Beating the Rainy Day Blues with Blue Apron.

Another week of rain.  Another week of scrambling between work, kids, and responsibilities. And another fun week of Blue Apron cooking in our house!

IMG_6632 (680x454)

I am always grateful for Blue Apron on weeks when we don’t have meal plans done ahead of time, and the groceries are running out. If you haven’t used Blue Apron before, it’s a meal delivery service that provides all the pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards in order to make chef-designed meals at home! (If you’d like to try it yourself, make sure you catch the great discount available at the end of the post!)

We’ve been using Blue Apron meals for a few years now, and on average we get one box each month. I’m almost always drawn to sign up for weeks where there is a recipe that includes some sort of yummy broth-based noodle dish with an egg on top. Ramen? Yes please!

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I chose the ramen as our first meal for the week, which also happened to be the night of the premier of the new season of Survivor –- aka the best night ever. I got all of my ingredients laid out and got to work!

IMG_6623 (680x418)

Fresh ramen is the only way to do it! I need to start going to our Asian grocer to pick these up from time to time – makes such a different in the final dish.

IMG_6628 (680x453)[1]

Came home from a brutal barre3 class and headed straight into the kitchen.

IMG_6634 (453x680)

One thing I love about Blue Apron is that I’m always introduced to new ingredients and ideas. I had never head of or used this Smoked Dulse before – it gave a ton of flavor to the broth.

IMG_6645 (680x453)

Prepped, plated, and ready to dig in. Seriously, is there anything better than a runny poached egg?

IMG_6654 (453x680)

It was pure deliciousness and super filling.  Definitely one to add to our recipe list going forward! The next meal we made was the tortas, which were perfect on a night when Casey and I were both starving after hard workouts.

IMG_6739 (556x680)

I laid everything out and got ready…

IMG_6668 (680x444)

And then I let Casey take over after Graham popped out of his room and needed one of us to come up. I laid down with him and ended up dozing off myself! I woke up to the smell of fried plantains and gooey cheese. Came down to find dinner totally finished and already on the plate!

IMG_6671 (680x453)

Plantains are one of those things that are so tasty and fun, but something I’d never actually buy myself.  They were a delicious add to the sandwich, especially when paired with the peppers.

IMG_6679 (680x453)

Last but not least, it was spinach risotto for Bachelor finale night (what a mess!).

IMG_6731 (540x680)

I will be honest. Whenever we do Blue Apron boxes, there is always one meal I’m less excited to make than the others. Not because it is bad in any way, but just because the other ones sound better. So this one I was feeling pretty ho-hum about, and I agreed to stay home and cook while Casey took Indy for a short walk.

IMG_6681 (388x680)

Nothing like a giant bag of spinach!

IMG_6688 (680x453)

It came together quickly, and as I stirred the rice for doneness I realized this dinner was about to be way more exciting than I had realized.

IMG_6701 (680x511)

It was absolutely DELICIOUS!  The creamy butter and marscapone cheese gave it the perfect richness, and the fried leeks on top were perfection.

IMG_6710 (680x453)

Casey and I both agreed it was one of the best things we’d made at home in a long time.

IMG_6719 (453x680)

It was a nice treat at the end of the week to have our final meal be such a delicious accompaniment to our reality tv trash.  I would make this again and again!

IMG_6729 (680x453)

Many thanks to Blue Apron for three knock-out meals this week. If you are new to Blue Apron and would like to try it yourself, the first 25 readers to click here will get their first three meals for free!

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. Thanks for your continued support of Daily Garnish, and our family!