2017 Running Plans and Goals!

It wouldn’t be January if we weren’t talking fitness resolutions, right?  Although I don’t really have any big resolutions this year.  More just plans and shifts in mindset. 

My biggest goal for the coming year can be summed up in one word – PEACE.  I want a peaceful household, and I want to be a peaceful parent.  This has nothing to do with fitness, but it is the general umbrella under which I’m trying to wake up every day.  More listening, less yelling.  More patience and fun, less stress and projecting.  More peace within, and more peace given to others around me.

And in some ways, I guess that does tie in with fitness, and in not really setting any formal concrete plans.  I want to give myself grace and peace to work hard and do my best, but also not set myself up to fail.  That said, I only did one big race last year and it kind of bummed me out.  So I’d like to find a few to work toward throughout the year, and see how it goes!

Oiselle is doing a brand new road race here in Seattle on April 22nd, but we will be out of town for it, which is a bummer – next year it is!  Other races on my radar:.

  • Hot Chocolate 15k – March 5
  • Beat the Bridge 5k – May 21
  • Brooks Trailhead 15k – May (hasn’t been announced yet)
  • Rock N Roll Seattle – June 18th (always a favorite!)
  • Suncadia Multisport Festival – July (hasn’t been announced yet)
  • Lake Union 10k – August 13
  • Seattle Marathon 10k – August 27

Not sure which ones exactly I’ll do, but I’ll probably start training soon to at least build my base mileage up to at least 6 or so miles.  I NEED my running buddy Lacey to heal up from her hip injury to help me get motivated to go running when it’s pitch dark and 22 degrees outside (like it was this morning).  

My BIG long-term goal is to run the Flying Pig (full) Marathon next year (2018) – it will be the ten year anniversary of my very first marathon.  I have a lot of time to think about it and prepare, but I have it in my sights as a very long term thing to be working toward!

Outside of running and racing, my plan is to keep committed to Orangetheory and see how many splat points I can rack up for the year – my goal is at least 2017!  I had fun bouncing around to lots of different fitness studios for a while, but now I really enjoy just doing one thing consistently.  I think it helps that every Orangetheory workout is so different, so it still feels fresh and new each time. 


(My new favorite running pants and latest shoe obsession from Brooks!)

Currently I’m going to Orangetheory 3-4 days each week, and usually barre3 1-2 days a week as well.  I imagine those numbers will shift around and lessen a bit as I add in more regular outdoor running as well.  I’m excited and hopeful to see how my treadmill sprints and intervals have impacted my outdoor running over this winter season.  Fingers crossed that I’ve built up some speed and endurance!  And if not it’s going to be an ugly start.

So far this year is off to a tough start, as I’m still battling this nasty flu/cold that I came down with on Christmas Eve.  I’ve been under the weather for weeks now, and I can’t just sit in bed and read books and recover all day (as much as I’d love to!).  So for now I’m power walking and taking it easy, but still keeping moving so I stay sane and somewhat fit. 

What are your goals this year?  Who else is doing Orangetheory??  Any local races I should have on my radar that I didn’t mention?