH10!  Date night in for the win!


Cheers to a clean kitchen, and a delicious dinner.

IMG_5611 (640x427)

Have a great weekend!