Snowy Seattle.

We woke up yesterday to a rare blanket of snow, and schools cancelled all across the area!  This is our second snow of the year, which is such a treat – it has been years since it snowed in the city! 


I grabbed my real camera for once, to snap some pictures of the snow before most people had ventured out of the house yet.  I know some of you live in snowy places and see your neighborhoods like this for months on end, but wow – it took my breath away!

IMG_6231 (427x640)

IMG_6232 (640x427)

IMG_6239 (427x640)

IMG_6248 (640x427)

The kids were stoked for a snow day, and I was ready to get out there and play at like 7am.  We had spent the last two weekends in the mountains though (with TONS of snow!) so the novelty of it wasn’t quite as high as usual for the kids.  They opted to play inside for a while and just stay in their jammies and be cozy. 

IMG_6254 (640x420)

I don’t know what has changed – maybe just getting older?  But suddenly these two are the best of friends. They will play for hours uninterrupted and it is such a refreshing pace of life. I can remember this time last year when I was convinced they would just hate each other forever – the all-day fighting nearly killed me. It is so fun to see them now as such sweet buddies.

IMG_6282 (640x427)

Lazy snow day breakfast along with a gallon of coffee.  Boring but so good!

IMG_6288 (640x427)

Eventually we made our way outside, and the kids were determined to ride all their wheels and bikes through the snow.  They didn’t get very far. 

IMG_6290 (640x427)

IMG_6315 (640x427)

We have moved this snow shovel countless times in the last ten years – it came with us from Ohio!  This is the most it’s ever been used since then, other than to help scoop up leaves in the fall.

IMG_6322 (427x640)

So strange to see our yard in such a blanket of white.  I love the way it looks before anyone has gone out and disturbed it!

IMG_6326 (640x427)

No one in the family was more excited than Indy Dog.  He was leaping and jumping and rocketing all around the yard, and couldn’t wait to play fetch in all the powder. 

IMG_6331 (640x427)

He turns eleven this month, but he doesn’t seem to know that. 

IMG_6354 (640x427)

Our nextdoor neighbors came over and played for a while, and we all decided to head down to Discovery Park to find some sledding hills.  I didn’t trust my car in the snow (super light since it only has a battery), so I decided to just pull the boys there on sleds.  No picture since I was working my butt off, but picture me walking a half mile with 80lbs of kids behind me on two sleds – I looked like a mule!

The park was a dream.  It’s such a beautiful place on a warm sunny day, but it was breathtaking in the snow.  We scurried up a little trail and found this amazing field that hadn’t been touched by a single footprint yet. 

IMG_6361 (640x427)

The boys raced around and I just sat there soaking up the beauty that is the Northwest. 

IMG_6390 (640x427)

IMG_6393 (640x427)

Back on the other side, we spent a lot of time sledding.  Cullen loves sledding, but Graham has always been very cautious of it (which is so unlike him!).  This was the first time they were sledding entirely on their own – taking the sleds up themselves, loading on, helping each other push off down the hill – beyond adorable. 

IMG_6411 (640x427)

IMG_6412 (640x427)

IMG_6419 (640x427)

IMG_6429 (426x640)

It was a total blast.  We spent the rest of the day at home while Graham napped and Cullen played.  And eventually we all ventured over to our new production space, so that I could help Casey lift some framing for our new walk-in refrigerator. 

I know I’ve mentioned here that we are moving to a new kombucha shop before, but I can’t even explain the scope of the work that involves.  As owners, obviously the work falls to us, and our employees have to keep up production in our current space while we are building out the new one. And we are pretty much down to zero babysitters these days, which meant setting the kids up with the ipad while Casey framed a walk-in and I cleaned and shop-vac’ed all around them.


End of day 1 of the build-out, and heading home around 7pm.  It’s going to be a very long week, but will be so worth it in the end.  I can’t wait to show you guys all the before and afters once it is done! 


Another snow day here due to icy roads, and we are all starting to go crazy at home.  Time to brave the roads and venture out!