Natural Beauty Products for Busy Mornings.

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I am always hesitant to do anything “beauty” related here, as it’s not something that comes naturally to me or that I know all that much about.  I have a curling iron that I mainly just burn myself with, eyeliners I don’t know how to apply, and I can’t understand the whole dry shampoo crazy for the life of me.  I’m what you might call – simple – when it comes to the “beauty” regimen.  And on most days, I look like this.

IMG_6532 (640x426)

But that’s not to say that I’m not interested in it, and that I don’t care how I look – quite the opposite, really. Particularly as I’m getting older (with a birthday just around the corner – gulp), I’m a lot more focused on finding the right products that are both safe and effective. And as my wrinkles and laugh lines deepen, I’d like to keep trying to take better care of my face, hair, and skin – to keep it looking as nice as possible with age!

These days my daily routine is VERY short.  And I know many of you struggle with the same lack of time in the mornings.  I remember the days where it was hard to even find the time for a shower, so if you are still in the trenches then this post is for you.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite natural beauty products for a super quick morning routine.


I am very lucky in this department, as I married into a family with incredible hair.  Both my inlaws and my husband – and now my kids – all have amazing thick, shiny hair that can do no wrong.  And while marrying-in did not automatically give me the same tresses, I did become privileged to something else.  My mother in law is 1. extremely generous and 2. addicted to trying new products. She is always looking for the latest and greatest, and recommending all her finds.  And about that generosity, well…she is constantly passing along samples, freebies, and things she is no longer using.  And my product drawer runneth over.

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In addition to four million hair products, she also convinced me of another important hair tip – to STOP washing my hair every day.  I always read and heard of people who go days and days between washings, and just assumed my hair sucked and it wouldn’t work for me.  And then I decided to give it a go, and it turns out to be kind of amazing!  I still shower every day, and I have a cheapo shower cap for the non-wash days. These are obviously the fastest days for getting ready as there is no hair drying!

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I aim to wash my hair 2-3 times a week (usually planned around my hardest workouts!), and after a few months of this I can tell it is much healthier.  Also important?  When I DO wash my hair, I’m trying to find the best natural shampoos and products.  I recently started using Pura D’Or shampoo and conditioner – specifically, the Gold line

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We all know that after we have kids, our hair falls out for a while during that fun postpartum period.  And while the majority of that stopped a long time ago, I still don’t really feel like my hair ever regained it’s original thickness.  The Pura D’or Gold line is specifically formulated for anti-hair thinning and intensive thickening Here are some of the product highlights off their website:

  • Blend of 17 key active ingredients help reduce hair loss due to breakage
  • Helps regenerate & revitalize follicles
  • Revives damaged and distressed hair, leaving it healthier looking and smoother
  • Supports healthy scalp, regenerates hair, and revitalizes follicles
  • No chemicals, no sulfates, no parabens – so important!

Once I’m out of the shower, I’ve also been using the Pura D’or Argan Oil serum to help nourish, moisturize, and regenerate any hair breakage. 

IMG_6492 (640x427)

And as a bonus, I’ve also been using the argan oil on my face at night – just lightly rubbing into the corners of my eyes and mouth to help reduce fine lines.  I love that it is 100% oil with no harsh chemicals!

IMG_6502 (417x640)

Good news!  If you have suffered the same hair thinning after kids that I have, you can try the Pura D’or line for yourself – the first 100 readers will receive $20 Off + Free Delivery off your first order of shampoo and conditioner. Click here and use the code DAILYGARNISH to receive your discount. Offer valid only on the shampoo/conditioner sets.

These are my go-to products on the days where I wash my hair and I want it to be shiny, smooth, and full of body.  I jump in the shower as soon as I’m home from my workout and then I wrap my hair in a towel and let it air dry while I get myself ready, grab the kids clothes, pack their lunches, etc.  About ten minutes before we walk out the door I run back up to quickly blow dry.  I’ve been using my trusty Sedu hair dryer for something like ten years now and it is still my favorite. 

IMG_6524 (450x640)

In the summer when it’s much warmer and less humid outside, I can get away with letting my hair air dry into curls.  For wavy days, I’ve started using the DevaCurl product line (another find from my MIL!), and it’s been great for defining curls and adding body to my waves.  It is also all sulfate, paraben, and silicone free!

IMG_6507 (640x427)


In addition to finding natural hair products, I’ve also tried to find really simple, natural ways to take care of my face and skin.  With aging and the the onset of wrinkles and lines, it’s super tempting to buy one of those skincare systems full of miracle promises and incredible before and afters. But ultimately I’ve decided I care more about my long-term health and wellness, and don’t want harsh chemicals seeping into my skin.

I don’t wear much makeup other than mascara these days, and so every morning I start my day with a quick swipe of coconut oil over each eye.  It is the absolute BEST makeup remover ever – I cant believe all the years I spent buying expensive remover wipes!

IMG_6512 (427x640)

Next up, I wash my face – either in the sink or the shower – with the Beautycounter charcoal bar.  My friend Lindsay sells Beautycounter and raved about this product so much that I had to try it myself.  I really like the way it makes my skin feel once it’s clean – super soft and smooth!  My only complaint is that it makes a big mess – black soap suds wherever you set it down. 

IMG_6517 (640x427)

This time of year, I often need a hint of lotion to combat winter dryness. Recently I’ve just been using basic Cetaphil – a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t leave my skin greasy at all.  We use this on the kids too for chapped and dry skin!

IMG_6511 (640x427)

After lotion comes a few brushes of my BareMinerals face powder and a bit of mascara, and I’m good to go.  I’m not sure why I recently decided to stop wearing most of my makeup.  Part of it was that by the end of the day I felt like it almost made me look more tired – all smudged and mostly worn off from a day of chaos.  Rather than load on the makeup, I’m trying to take better care of my skin and eyebrows so that I can feel more confident in what is underneath. 

20170215_081846 (409x640)

From hair to makeup – I can usually get all of this done about 20 minutes – just enough time for the kids to watch one TV show before we all pack up and head out the door for the day. It feels good to know I’m using natural, quality products that will protect my skin and repair my hair throughout the day. 

And on that note, I’m off to jump in the shower and get going!  Don’t forget – the first 100 readers to use the code DAILYGARNISH can get $20 off a Pura D’or shampoo and conditioner set!  Enjoy!