Birthday Week!

Happy Friday, friends!  I’m flying in the the friendly skies, and bought the internet pass so that I could get some work done since my flight is 5 hours long.  More on that in a minute!

I turned 36 last Friday!  So old, but who’s counting right?  I had a great birthday.  Pancake breakfast with my crew, morning at the museum with the boys and friends. And instead of a wild night out we opted for a family fondue night at home!


It was a BLAST!  I didn’t want to feel stressed by two cranky kids in a restaurant on a Friday night, and really just wanted to do something easy and different at home. I figured the kids would love doing the fondue dippers, and it did not disappoint. We gave them each their own smaller bowl of cheese to dip into, and Casey and I shared the big pot.

We did a traditional cheese fondue made of raclette, gruyere, and emmental cheese – beyond delicious!  And for dipping we had french bread, pretzel bread, field roast veggie sausage, sliced apples, blanched broccoli, blanched asparagus, cornichons, and pickled onions. This is one family tradition we will definitely start doing more often!

20170224_183408 (534x680)

For dessert, we had this incredible cake made by my friend Lacey!  Chocolate and salted caramel with cookie crumble and sprinkles – she is truly the best, and the cake was out of this WORLD.


And I wasn’t the only one celebrating a birthday – Indy Dog turned ELEVEN the same day!  He got a giant sprinkle bone cookie (from a dog bakery) and a long walk after dinner. I hope he felt very loved and celebrated!

20170224_184544 (545x680)

In other non-birthday news, it was a busy week for the business. We had two big orders to get ready for the weekend, and so I spent most of my free time over at the shop helping. I am so happy to have the labeling operation out of our house – here is my new setup at our production facility!

20170302_105239 (515x680)

It is SO nice to have a dedicated space to put our towers of labeled bottles now, and it makes operations much more efficient to have all of this done ahead of time.

20170302_105245 (680x467)

I spent a lot of my week standing here cranking out case after case. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun to be there together and to do something physical and tangible. Sounds silly, but it feels very rewarding. I was headed out of town for the weekend, so I had to do more than usual to get ready to leave for several days.

20170302_105316 (510x680)

Outside of work, I also shared some food this week over on Instagram. This is my new go-to breakfast.  I am obsessed.  Scrambled eggs and either sauerkraut or kimchi – it is the perfect balance of soft and crunch.  One of our employees made this delicious beet saurkraut, and she totally inspired me to make some of my own this summer!


Also – I caved and finally bought myself new slippers. My old TOMS were so great but totally fell apart after three years. They didn’t have a lining anymore and my feet actually stuck to the bottoms where the lining used to be – not so cozy. I got these Uggs for a great price, and I have worn them every minute that I’ve been home since they arrived.

In other news, I also made this last week. I was super worn out one night and thought I was coming down with a cold, and just wanted to toss something together quickly. In my mind it was going to be a layered nacho type of dish. It ended up being more of a potato-chili hybrid. Whatever you want to call it, it was absolutely delicious.


I just cubed up new potatoes and then tossed them in a baking dish with two cans of (rinsed) black beans, a can of diced tomatoes, a ton of mixed spiced (chili powder, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, garlic), and a bunch of cheddar cheese. I let the whole thing bake for about 45 minutes, and it came out bubbly and perfect.  Cullen devoured two huge bowls. I only wished I’d had fresh avocado and some Greek yogurt to dollop on top.

Last but not least, I also roasted up a TON of green veggies on Thursday night to get ready to go out of town. I wanted to leave something easy to grab from the fridge since Casey was going to have his hands full with both work and the kids.


As we speak, I’m flying home (on an alarmingly bumpy flight!) from an amaaaaaazing weekend in Washington, DC.  I did a short cross-country trip to go visit my little sister, and it was exactly the quick refresh I needed.


I’ll share all the DC details with you once I’m back in Seattle. Hope you all had a great weekend!