A Brand New Look!

Well it only took me seven years, but Daily Garnish finally has a new look!  I am so excited to launch this today, and hope the new site and formatting will be much easier to use and to navigate!  I’m still working on cleaning up a lot of old categories and tags (going through 1,400 posts one by one) so bear with me through some bumps.  I’ve been working on the back end of this for a long time now, and it’s so fun to see it finally come to life!

I appreciate your patience with me popping in and out and my limited posting.  With this big project behind me, I can finally get back to sharing our adventures!  I can’t say enough good things about Lindsey from Purr Design, who created this beautiful theme for me.  I had been waiting to work with her for years, and it was more than worth the wait!

What a great way to kick off this week!  Other things happening these last few days?  Rain, a LOT of rain.  And lots of rain means lots of snuggles.

We’ve reached that point of winter that even when it’s raining, we have to just suck it up and leave the house. Wild children need fresh air and room to run.  The zoo is virtually empty this time of year!

Casey and I even cleaned out the garage in the rain — talk about desperation for fresh air!  Now that we have moved the entirety of our business over to our new production space, we were able to reclaim our garage for personal use.  I can’t wait to use this space in the summer with the kids, and there is talk of building a small bare-bones home gym in the back corner.  We still have more to organize and clear out, but this is such an enormous improvement. Sad how happy a clean garage can make me!

Nonstop rain also means lots of comfort food.  I made these gooey grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for me and the boys on Saturday afternoon, and they were heaven.  I’m currently addicted to Monteray Jack cheese — no idea why, just loving it on everything.  These were a mix of monteray jack, colby jack, and cheddar — so good.

Saturday dinner was composed of a fridge clean-out.  We had lots of produce nearing the end of it’s life, so I cooked everything that was still usable and piled it onto our plates.  The meal was delicious but the fridge was very sad and empty afterward.

Sunday brought more rain and Daylight Savings, which made my alarm for Orangetheory feel ridiculously early. Since we had minimal plans for the day, I tossed in a weekend workout to keep my week on track.  I came home to find that Graham had colored with dry erase markers all over the wall directly below the new dry erase board I just hung.  Newsflash — did you know that dry erase markers don’t actually erase from anything other than the wipe off boards they are made for?  WHAT THE HECK.  I poured a second cup of coffee and pretended not to see it.

We ran errands, all hung out at the kombucha shop for a bit, and then had a family treat at a cute local spot called Royal Dummer.  I got the avocado toast with pickled onions, and it was so simple but so good.  We almost never go out to eat anymore, which is actually really great because it feels like such a treat when we do.  The kids are just as happy eating at home, and Casey and I really wanted to pull back on our extra spending. But an avocado toast here and there is certainly manageable!

Due to the empty fridge mentioned above, Sunday dinner was basic pasta. I used traditional semolina pasta for the first time in I don’t know how long (we usually do whole wheat or Einkorn), and wow — I had forgotten how good it is!  Topped with fresh mozzarella and a basil marinara sauce.  Sometimes simple can be great.

Pasta night followed by a giant family snuggle and movie night.  The kids and I are obsessssssed with Moana. We listen to the soundtrack non-stop, and I’m slightly concerned that I might actually enjoy it more than they do. This was our third time watching it since it came out a few weeks ago, and I love it more and more each time.

That’s it for today!  I hope you guys enjoy the new site layout — please tell me if you are having trouble with anything or something isn’t working!  Thanks again for all your patience as I got this up and running.