Moving My Legs, Moving Our Business!

Hellooooo from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!  We MOVED last week!  Not our house, but our business.  I’m not sure which one is worse.  All of that info coming down below, but first the other moving I’ve been doing – the workouts!

In the week leading up to our business move, I was determined to stay as active as possible, knowing that the following week my workouts would be pretty disrupted.  I am so happy to report that it is running season once again!  There is more daylight, it’s a bit warmer, and most importantly – my running buddy is slowly making her way back from her injury.  Cheers to having someone else to keep me accountable and to miles flying by as we chat about work, kids, and the Bachelor. 


Lacey and I have been running one to two times a week for the past few weeks, and I still can’t believe how good it feels to be running outside again.  I am so SO grateful to Orangetheory for keeping my legs moving all winter long on the treadmill, and I can definitely tell that all those intervals and inclines have paid off.  Running has felt alarmingly easy this go-round, and I hope it stays that way!


I’m currently trying out the new Launch 4’s from Brooks for my shorter outdoor runs, and so far I am really loving them!  It’s the first time I’ve ever worn black running shoes, and they make me feel hardcore.  Love how light and springy they are!

Speaking of Brooks, I also had the chance to go to their spring preview night earlier this month for a night of food, fitness, and fashion!  We started out night with a run to Gasworks Park, followed by a bootcamp workout in front of the gorgeous Seattle skyline.  After we ran back to the Trailhead shop, we were treated to a fashion show of all the new spring footwear and apparel – it was SO much fun.  The spring stuff is adorable, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of those gold heather Pure Flows when they come out next month!


Outside of my regular routine, I also hit up the new Soulcycle studio that just opened here in Bellevue!  I convinced two friends to go with me, and we were put on bikes right in the front row – yikes.  I’ve said it before –  spinning is just NOT for me.  With that said, if I was ever going to get into spinning, it would be Soulcycle.  The instructors are amazing (how do their legs move to quickly?) and the music and energy are just infectious.  I could definitely see myself going back. 


I rocked the new Brooks Ghost Crops (part of the spring line!) and they were the perfect lightweight pant – wicked the sweat and dried really quickly, and were super stretchy and thin for all that cycling. 

And back at the ranch, they were so comfy I kept them on while I tackled a mountain of labeling bottles.  I don’t talk about the daily logistics of our kombucha business here very much, but we’ve been juggling and shuffling things around as we have been quickly outgrowing the space we have been in for the last two years.  Storage has been a major issue. 

And so would you believe that for the last year that we’ve been officially selling our product, I have labeled every single bottle standing at our dining room table? 

20170203_153017 (393x640)

Thousands and thousands of bottles.  I kind of want to cry just thinking about it.  Huge mountains of boxes of bottles dumped into our dining room, and hours of standing there and labeling night after night while I watched TV or listened to podcasts.  I’d actually done it so many times it was hard to imagine not doing it anymore. A labor of love, indeed. 

20170207_092723 (640x424)

I labeled the very last bottle and packed up my labeling machine and wanted to jump on top of the table and dance.  Our business has grown so much this year, which is just incredible!  We knew months ago that when our lease was up we’d be moving to a new space, and Casey and I spent a lot of work and time researching and touring spaces, considering options, and then securing our spot and working through logistics to make it work for our production. 

We found an awesome space right across the bridge in Ballard, still only a few minutes from our old shop and where we live, and we had access to it the first week of February.  Casey got to work on construction right away.

20170209_091827 (640x360)

The tricky thing is that, while we have two full time employees, they were essentially keeping our business and our old shop alive – so the move itself had to be mostly handled by the two other employees – me and Casey. 

20170209_091834 (640x360)

The space we took over had “great bones” as they say, but needed a TON of work.  The previous tenant had been in there for nine years, and it required an extensive cleaning to bring it up to our standards for food production.  And so Casey constructed, while I cleaned. 

20170209_091852 (640x360)

I rented scaffolding and I spent two entire days wheeling it around our 1200 square feet (with 12 foot ceilings!) – vacuuming and wiping down every pipe, light fixture, crack and crevice on the walls and ceilings. 

20170209_155138 (640x360)

I have never been so filthy in my entire life. 


And once it was all cleaned and prepped, it needed a lot of paint.  Twelve foot concrete walls and pillars that left my arms shaking for days. 

20170209_155141 (640x360)

I raced from school drop off and we worked nonstop while the kids were at school.  I begged friends to watch them in the afternoons.  I hired a babysitter for their non-school day, and Casey and I just kept going and going as hard as we could.  And during those evening and weekend hours when we had no one else to ask for help, the kids hung out in the office coloring, doing legos, and playing on the iPad.  They were total troopers, and spent several nights out waaaay past their bedtime while we tried to bang out just one more coat of paint.

20170211_160831 (502x640)

And occasionally, they even helped.

123769 (640x480)

But little by little, the wreckage cleared, the layers of paint dried, and it started to look and feel like a production space. 

20170211_085302 (640x360)

Our deadline to get everything cleaned and ready to go was Saturday. Our move day was Sunday. Our health inspection was Monday. 

On Saturday I had Casey take the kids to their ski lessons while I stayed back to finish painting.  I ended up being there for 14 hours straight, and never sat down (because there was no where to sit!).  After skiing, Casey and the boys came and stayed through dinner time.  We had friends join us and bring much needed food and drinks, and several hours of painting and much needed energy. 

123768 (480x640)

On Sunday morning, we did a final cleaning and were ready to move our equipment over. 

20170212_113746 (640x360)

20170212_113849 (640x360)

And on Monday morning we nervously shuffled around the space as we watched the health inspector ask questions and check things off his clip board.  A few minutes later, we were handed our FDA permit (with a score of 100!) and I’m pretty sure I leaped in the air after he left. 

Here we are a week later, all moved and mostly-settled in, and fully up and producing again.  I know you don’t have a sense of our “before” but the difference is night and day. For the past two years we’ve worked out of 275 square feet of production space.  Every square inch was used, and our refrigerator was always at max capacity.  Our new space is 1200 square feet of organized space with plenty of room for all our storage, as well as room to grow. 

20170222_115300 (640x360)

The other great thing about our new space is that we also have a small office, so Casey and I can work there together a few mornings each week, and he can work their full time and not be trying to work from home amongst the chaos of the kid and the dog and the crazy wife.  And now our house can go back to being just a house and we can separate the business from our home life a whole lot better.

20170222_115412 (640x360)

It was SO much work and I felt like I could sleep for dayssss when we were done, but it was also really rewarding.  It felt good to dive in and work hard, and do it along side Casey just like we used to. And it’s amazing to think of what we have built in just a short time!

20170222_115314 (640x360)

This morning I headed back to Orangetheory after a 1.5 week break.  I had to cancel a lot of workouts due to how much time we were spending on the business move, and OH did it hurt to go back today. I have been limping around all afternoon!

20170222_071410 (573x640)

But it’s nice to be back in our regular groove, catching up on work and enjoying our new space, and knowing that I will never ever label another bottle on our dining room table again.